I’ve known Rachel for quite some time. We met via a group of social media enthusiasts back in 2007 when Tweet-Ups were still a thing. She and my wife hit it off pretty well and soon we were hanging out with Rachel and her husband quite a bit. They’re about our age, a little younger. Rachel is a grad student. Her husband works in IT. She’s very cute, in fact she looks a bit like my ex-girlfriend Laura (see my previous stories for some info on her).

Rachel has smaller breasts, but they’re perkier than Laura’s. Her skin is pale, her hair a lighter brown and her eyes a wistful blue. She’s not as curvy through the hips, but her legs are longer.

She’s one of those people who has very little in the way of a filter on her brain. No subject is taboo. She talks openly about just about everything from her bathroom habits to how many times she’s been caught masturbating by her parents, her brothers, her college roommates and a neighbor. I find it refreshing. My wife, on the other hand, isn’t quite so open. She thinks Rachel is a little weird. She likes her, but sometimes the conversations make her blush.

Which, brings me to my wife. At the time, I had been married for 10 years. I loved my wife, but we had been going through a dead bedroom situation that was steadily worsening. She suffers from anxiety and some physical issues that affect her sex drive. She’s always too tired or she has a migraine. Or … or … or … You get the idea.

At the beginning of our relationship, things were much different. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We’d have sex at least once a day, sometimes multiple times. Once, while attending a friend’s wedding, we had sex in the church AND at the reception. Cars, parties, every room in our house, every room in both our parents’ houses, in boats, in pools, on balconies, even an airplane … we had a LOT of sex.

But during the year when we were engaged, things slowed. At first I thought it was just the stress of planning a wedding. But it kept getting worse. Every day became once a week, then 2-3 times a month. Things continued to slow until finally, after we’d been married a year, we were going months without sexual contact of any kind. Finally, we were doing it just once or twice a year. As someone who has a very high libido, it was crushing me. I was depressed, completely isolated from my mate and felt wholly unattractive.

“Oh, I’d totally fuck you … you’re hot.”

She said it so casually I almost missed it. It was November 2011. We’d been over to Rachel’s and Tim’s house for a late Thanksgiving celebration with friends. Beer and wine had flowed freely, as had some other substances. It was late in the evening and tongues were loose. Some folks were chatting and laughing in the living room of the small house. My wife was with them. I was in the kitchen with Rachel and another friend, Autumn. (I have a lovely story about Autumn, a six-foot redhead, but that’s for another time.)

We had been discussing sex after age 30 and I had made some self-deprecating joke about being unattractive and old. Rachel’s comment took me completely off-guard and I had no idea how to respond. My confidence was shot. It had been a long time since anyone expressed an attraction to me that explicitly. Of course, it was also possible that she was joking. I think I blushed a bit because Rachel and Autumn both laughed.

“Well, I don’t mean I’d fuck you right here on the table,” she giggled. “But, in general, you’re totally fuckable. Really fuckable, even.”

I laughed nervously and tried to regain my composure. Rachel was wearing a sexy low-cut spaghetti strap black dress that landed just above the knee. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and a small tattoo peaked out from her cleavage. I wondered briefly if she was wearing panties. I tried not to look at her body. It’s embarrassing to admit now, but after the lack of sex over the previous few years, even a comment like that was enough to get me a little hard. I felt like a middle-schooler again.

“Thanks,” I said, maybe a little less confidently than I hoped. I shifted my footing to hide my unfortunate erection and winked, trying to save face. “Tell that to my wife!”

We laughed together and that was the end of it. At least for a few hours.

Later, a little after midnight, we were finally home. My wife had stumbled to bed and fallen into a wine-induced hard slumber. I was tired and a little drunk, but also horny as hell. I figured I might as well check out some porn and rub one out before going to bed.

I was online for less than two minutes before a message from Rachel popped up in gchat.

“So, I kinda freaked you out when I said I’d fuck you, didn’t I? Sometimes I say shit I shouldn’t.”

I let the message hang there for a bit, trying to mentally craft a response. My wife and I are pretty private. We don’t reveal a lot of what goes on in our lives, especially not the stuff that might be embarrassing, such as the fact that we have sex semi-annually.

But I was also aching for someone to talk to. It would be another year before I started going to therapy. I had no outlet. I’m someone that always puts on a cheerful face, so there wasn’t anyone who knew how much I hurt inside. I don’t know whether it was the booze or the fact that I had been planning to jerk off, but suddenly, my need to be private didn’t seem to be so important.

“Hahaha no … it just caught me off guard,” I replied. “I’m not used to people finding me attractive, let alone fuckable, even if they’re joking.”

“LOL. You mean anyone but your wife, right. Also, I wasn’t joking.”

“She used to think I was pretty hot, but that was a long time ago.”

“Oh c’mon. You guys have a perfect marriage. Everyone thinks so.”

Once again I thought for a moment. It felt good to admit that things weren’t perfect, but how far was I willing to go?

“It’s easy to seem like that in public, but things aren’t always what they seem,” I replied. “The truth is, we don’t have sex much anymore. It’s just not something that is important to her.”

“Whaaaaat? Judging by the way you two are when I see you, I would have guessed you guys fucked 3-4 times a week at least!”

“I think that’s what she wants everyone to think,” I wrote. “She doesn’t want anyone to know that anything is wrong. It hasn’t always been like this, but it’s pretty bad now.”

My last comment hung there like that for a minute or two. I started to worry that I had revealed a little too much about the man behind the curtain. I reached for the keyboard once more to apologize when her reply came.

“I don’t think anyone’s marriage is exactly what they make it look like in public. Tim and I are having trouble, too. I haven’t told anyone about this and I don’t know why I’m telling you now, but it feels good to admit it. It’s not just lack of sex, it’s lack of affection and connection. I feel really alone most of the time.”

“Yes, that’s exactly it,” I replied. “Obviously I miss sex, but what I really miss is feeling connected to someone I care about. I just don’t have that right now.”

And that was all it took. We chatted into the early morning hours.

At first it was just relationship stuff. But the longer we talked, the more we talked about the physical stuff we missed. She talked about how much she loved sucking cock, providing a few explicit stories. I told her how I could eat pussy for days and provided a story or two of my own. She admitted that she’d never had anal sex, but that a previous boyfriend had shoved a hairbrush handle in her ass once and she really wanted to try more. She asked how often I jerked off and I told her it was at least once a day, sometimes as many as three to four times. She told me that she had just ordered her first vibrator. She hadn’t used it yet, but was waiting for a time when Tim wasn’t home.

And then it came: “Have you done it today? Jerked off?”

“No, I was actually just getting online to watch some porn and take care of business when you messaged me.”

“I haven’t today, either. I was just thinking I needed to cum.” There was a brief pause and then, “You should send me some porn.”

“What do you mean?,” I asked.

“If you’re going to watch some porn, send me the links and I’ll watch it too. I want to see what turns you on! We can cum together watching the same porn!”

I was relatively new to Reddit at the time, but it was already my go-to porn connection. I found what I was looking for in r/pornvids and sent her the link. It was a threesome video with Stoya and Sasha Grey.

At first there was no response. I clicked the link and started watching. My cock was hard under my boxers, so I pulled it out and started stroking. A few minutes went by. I was stroking rather casually, a little nervous that maybe I had gone a little too hardcore for the first try.

Then came this reply: “Holy fucking shit. This is fucking hot. Who is the girl who giggles so much?”

“Stoya,” I replied. “I think she’s so cute.”

“OMG, I’m in love with her.”

Stoya would become a regular fixture in our chats and in other things to come. But more of that later.

I continued watching the clip, stroking a little harder now.

“Are you jerking off?,” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Good. Keep doing it. I’m rubbing my pussy. I’m so wet. This video is killing me.”

“That’s hot. I’m glad I could help you find something that turned you on.”

I was watching the video, but now my mind was really focusing on picturing Rachel sitting in her living room, legs spread on her couch, rubbing her pussy. I had always been attracted to her, but now I wanted her badly.

“Did you cum yet?”

“No,” I wrote. “But I’m getting closer.”

“Me too. Can I confess something?”


“I want to watch you cum.”

And then she sent an invitation to a video chat. I stared at the link for a moment, stunned.

This was new territory and it was happening really fast. I was not in a terribly private setting. My wife could come out of the bedroom of our tiny house and would easily catch me. In the old days, if she had caught me jerking off, she would have laughed and helped me finish. Now, she would just get weirded out and angry. It was risky, but, by this time I was also thinking mostly with my cock. I NEEDED to feel a sexual connection with someone. I needed release.

I clicked the link. I muted the sound on my computer as a glowing image appeared on my screen. It was Rachel’s body from the neck down, shrouded in darkness, but bathed in the blue light of her computer screen. She was wearing a flannel pajama shirt and panties. The shirt was unbuttoned. Her tits were exposed. Her left hand was gripping her right breast tightly and her right hand was buried in her panties, slowly rubbing her pussy.

I positioned my camera into a similar angle. My cock stood rigid in the frame as I started to stroke. She stopped rubbing and reached for her keyboard.

“No audio tonight. I don’t want to wake up Tim. Your cock is gorgeous.”

It had been so long since anyone said anything like that to me. I loved it.

“You are stunningly beautiful,” I wrote back. It was all I could think of.

And then we started. Or, perhaps more accurately, we finished. We were both pretty far along and this new experience pushed us both pretty quickly. I took off my boxers and she removed her panties. From there, it was just a few minutes. I watched as she worked her clit and squeezed her tit. She would move quickly from the clit to her opening, sliding in a finger, then two and pumping her pussy hard, before going back.

I stroked my cock, trying to keep pace. I didn’t want to cum too soon, but I also didn’t want to bore her by dragging it out. As her rubbing became more frantic, I jerked faster. I saw her orgasm take her, her body stiffening and her fingers burying themselves in her wet hole. This final image sent me over the edge and cum erupted from me in huge, hot streams, blasting all over my stomach and chest.

She shuddered in pleasure as she sank slowly into the couch cushions, chest heaving. She pulled her fingers from her pussy leaning in to show her face to the camera. Smiling devilishly, she slowly licked them clean. She then reached for the keyboard again.

“Three things: 1) I have never done that with anyone before. 2) Holy shit that was amazing I loved watching you cum. 3) Is it weird that I wish I was licking the cum off your chest?”

I laughed.

“Three things:,” I replied. “1) I have never done that with anyone, either. 2) Holy shit that was amazing. I loved cumming with you. 3) Is it weird that I wish I had just cum all over you instead of myself?”

“LOL. Not weird at all. And I would LOVE that! Ugh, I hate to cum and run, but I can hear Tim moving around upstairs. I have to go. Talk soon!”

She closed her shirt and then she was gone.

I stared at the screen for a moment. With my hormone levels slowly returning to normal, I realized that I had, essentially, just cheated on my wife with her friend. My heart started beating harder. I felt guilty and a little anxious, but also exhilarated. As I used my t-shirt to wipe the cum off of my chest and stomach, I realized it was the most satisfying sexual encounter I’d had in years. I wanted more.

Then my phone buzzed. It was an SMS from Rachel.

I unlocked my phone. The photo was of her standing in her bathroom, the phone between her legs, showing a closeup of her pussy. Grool was dripping from her glistening lips, dangling in a long, sticky tendril almost down to her knee. The caption read, “See what you do to me? I don’t remember the last time I was this wet. LOL.”

I wrote back, “Well, maybe we’ll have to do this again.”

“Count on it.”

And that was the beginning.

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