So, once upon a time (back in 2003 to be exact) I was seeing a girl named ‘M’ (I won’t post her real name since this account is pretty easily traced). M was always working, she was a file clerk at a doctor’s office somewhere on Cape Cod.

So, it was a boring day in October and I decided that I would see what she was up to, I gave her a call and asked where she was / what she was doing.
Her reply was “I’m working some overtime, making up like 300 charts right now.”

“I’m bored, want some company?” I replied.

“Ummmm, I’m not really sure that’s a good idea, I’m here alone, but we can’t do anything and I know how you are.”

“I promise I’ll be good.”

I showed up about an hour or so later, and knocked on the outside door of the doctor’s office. She came to the door and let me in, she was wearing a light blue halter top, and a white skirt that came down to just above her knee.

I walked around in the doctor’s office for a few minutes, noting how odd it all looked under dimmed lights… I sat and read “highlights” as I talked to her about various shit… well, I try making a move on her a few minutes later, and she shoots me down, telling me that she can’t here.

I decide to go and grab us a late lunch (about 2pm) at the place across the street… I leave, and grab a sammich for both of us, and we have a picnic in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. We finish eating at about 2:30 and I step outside to take a call on my cell. About 10 minutes later I come back in and play some ‘snake’ on my cell phone… I’m getting bored and realize that I should probably just give up on trying to sleep with her while she’s at work.

I decide to explore the office a bit better, going from exam room to supply closet and just poking around. I eventually ended up in exam room#3, which was down a hall and around a corner from where you first come in. Directly in the middle of the room is a blue-green doctor’s exam table, covered with that white paper that crinkles if you look at it wrong.

I decided that I was going for broke. I stripped all my clothes off and called out:
“Hey M, this is really cool come here.”

She grumbled and asked “what?” related questions a few times before I finally convinced her to come to the exam room that I was in.

Well she came in, and before she realized what I was up to I pulled her into a really passionate kiss with lots of tongue. I ran my (well trimmed mind you) nails down her back (one of her major turn ons). At this point I think she realized that I was as naked as a jaybird and started to get a bit more into it. She bit my bottom lip (a little harder than she thought I’d like) and said “we can’t do this…not here.” I kept kissing her and brought her to the middle of the room until I backed her into the exam table (which are about waist high). I lifted her up onto the table and kept kissing her.

After a few more seconds of kissing she wrapped her legs around my back, I’m pretty sure that this was the moment where she went from resisting to being fully into it. I stripped her top off of her and kissed down her neck, she ran her nails up my back and moaned lightly. I kissed her breasts before licking them and sucking on them gently.

The next few seconds were really a blur, I know that the remainder of her clothes came off (shy her shoes, which for some reason (most likely time) ended up staying on). I remember the moment before insertion like it was just 5 minutes ago. While taking her clothes off she got off the table and was standing in front of me. She turned around and bent over the table… I remember the arch of her back, and feeling her ass pressed against my cock. I remember the way that her dirty blonde hair fell over the nape of her neck… I remember her posture, and I remember just how ‘wrong’ the whole thing was, which made me just want to do it even more (I’ve always been a bit of an iconoclastic bastard).

I slid my cock into her and the noise she made when I did will stay with me until the moment I die. The best way I can explain it is a high-pitched moan crossed with a gasp for air. We had sex for what felt like hours, all over that exam room: the table (bent over and missionary / cowgirl / reverse cowgirl) the floor, the counter (her sitting on it, legs wrapped around me)… just all over the place.

We ended up on the floor in the hall at the very end with her leg over my shoulder and her on her back. I felt the carpet giving me a hell of a rug burn on my knees, her nails biting against my back… I can still hear her breathing, shallow, quick breaths right in my ear; asking me time and again to cum. After what seemed like hours I finally came inside her (she was on b/c) and laid on top of her, exhausted and covered in sweat.

As we were getting our clothes back on I asked “Hey, how much were you just making during that?”

“About $18.50.” she replied.

“Gotta love working overtime…”

“Yeah, but now I’m behind on my work, you’re going to help me get caught up.”

I spent the next hour and a half stapling fucking charts. I think it was worth it.
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