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I once asked Amy what we were to one another. She smiled at me and told me I was her dirty secret.
Fair enough.

The down side to being someone’s dirty secret is that there isn’t always the opportunity to do what you both want to. Amy could get away with dressing in ways she knew would catch my attention, touching me when no one was looking and generally being flirty. It was usually enough to get me really interested in getting her on her own. However, because there wasn’t always time, or a place, to do what I really wanted to I had to get better at making the most of any opportunity.

I paid a lot of attention to how I kissed her. In a very short space of time I worked out how and where she liked to be kissed, for how long, how hard. I also worked out where kissing her would make her knees bend involuntarily, and which kisses would get me pushed away from her. I got so good at this I could deliver a kiss that would make her knees week as I was walking past her in a corridor. It turned into a game: first person to demand to be fucked lost. I’m not normally super competitive, but Amy liked to win and I wasn’t going to let that happen.

The first time she lost, we’d hardly seen each other for a week. We’d been exchanging harmless texts and we’d seen each other in pubs or at her place while other people were around. Nevertheless, there had been quite a lot of flirting and suggestive behaviour. By the end of the week, we were both quite frustrated. That Friday, Amy and her housemate were supposed to be going to a work party – one of those networky events where everyone tries not to get drunk in front of the boss. I stopped by to see her after work, ostensibly to find out whether she was around at the weekend, to find her and her housemate in the process of getting ready. I wasn’t playing fair from the outset. Amy had a thing for men in suits, so I was wearing one. She took a moment to look me over at the front door, let me in and, in the hallway, pressed her back against me so she could wiggle her ass into my groin.
She leaned back and whispered “bastard!” in my ear, but she was smiling when she said it.

The housemate, a guy called Phil, ambled into the room and said hello. We chatted for a few minutes, he asked how my court case went- the standard funny comment when you see someone suited and booted who isn’t normally, then he declared he was off out for pre-drinks and would see Amy later. A minute or so after he was gone, she walked into the room wearing a sundress that looked almost indecently short.

I’ve said before that Amy’s body is distinctly athletic, she had excellent legs and a very nice arse which the sun dress was showcasing. She did a quick twirl and revealed that she’d made another excellent choice with her underwear, which was just visible. I recall pink, and lace, and the look in her eye when she said
“Do you think I’ll get much attention?”

I agreed that she would, then walked over and kissed her. Everything I knew about Amy, where to touch her, how to hold her, I put into this kiss. After a subjectively very long time she pulled away from me.
“Have I called you a bastard yet?” she asked. I nodded. “Good, ” she said “because these knickers are soaked thanks to you.” She emphasised the point by taking them off and then bending over the back of the sofa for me.
“Please,” she said “I need your cock in me. ”

My favourite thing about sex is when you get to enjoy a moment like this. I took a moment to free my cock, which was understandably hard, and then stroked the head over Amy’s labia until I had it resting against her entrance. She shivered, and I got to savour the feeling of pushing into her, feeling her resist and then part until I had her lovely arse against my stomach. I remember feeling her reach down between her legs to play with her clit, one hand on the sofa to steady herself, her sundress pulled up over her hips, my hands on her and the steady slap of skin on skin as we fucked.

I got a steady commentary from Amy, everything from how late I was making her all the way to breathless demands for me to fuck her harder and faster. I had no intention of letting her go anywhere until I was happy, but didn’t tell her that. I could feel her pushing back against me, her eager cunt surrounding my cock, and she started moaning and gasping. Instead of a commentary, I now had single words and wordless sounds to urge me on. Her free hand gripped the back of the sofa, the occupied hand going into a frenzy that culminated in her arching her back as she pulsed and spasmed around my hardon. She relaxed, and I kept going. That got me called a couple of names.

“I don’t suppose I can finish you off with my mouth, can I?” she asked. The reason I remember it word for word is that it was the politest request to suck my dick I have ever heard. I’d prepared an answer.
“What, and ruin your makeup?”
“Oh you fucker” she said, with every sign that she was still enjoying herself far too much to really complain, but we both had places to be so I dutifully pulled out and she knelt in front of me, wrapped a hand around the bottom of my shaft and swirled her tongue over the head. She licked and teased for a minute, then my cock disappeared between her lips and with two or three bobs of her head I was lost to a powerful orgasm.

We cleaned up and Amy fixed her makeup. On the way out of the door she paused and grabbed my arm.
“Be free next weekend,” she said “I’ve got the place to myself until Monday night. I want you over for the weekend.” I nodded, kissed her cheek, squeezed her bum and went home to clear my calendar.

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