A little back story: 18/f about to be done with school. I have a fwb and my best friend that her and I occasionally mess around but nothing committed. Her and I work together and have been best friends since 4th grade. We have a notebook that has sex acts we want to do, with a ton of different variations, if its been done yet, and how it was and who it was with. Sex with a man 5-10 years older was on the list.

So last night him and I are closing up (I work at a smoothie place). We are in the back room counting money, he says flat out how attractive I am and how he wishes he was younger. I tell him I want to be with an older man (he’s 26). This leads to sex talk and I tell him some sex acts I’ve done, I know its getting him horny. We leave work after and walk to my car. He comes in to kiss me and I kiss back. It escalates yo him having his hands down my pants, squeezing my ass. I tell him to stop because we are in the open and I got school in the morning. He does and tells me to text and maybe sext later. He unlocks his car and I decide to jump him. He was a little confused but excited. I tell him to put the seat back and undo his pants. I blew him in the parking lot. After I swallowed he said it was the best BJ he got in a long time (I’ve had lots of practice).

That next morning, today, I decided to skip school and see him. I knew where he lives so I pretended to go to school and went to his apartment. I stopped by Walgreen’s, got some condoms and went to his place. I knew I woke him up but he was surprised to see me. All I tell him is I’m ready for it. I go to his bathroom and strip down, make me smell good down there and go to his room and get on his bed.

He walks into the room and I see instant boner. I start lightly rubbing my clit. He comes over and starts to kiss me, then eventually goes down on me. He doesn’t stop until I get off. I took a while to go and was jerking around when I went. It was sexy as hell. After that I put a condom on him and spread back open. He’s not that big but I could feel it. He lasted a good bit. After he was done I took off the condom and pushed it into my mouth and swallowed. He said he never saw that before.

After that I told him to violate me anyway he wanted to. He rubbed then fingered my pussy while I jerked on him. Then I turned over and asked him yo finger my butt. He didn’t have lube. I didn’t need it for sex because I was super wet. So we showered together and he started with one then got to almost three fingers. He also sat in the shower while I got it in the butt with the shower hitting me. I wanted it again.

I didn’t want to stop things so afterwards we played with some toys he has. He cuffed me to his bed and fingered me some more. Every time his fingers got wet I would suck them. He also poured wax on my nipples and breasts. It stung but wasn’t too bad.

We had one more round of sex, unprotected. He went on my chest.

After that he had work at 1 and I was worn out. He let me sleep there until I needed to go home. I left him my panties so he can smell me tonight since I don’t have work until Friday night.

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