The other day me and my boyfriend usual have to plan our sex days out cause we are always working……..power couple right? Well anyways we have amazing sex, anything you can think of we do it. On Sunday I came over his house and we went straight to the room cause we both said that we was going to sleep, he was hard as a brick and I must say that I love sucking dick. I went to tease him a little, lick around the head, kiss the tip, take him all in then stop and watch tv like nothing happened. Btw he is a good 9 or 10 inchs, with a curve, he told me that he wasn’t going to be able to sleep without busting one. He has this signature move that he does which to me is nasty as hell but I love it when he sticks his middle or index finger in me and finger fuck me for a moment pulls the finger out smell it then sucks the juices off it and sticks that same finger in my mouth. He does that signature and turns me over to pound me and he says out of no where that he might like to get off by choking ppl like some 50 shades type shit. I told him to go for it, and he told me no cause he might hurt me, while he’s hitting it from the back I grab one of his hands to put around my neck and he is like “you sure”, I didn’t say a word and let him choke me while we was fucking I give him 5 mins later and he came so hard and strong. He pulled out and laid across the bed, looked at me and said did that just happened, I told him yes ” Mr.Grey”

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