Read till the end its a long story but its 100% true!!

In high school I was kind of the nerdy type punker skater boy.. Girls didn’t pay too much attention to me although I was really funny so I’d get my share of pussy here and there. Anyway there was a girl that all my friends and me wanted to fuck so bad..we will call her.. Kenna. I only knew her through a friend in my class that I pestered to give me her phone number and surprisingly she entertained me even though she would never consider me as I considered her. Nothing ever happened.

Fast forward a few years after high school. Me and my dad start going to a local business quite often and I happen to see her working there one day. We reconnect a little like hey I know you kind of talk a little blah blah blah. Anyway that year I get a starting job at the same place she’s been working at and I text her to let her know. Kenna seems really happy for me and exited that we get to be “buddies” now which was good of course. So over the next year I see her plenty at work and we form a good bond as friends. Close enough that I would share my sex life with her and she knew I thought she was attractive and we didn’t make anything awkward. We talk about how my look changed and i look mature compared to skinny high school me and how if we werent such good friends now that she would consider dating me. Over the year I get promoted to one of the highest paying jobs at our work and my confidence with her grows impressively. But still we were just…cool. Friend zoned bleh.

One day there’s this big work party coming up and I ask Kenna if she’s going because I am and would like to see her there. She declines and I move on. Later she asks if I’m still going, I say yeah and she says she will see me there. Once there we dance the whole night and we are both buzzed and let’s me grind on her and I’m grabbing her ass the whole time. Wow I did not expect this. We are here TOGETHER. The party ends that night and we have a drunk talk of how we would make a fun and cute couple and other lame stuff anyway nothing happens. I keep seeing her at work and she doesnt give me a chance again for a long time. About a month later I finally get her to go out with me a few times but still nothing. This chick is so hard to get every time she gives me a sign that she wants me she takes it back. And I’m a gentleman that won’t try anything until I’m 99% sure she will respond. Up until now I’ve only been 85%. Lol.

Fast forward another cold spot with her. We haven’t hung out in months. I had been talking to another girl my current gf for a few months and she had her guy she had been talking too. One day I get home from work early and I decide to call Kenna. No answer. I do the usual that night and wait for my current gf to get off work and come over around 1am. It is now 11am and I get a call. Its Kenna. She say “I’m just returning your call what’s up”. I tell her that I was just calling to see how she was doing and I out of the blue say you “should come over.” Silence. More silence. Hmmm no it’s okay its kind of late and I just had some wine. I simply say okay and try to play it cool by moving the conversation along. She than asks if I still want her to come over and I said if she wants to.. Silence. ” hmmmm OK but you have to pick me up though”.

I walk her inside and she asks to see my room since its been awhile since she’s come over. (By this point I still have never kissed her or even made a move. I know, I was a bitch.) She sees my new king size bed a step up from my twin and I see a grin on her face followed by a very intrigued “oh my”. I knew I had her after seeing that fucking smile. I knew her pussy must have gotten at least moist.
We watch a movie in my living room I offer the living room as to not seem so desperate to get her in my bed. While we are watching the movie she talks a little about the girl I’m seeing like if she would approve of her being at my house and I tell her I told her not to come over like she usually does because I was tired from and extra long shift at work. She says how I have a charming personality and how she thinks I’m a player now and she thinks its funny blah blah etc.

The movie ends and and she says she needs the restroom. The restroom closest is in my room so she uses that one and never comes out. I go in there after a while and she’s laying in my bed. Jackpot. I naturally lay down with her and say she can sleep over if she wants. She says “no i have to leave by 3am”. It was 2:23am. I’m too nervous to try so I simply ask ” can I kiss you?” She says “kiss me like how? Physically or with feelings?”.
“Like this.”

We immediately start making out beautifully. It WAS amazing. Her tongue tasted so hot and the way she drove it in my mouth just enough to show her desire but not be sloppy turned me on so hard. I immediately began rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants and could feel the warm wetness through them. Somewhere between the making out and pussy rubbing she has my cock out and stroking it so fucking good. I try to get in her pants but she pauses me. She then says “stick your finger in. Can you feel it?” It was her fucking nuva ring LOL.
She just wanted me to know so I wouldn’t be creeped out or anything. AWESOME. Anyway I’m fingering her viciously and she’s moaning so loud I tell her to shut the fuck up. All of a sudden she says “were not fucking tonight.” And I casually say “okay we don’t have too. That’s fine. But I have condoms if u change your mind OK.” We keep making out with my fingers in her pussy when randomly she says “do you use condoms with other girls?” Of course I tell her. Then I say how I know she wants to find out what its gunna be like so she simply says “do what you want with me, I won’t stop you.” I throw a condom on my leaking cock and penetrate her nice and slow. I immediately began rabbit fucking her and shes moaning so Much I have to choke her a bit to get her to shut up. She says in between breaths “don’t go so fast, make love to me” I slow it down and thrust hard and sternly with every pump. She hiccups up a moan here and there.
She suddenly stops me. Im confused but she then positions herself in the *face down ass up* position to my surprise. Ten minutes of ass smacking and sucking on her cute asscheeks later and I am exploding into the condom inside of her, it felt too good for words. Her nuva ring fell out during our amazing sex and she tells me to dispose of it. “Okay its 2:56 time to take you home right?”.

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