This is my first time posting, but last night was so hot, I feel like I need to share. Just some background information. My girlfriend Tina and I have been together for almost 3 years, and lived together for the last year. I’m a 6’2, 27 years old, white male. Tina is a 25 year old 5’5 mixed race beauty with caramel colored skin.


Last weekend was busy for us. We had separate family obligations to attend do, spending most of the weekend apart. I wasn’t supposed to come home until Sunday morning, but I drove back Saturday at 2AM to surprise her. Unfortunately we were too tired to fool around that night, but she was sweet enough to gently stroke my penis as we fell asleep.


The following day, we had plans in the morning and afternoon. We ended up getting home around 4. We relaxed on the couch, and Tina soon fell asleep. She was wearing a cute red dress just long enough to cover her lovely ass. Under that was a leopard print bra, and a black lacy thong. A friend was stopping by in about 10 minutes, so I woke Tina up by kissing her and moving my hands up her dress, running them across her smooth skin. This wasn’t meant to be sexual, I just love kissing her and the feel of her skin. However, I hadn’t gone down on Tina in a week or so, and had missed the way she tastes, so I knelt down on the floor in front of the couch, pulled her panties aside, and kissed her clit. Tina has a beautiful pussy. It’s symmetrical lips bunch together to form a soft fleshy mound. She ran her hands through my hair as my tongue ran up and down her pussy lips.


I wanted to spend more time on her pussy, but my friend was due to arrive any minute, so I pulled my head up from between her legs, used my fingers to part her pussy lips, and worked the head on my cock into her. Her pussy muscles make her extremely tight, and it’s oftentime challenging to get in her. Once the head was in, I leaned over and kissed her soft lips. After a few moments, I could feel her muscles relax, and I slowly worked my dick into her. Once I was in, and knew she was comfortable, I didn’t waste any more time. My friend was going to knock on the door any minute, so I straightened my back, wrapped my arms around her legs and began to pound her. She began making a face and a noise that let me know I’d hit a good spot, so I kept pounding away. Her dress has been scrunched up above her breasts, exposing her bra. I pushed the bra, letting her beautiful perky brown tits out. I gave them a strong squeeze. It was quite a sexy sight; her taking every inch of me over and over, with her clothes all disheveled, needing to get fucked so bad that there was no time to take her clothes off.


After a few minutes, I leaned over, plunged myself as deep as I could go, and kissed her. She let out a soft moan, then asked if I wanted to get a condom so I could come. I told her I’d rather not get off yet, because I wanted to continue this later. I fucked her for a minute or two more before I looked at the time. She said that we should probably straighten up before my friend arrived.


Now would be a good time to mention that this was the first time we had really had sex in about a week. We’d fooled around, she’d given me a few blowjobs, but this was the first time in a while that I’d really had my way with her. I was still inside her and said, “I hate you for making me wait so long to do this to you”, and gave her a quick slap on the face. She smiled and we kissed again. I pulled out of her, and stood up. Fucking her made my dick feel so good, I wasn’t quite ready for it to end, so I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in. She opened her mouth, and I put my cock in it so she could clean off her pussy juices. A moment later, we broke to clean up.


It was about 10PM when my buddy left. Tina and I watched Game of Thrones and talked about which of the girls we’d have threesomes with. After it was over, we headed upstairs. She hopped in the shower, and I shaved a week’s worth of scruff off my face. Tina likes me clean shaven. Shaving also makes it easier to kiss her and go down on her without tickling or scratching. Once I finished shaving, I went into the shower with her. Before your mind starts wandering, we didn’t fool around in the shower. We shower together almost every day. Sometimes it gets sexual, but more often than not, it’s just time we like to spend together.


We got out of the shower and into bed. We sleep naked whenever possible. I love the feeling of her skin on mine. Like showers, it can get sexual, but more often it’s just about being together with nothing between us. Tonight it got sexual. I pulled Tina on top of me, laying her pussy lips on top of the shaft of my semi-hard dick. She kissed me as I ran my hands from her shoulders, down her back, to her ass.


I love her ass. Tina is the first dark skinned girl I’ve ever been with. All my exes have had little butts. They were nice, and fun to play with, but since I’ve been with Tina, I’ve grown very fond of bigger butts. It is more to play with, looks amazing when getting fucked, and can take more punishment.


With an asscheek in each hand, I began rocking her pussy backwards and forwards along my shaft. That, with us passionately kissing, got me fully hard within moments. She sat up, and I remember thinking how gorgeous she is. Our bedroom is very dark at night. The only light in the room was coming from a night light that cycles through the different colors of the rainbow. The colors highlighting the curves of her body was a stunning sight.


I rolled Tina onto her back, and moved onto my side facing her. We talked about how busy we had been over the weekend. I ran my hand up and down her body, occasionally grazing her trimmed pussy, while she stroked my cock. She mentioned that her legs were a bit sore from being on her feet all the previous day, so I moved down to rub them.


It was about 12:15 at this point, and we were both getting a bit sleepy. I could see Tina’s body relaxing as my hands moved up and down her calves, occasionally going the entire length of her body. After about 10 minutes, I parted her legs, and kissed her calves, then moved to her inner thigh, to her pelvis, to her pussy. It had been a while since I’d given Tina an orgasm. She hasn’t yet orgasmed from penetration, but can from being eaten out. Fortunately for her, I love to eat pussy. There are certain noises she makes and ways she moves her body that only happen when she orgasms, and I’d been itching to see and hear them.


I’ve been with Tina long enough to know how to get her off, and I could have gone straight to that special spot right below her clit, but I wanted to give her more. I wanted to give her as much pleasure as I possibly could. I kissed every inch of her pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips. I gently sucked on her clit. I plunged my tongue in and out of her pussy. I did everything I could to make her feel good without getting her off. After about 15 minutes, her entire pussy glistened with wetness, had become puffier, and extra tender. Tina laid there looking extremely relaxed, with her eyes closed, taking in every bit of attention I was giving her.


I decided it was time to make her come. I put my tongue into position, and began swirling it around, over and over again. I ran my hands up and down her sides. Her expression began to change. The relaxed look she had moments ago faded away. I felt her muscles begin to tighten up. She asked me to play with her tits. I moved my hands up to her breasts and gave them a good squeeze. Tina has beautiful size B breasts. They’re very perky, with big areolas, and look absolutely amazing. I began squeezing them, circling my fingers around her nipples, twisting her areolas, and pinching her nipples as my tongue was circling around her pussy.


After 15 minutes, she apologized and said “she [her pussy] was being difficult”. I told her not to worry, and to let me know if there was anything I could do to make it feel better for her. I went back to working on her pussy, and using my hands for nipple play. She occasionally asks me to move a bit lower, or a bit higher. I felt her legs tensing in a rhythm that let me know she was getting worked up. I hit a really sweet spot, and could feel her holding her breath. I firmly squeeze both breasts in my hands, pinching her nipples between my thumb and pointer finger. A moment later, her entire body tensed, her teeth clenched, she grabbed onto the sheets, and let out a moan. I kept going full force until I felt Tina’s body relax, then I held my tongue still, on her pussy, a minute longer.


After about 45 minutes of eating pussy, I pulled my mouth away. Her pussy and my face were covered with saliva and her juices. She thanked me as I climbed up her body. I kissed her, letting her taste her own juices on my lips, as I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy. Even after all I’d done, it was still tricky getting my penis into her extremely tight pussy. I worked it in slowly until my entire dick was inside her. She looked at me and whispered “Fuck Me”.


I was already turned on, but that made me go wild. I started pounding away at her, making minor position adjustments as we went. One of our favorites is me leaning on her with her legs pushed up against my shoulders. It makes her butt stick out, and lets me get in a rhythm where I pound her into the bed, and she bounces back into me. It feels so nice, and because of the angle, she takes the entire length of my dick every pump.


At one point, I was kissing her, and told her to lick her juices off my face. She kissed and ran her tongue all around my mouth and chin. It was so sexy and made my dick extra hard. A few minutes later, I ask Tina if she wanted to change positions. She said yes in a way that let me know she wanted doggy style.


I stood up on the side of the bed (kneeling doggy style is uncomfortable for me), and she backed her big heart-shaped ass into me, putting her legs on either side of mine. Tina’s pussy often tightens up whenever I pull out, so I once again needed to be gentle as I entered her. I licked my hand, parted her lips, and pushed my head in. I slowly rocked more and more of me into her until my dick was completely engorged in her pussy. I start going faster and faster. A minute later, Tina stopped me, and said she wanted to try something.


She hooked her feet around my legs, and began rocking back and forth onto my dick. Our sex positions usually involve me doing the majority of the work, so it was really nice to be able to stand there and enjoy her pussy sliding forward and back on me. That went on for a bit.


Eventually she tired, so I took back control. I ran my hands up and down her back, then moved them over her ass and grabbed onto it. I love the way her ass looks when taking her from behind, and I love grabbing it and using it as leverage to fuck her harder. I started gently rubbing her asshole with my thumb as I moved in and out of her. A few minutes later, Tina asked to change positions. I was somewhat expecting this because recently she’s only been able to take doggy style in short bursts. She asked me what position I wanted, and I said I wanted her on top.


Being on top is not her favorite position (other positions offer better angles), but she happily climbed on top of me. I pulled her close to me, so we were lying face-to-face. I kissed her while I parted her pussy lips and guided my dick in. I think her pussy was getting used to my dick because it slid right in without a problem. Since there was no need to take it slow, I immediately started fucking her. She got in a good rhythm with me, with her pussy moving all the way up and down my shaft. Occasionally we’d stop moving and share a passionate kiss. I never feel as close to Tina as when I’m kissing her while she’s lying on top of me, and my dick is deep in her pussy. It’s one of my favorite things. We started and stopped like that, switching up who was in control. She kissed my face and neck, and I loved lying there with her lips all over me as she rocked up and down on my dick.


I asked her how she wanted me to come. She answered “I don’t know” in her cute little voice that means “I want you on top of me”. Tina loves watching me come, and even more when my body is pushing her down. I pulled out. Then we rolled over so I was on top of her. She pulled her legs up to her sides, which makes it nice and easy for me to get into her. I rubbed my dick across her pussy, then pushed it in. She gasped. I leaned forward onto her, putting my chest to her chest. She asked me to grab onto her ass. I reached my hand around her ass and played with her asshole as I kissed her neck and fucked her pussy. A minute later, I moved back onto my knees, lifted one of her legs onto my shoulder, and pounded her. The look and noises she made let me know I’d hit a good spot. It was confirmed when she squeaked out “harder”.


Now is a good time to mention that I was in unusually fine form that night. I usually need to keep a delicate balance while having sex so that I fuck hard enough to not go soft, without getting overly excited and coming too fast. It’s usually not a big deal as I’ve learned my body’s cues. I know when I need to do something to get me harder, or when I need to pull out for a moment to calm down. Normally, Tina looking so sexy, begging me to fuck her harder would set me over the edge, and I’d soon need to stop and cool down. Tonight, however, was different. I had, what I now refer to as, “pornstar-dick”. I was in complete control. My dick got hard, and stayed hard, without even coming close to orgasm. It was a very pleasant change that I hope continues in the future.


Anyway, Tina said “harder”, and I gave it to her. I pounded her as hard as I could, wrapped my hand around her throat and squeezed. She got loud… really loud. It was 1:30 in the morning, and we have neighbors. I slapped her across the face, and told her to shut up.


Have I mentioned that Tina likes to be roughed up when she’s getting fucked hard? We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that that type of thing turns us on. Slapping her made me fuck her harder. I put my hand over her mouth to try and muffle her, but it didn’t work, so a moment later, I slapped her again, then stuck my fingers in her mouth to shut her up. She sucked on my fingers, and made sexy little sounds every time I thrust into her.


Fucking Tina as fast as I possibly could quickly drained my energy. I stopped for a breather. She played with her pussy while I rolled a condom on. I climbed back on top of her, and went right back into the previous position with one of her legs on my side, and another up on my shoulder. I let her have it, with as much force as I could muster.


Seeing the look of ecstasy on her face, and hearing her sexy noises always pushes me over the edge. We locked eyes and I came inside her. I kept thrusting until my dick started going soft. I moved closer and we kissed. I told her how sexy she was.


After cleaning up, we collapsed into bed, and talked about our favorite parts of the evening. After my body had cooled off, I pulled Tina closer to me and put my arm around her. It was almost 2 AM now, and we were exhausted. We drifted to sleep as she stroked my cock.


This was definitely one of the hottest nights we’ve ever had together.

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