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I have a reputation of having sex with women with whom I shouldn’t. For example, in my first year of undergrad, I lived in residence. An enormous residence, thousands of students. I made many friends in my immediate vicinity, the closest being the one that rose immediately to the foreground. We’ll call her Mary. Mary’s best friend, um, Jane, was a firecracker. Tiny, smart, athletic and sarcastic, the woman could cut a man into pieces with her wit. I’d seen her emasculate gorgeous guys who had the balls to approach in the bar. She was picky and she liked it that way. She wasn’t really a tomboy, but she had a pretty rare skin condition that I’m sure made her self-conscious, and she wore jeans and a long-sleeved shirt almost all the time.

My friends and I had a habit of drinking heavily, especially on Tuesdays. Don’t ask me why, probably something to do with the Calculus tests every goddamned Tuesday morning. Tuesdays were long days to us, since we were all in the same classes. Jane wasn’t, but she was Mary’s friend, and spent a lot of time with Mary, so she was there. Long story short she ignores me the whole night, wanders off at some point and passes out in my bed. OK, maybe “passes out” is a poor choice of words, she could definitely handle her liquor. She just decided it was time to quit and didn’t want to walk home to the opposite side of campus. She got my permission, too, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I figured I had a snowball’s chance in hell with that girl. Keep in mind, that hadn’t kept me from glancing at her tight little ass, or wondering about her nearly-nonexistent tits.

One by one, my friends succumbed to the Mexican piss, how or why we chose to make Tequila Tuesdays was beyond me. Probably a sale on lemons. Anyways, it wound up me and Mary, who was also burdened by her then-boyfriend, the only one I ever knew of, and who had also passed out (literally this time) into her lap. I helped her drag him up to her room, and said goodnight.

My roommate had passed out long ago, he could never handle his liquor. When I got back, I made a bit of a racket, but I didn’t bother turning the lights on. I did, however, forget about the problem sleeping in my bed. I stripped down to my boxers and hopped into the tiny single bed. She was huddled up against the wall, and said “ssssssssh!” when I noticed her. I think I made a strange, sputtering sound, fell out of bed, flailed about on the floor, failing to notice the jeans that weren’t mine. She giggled softly and helped me back into bed. I put my back to the wall, and she slid up so I was behind her, with one arm over her waist and on her smooth, toned stomach. She smelled incredible, I later found out that because of her skin condition (which covers her body entirely), she puts body butter on her skin 2 or 3 times a day. She preferred to use cocoa butter, and she smelled like I imagine a hot brazilian supermodel would smell. With her hair in my face, listening to her breathing softly, I got a hard-on instantly. I was wincing and hoping she wouldn’t notice, but she started to grind against me and moved my hand from her waist down into her panties. The following whispers alternate from shocked and nervous to calm and confident:
Me: “Are you still…?”
Jane: “No, I’m not drunk anymore. Not that much.”
Me: “And you want to…?”
Jane: “Shut up.”
And that was all that was said. She told me later that she’d been masturbating in her sleep, and woke up incredibly horny. When my hand made it to her pussy, she was beyond soaked. There was the tiniest slippery sound as I curled a finger inside her, and she gasped and grabbed my arm. She was strong, oh god, she was strong, but I had a rock-solid concrete wall behind me. Even still, she had one hand in my pants too, and her fingers were smooth, soft, and practiced. She quickly had me oozing and grinding against her too. She snapped the elastic band of my boxers, hard, and I knew she wanted them gone. I was happy to oblige. I heard no sound, but when I was finished, she was as naked as I was.

She climbed on top, a condom appeared out of a purse, and before I knew it she thrust down on top of me and it crossed my eyes. We were quiet, not even a rustling sheet, but our eyes were wide and breathing shallow. She was tighter than I could have possibly imagined, and her wetness was spreading across my thighs. Oh god, her thighs were chiseled out of granite. She didn’t have a six pack, but her entire core was taut underneath the skin. I reached up and grabbed her by the waist, and started bouncing her up and down. In a few short thrusts, her eyes rolled back into her head, and I felt the orgasm shake her thighs and a clenching that nearly forced me out. When she finished, she smiled and said softly, “… that was faster than normal.” It seemed like the energy had suddenly left her body, and I rolled her onto her back. She was a lot shorter than me, so when we were face-to-face the angle was wrong. I sat back, lifted her legs and rested her ankles on my shoulders. I pinched her bum when I noticed she still had her socks on. When I thrust back inside her, her eyes shot open and she grabbed my hand. When she put it over her mouth, I clamped down just in time to muffle her moan. I needed that hand to support myself, so I replaced it with hers. I could see her hands shaking, and it was as I was slowly thrusting into that heavenly vice-grip that I noticed her breasts. They were impossibly small, but she had normal sized nipples, which were swollen and hard. I enveloped one with my mouth and she started to breathe faster. I made sure to tease the underside of her breasts with nibbles and kissed my way up her chest. When I bit her lightly on the neck, she violently shoved me away.

I thought I’d offended her, but when my eyes adjusted from the shock, I could see her beckoning me. As I approached, she turned around and presented her ass to me, legs wide and her glorious ass spread open. Her ass didn’t have a shred of fat, and her soaking-wet pussy was parted just the tiniest little bit. I quietly climbed behind her, fought back a groan when I slid inside her, and closed my eyes from the incredible tightness. This was the last position. I can’t take doggy-style, it makes me cum every time. I knew I had 3, maybe 5 minutes, tops, I grabbed her hips, and pounded harder and harder. She screamed into my pillow, and dug her fingernails deep into my hamstrings. Entranced by the scream-like gasping, the shuddering of her back and thighs, the curling of her toes, and the crushing pulsations from her pussy, I could the feel the orgasm coming like a freight train. The muffled yelps, the juices streaming down my thigh, and feeling her hips squirm against me, I knew I was cooked. I groaned softly and came so hard I saw stars. I clenched my teeth and held her hips firmly against me, completely overwhelmed by the waves of squeezing and the squirming of her hips. She pushed back last time, but I wasn’t expecting it and I coughed and sputtered and nearly fell backward off the bed. She caught me and we fell, gasping and panting down to the pillow. I don’t know how long we laid there, and I couldn’t help but stare at her. Her eyes were intense, even in the dim light. Eventually we got up, grinning and making eyes, we straightened the sheets, cleaned ourselves up, and climbed back into bed. She pulled my hand over her waist, turned her head to me and said “this is our secret, ok?”

More to come…

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