A while ago i was spending some time with a friend. Just a couple days in the summer, he had a pool so i figured why not. We had been friends for a long time and nothing even remotely sexual had ever occured between us, just really good friends.

We went out to the pool and swam about for a bit. Then he got out, and his shorts clung to him. I could see the outline of what he had down there and i couldnt stop looking at it or thinking about it. i swam for a little while longer trying to clear my mind but it was no use, i was getting pretty excited about it too.

I got out of the pool and sat in the chair next to him and chatted for a bit, just mindless stuff. I was wearing sunglasses so i kept looking at his shorts. I could still make out where his dick was and everytime it moved it excited me a little bit more.

I asked him how things were with his girlfriend and he said they were fighting alot and it wasnt great at that time. After i few minutes i went inside and made a drink for myself and decided i would go with the oldest tick in the book. When i went back outside i “accidentally” spilled some on his shorts and i set about to clean it up. I had a cloth and began wiping his shorts where the drink had landed. low and behold he began to grow! i faked astonishment but kept “cleaning” him. he started saying he was sorry about that, and that it had been a while since he had some or something. to be honest i was in too deep at this point i wasnt really listening to anything at all, just watching it get real hard. it was mesmerizing. i got his shorts down and started stroking him slowly. it felt so good to finally have a hold of it. slowly some precum starting oozing out, and i love me some precum! he asked me if i was sure i wanted to do this, and i just looked at him with the intent of a cock crazed mad woman and began sucking like my life depended on it. best tasting dick i have had in my life! i stroked the shaft and sucked the head all while wrapping my tongue around the tip and swirling it all over. He was so hard, and there was so much precum, it was delicious! i knew he was getting close so i worked his dick harder with my mouth and finally got him to shoot. the first shot of cum wasnt too big but the next three hit the back of my throat. as good as the precum was, the real cum tasted even better. i finished cleaning up his dick, making sure there was nothing left on him and sat back down on the chair while he pulled his shorts back up. i could tell he felt kind of awkward about what had just happened but it was worth it to me. after a few minutes of silence i told him that he should at least thank me for the free bj. we both laughed and relieved the awkwardness between us.

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