The following took place a little over ten years ago while still in college.

While I have and currently identify as straight, I had fantisized about submitting to another man for years and finally worked up the courage to post an ad. Of all the replies, this guy felt like the least threatening. He seemed nice, a little chubby, but he wore it well.

We were both a little nervous when he came over, I offered him a beer to help break the tension. We bsed a little bit, mostly about photography, when he suddenly cut in, 

“So what sort of stuff did you want to do.”

I hadn’t wrote specifics other than I wanted to submit to a man, so I said, “Well, I know I want to try sucking cock, but I’m not sure what else.”

“So how would you like to do this?”
“I honestly didn’t think that far ahead”
“Well, you could blow me in the shower”

So we went into the bathroom and got naked, I felt very exposed being naked in front of a stranger. I turned on the water and he got in with his back to the stream. I got in and immediately got on my knees, noticing how surprisingly thick his cock was. 

I stroked him tentatively a few times before deciding it was past the point of no return. I leaned forward and took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could before slowly easing back and starting bobbing back and forth with a steady rhythm. I loved sucking his cock, it seemed to fit just perfectly. After a while he asked me to cup his balls and grab his ass, which I did.

He didn’t last much longer after that. His load wasn’t very big, and the shower water hittng my face sort of drowned out the taste. I felt pretty guilty afterwards, but that doesn’ mean I never tried again. 

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