Let’s just start with the fact that my pussy is really sore right now. I’m just sitting here in my black bra and polka dot panties, on my couch in my living room with my laptop on my lap and my pussy is throbbing. The good kind of sore where you know you got what was coming to you.

Here is how it all started.

I went through a dry spell and then started seeing a guy off tinder. He was really good looking and had a great job, so he ticked a lot of boxes, but the actual conversation was so dry, and the sex was even worse. We pretty much only did it missionary and he didn’t go down on me. When I asked what porn he liked he was astonished and said it was “too personal.” It only lasted a few months and I was more than ok to move on. Since then I have been super horny. I have been craving some fun, but the other guys on tinder were all kind of meh. No one really intrigued me. I have been thinking a lot about being with a girl. I feel like it’s only a matter of time until I meet a really nice guy and settle down, so I need to get going with my bucket list.

I have had two threesomes in the past, but never one-on-one with a girl, so that was on my agenda. Oh and I never had sex with the guys either in the threesomes. I checked out /r/randomactsofmuffdive and found four girls to message. Two were couples and I exchanged a few messages back and forth. One guy I chatted with on kik for a bit, but the conversation was really formal and I felt like I would just be another object. I am someone who has personality and personality in bed is very important to me. I don’t want just a sex robot, I was a unique, fun individual with quirks and their own style. The second guy who messaged me, Max, 23, sent a picture of his girlfriend, Anna, 24. She was cute, but I wasn’t sure on the whole thing, it was just an idea I was toying with. He messaged me again even though I didn’t respond and this time wrote a blurb about himself and her. He told me what music they liked, what drinks they enjoyed, what they liked to do for fun. It was a really unique message and he also sent me some better pics. They were both really good looking! I was hooked. I chatted with him for a bit and then started messaging with her. They both spoke Russian so we had that in common as well. She seemed very open and friendly and I didn’t give off any fake or malicious vibes. She ended up adding me on facebook and we both confirmed we were “real.”

The plan was to meet for dinner, but there would be no sex because she was still having that time of month. I didn’t know if it was an excuse or true, but I was fine with it. I’m always up for meeting new people and I wasn’t hung up on if I would get to hook up with them. Quick description of them: Anna is petite and has really long hair down to her back with teal tips. I was really digging her edgy look. Max was tall, 6’0 and looked a bit older than in the pictures and had a 5 o’clock shadow. I think he looked much better in person. The conversation started off rough. I think we were all a bit nervous. I did most of the talking and tried to put them at ease. The dinner went well, they seemed chill and really into each other. That’s always a good sign. I don’t want to be a homewrecker in anyway. I was a bit concerned they might be too into each other and not me, but when we finished dinner, she seemed very keen to see me again. He wanted me to go to their place that night, but she said she wasn’t comfortable due to the time of month.

The next morning I woke up at around 6am, really horny and half asleep. I got out my pink vibrator and got myself off thinking about her eating my pussy. I came hard.

We texted that day for a bit and she sent me pictures of poses she would really like to try:

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I sent her back my vibrator collection, and she seemed to dig it.

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Fast forward to today. I was having a rough day at work and she suggested that I come over tonight. I wasn’t sure about it, but thought it might cheer me up. After a quick shower at my gym, I hopped on the train and came over to her place. The three of us sat in the kitchen and enjoyed a bottle of wine and some awkward conversation. I’m kidding, it wasn’t all that bad! I think we sat in the kitchen chit chatting for over an hour. It was fun getting to know them actually. They both seemed smart and independent, and really laid back. I have to say though, I was happy when Max said we should go to the bedroom.

There was a lot of giggling and we didn’t really know how to get things going. I turned on some music and Anna was the first to take her top. Her tits looked nice. A bit smaller than mine, but a good handful. I took off my dress shirt and then my tights and skirt and got in bed with her. She was also in her bra and panties at this point. We started kissing. She was a very passionate kisser and I started to really get into it. Anna was quick to take off my bra and put two fingers in her mouth before pulling down my panties and sticking it into my pussy. We laid down and I got to play with her petite little body. She was moving around and had such a sexy sort of vibe. We kissed a lot and she sucked and compliments my boobs. She was really turning me on. I was the first to cum from her fingers and brisk little tongue. It didn’t take me long. Then it was my turn to eat her pretty little pussy. It was so sexy watching her moan and her body squirm with pleasure. I used the come here motion with two finger and she came fast as well. It made me even more turned on that I was doing it to her. We switched and I laid on my back while she ate me out with her ass in the air. I saw Max inching over to eat her out, still with his clothes on. I know I said earlier I was really looking for one-on-one with a girl, but at this point I changed my mind and wanted him to join. We both urged him to get undressed and he had no problems getting naked for us. I have to say, I was a bit nervous on boundaries. I had a talk with him earlier and he said he was down for everything, but the three of us never properly talked about it. I didn’t want to step on her turf, and really looked to her for approval. Anna seemed to be enjoying everything and she was taking charge directing everyone. She told him to lay down and for me to sit on his face and face her while she got on top of his cock. Anna and I made out quite a bit and he did a good job of eating my pussy. It really is hard remembering the order and details of everything even though it only happened a few hours ago. It got dark and it was just a bunch of hands and tongues touching each other every which way. I remember getting fingered so hard, it felt absolutely amazing. Anna got out her vibrator at one point and put it in my ass. They both were really into ass play. I enjoy a bit myself, but I was so surprised how comfortable they were with it. After he got done fucking her it was my turn. I got on all fours and flipped her on her back to eat her pussy while he fucked me with a condom on. His cock felt so good! It just melted into me. I haven’t been fucked good in a long time and she told him to fuck me hard. I liked that. Anna is good at taking charge. He did what she said! After giving me a really good pounding he came over to her and came on her face.

It was really hot watching the two of them. They had a really good dynamic between them. I also really liked being a part of the action. There was not one moment where I felt left out or like a third wheel. Anna and I played together for a bit while Max took a break to recharge. She licked me, played with my ass and I did the same for her. Max was being really funny and danced around the room during me and Anna’s one on one. He looked so goofy. Anna laughed and whispered into my ear that he was really happy.

When he got back into it she asked if I would take his cock in my ass. I was really hesitant at first, but he warmed me up with his fingers and used quite a bit of lube. I have only had anal twice before this and both times were quite painful. Max didn’t have a small dick by any means, but I think I was just really warmed up. I reached back around while he was in my ass and we kissed. Anna wanted the toy in her ass, and I ate her out and moved it back and forth. She came again. So sexy. I took a water break after and was feeling pretty nice and fucked, but Anna did not have enough. She is such a horny little girl, you would never know that by her innocent smile if you met her on the street. She wanted to try that position she showed me, so we got into 69 with me on my back and her pussy in my face and Max inserted himself in her. I had the best view. I could see her pussy getting pounded while I licked her little clit. She wanted it hard, and Max had no problem giving it to her the way she wanted it. It was really hot, and she came from that as well. I liked seeing Anna enjoy herself so much. It was one of the hottest moments by far! Next it was my turn, and they both gave me plenty of attention. Max started licking my neck and ears and I don’t know what it was, but I almost came without being touched. It was very erotic and sensual. I felt so open with both of them, with never a worry of things being awkward. Everything just flowed. It was getting very late and I needed to head home. One of the last things I remember is making out with Anna and Max licking my ass. I have actually never had anyone do that to me. It felt amazing, and I felt totally comfortable with him doing that.

Anna asked if I wanted to spend the night, but I didn’t bring an extra set of clothes, plus it would be very crowded. They walked me to my train and we had chit chat about other people not knowing we just had a threesome and wondering if we smelled like sex. We also joked that I was walking funny. I would like to see them again, both or just Anna, but you never know how these things go. No matter what happens, I am so glad I met them. I’m still in awe of the whole evening. Who knew Mondays could be so fun.

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