Note: I have been very lucky to have a lot of sex with a lot of beautiful women, so I wanted to document some of these experiences. They are all 100% true (except names). Just as a point of reference, I am often told I look like Vin Diesel (though I don’t see it)-I am 6’1, 210, shaved head, blue eyes, tattoos, muscular build, late 30’s, live in Florida and have a successful career. I will try to answer any and all questions! If you are looking strictly for the sex part, scroll down awhile. Here are a few pictures of Nikki, and yes she is aware of them.
I went to a friend’s party, reluctantly I might add. It wasn’t someone I knew too well but I had told a friend I would at least stay an hour. As soon as we got to the bar (where the party was), I saw a group of women (probably late 40’s), and one beautiful much younger woman (I later found out she was 22). One of the 40-somethings called me over and I realized she was a casual acquaintance that I met a handful of times through mutual friends. She introduced me to her friends, and her daughter (the young/hot one). I made small talk with the group trying to keep my eyes off of the younger one (Nikki), but she was so fucking hot I couldn’t help myself. Nikki’s Mom was really cool about it; even making jokes to me about how hot her daughter was. Out of respect I really tried to keep away; it just felt weird hitting on someone with her Mom standing there.

About an hour later my friend (male) that I came with was looking to leave; surprisingly I wasn’t. But I agreed. I said goodbye to the group of women, and gave Nikki a hug and a kiss on the cheek and left. I was dying to ask her to come along or to get her number, as there was definitely chemistry there but I refrained. A few days later, Nikki’s mom sent me a friend request on Facebook which I accepted. We chatted very innocently and casually (just as a point of reference, Mom was very sexy-late 40’s, great body, typical suburban MILF). She mentioned her daughter and I was very politically correct, calling Nikki a “very attractive woman who was very sweet.” Mom made some sort of joke that i shouldn’t bullshit her, that she knew I would be after Nikki as everyone is.” I did tell her that out of respect for her I wouldn’t pursue her daughter, that I was way older than her (I was 36, Nikki was 22). Very surprisingly, Mom said Nikki is a grown woman and can do whatever she wants, including me…and then added that if she were young and single, she would be interested. I then asked Mom for Nikki’s number and she gladly gave it to me.

I waited a few days and texted Nikki, she jokingly wrote back, “what took you so long”. After some flirty texting I called her later that night and we talked for awhile. I kind of treated her with “kid gloves”, I guess I didn’t want her to see me as a lecherous old man, which I am! We made plans to go out that Thursday night; I picked her up. God damn did she look good. Guys throw around the term she is a ten too freely, Nikki is truly a ten. She is 5’5, 110, perfect legs, amazing ass, and the most perfect tits i have ever seen.

Anyway, I picked her up and tried to hide how in awe of her beauty I was. We went out for dinner and drinks, lots of eye contact, lots of light touching, but I really wasn’t as aggressive as I usually am. I guess because I know her Mom a little bit, and we have friends in common I just didn’t think I could just bend her over and ram my cock in her-though that was all I could think about. I had already decided that i would drop her off and not go inside (as much as I wanted to), I dropped her off, gave her a small kiss and she quickly turned that innocent peck into a full on makeout session against her front door. I somehow showed a little restraint, drove home as fast as I could, jerked off twice (yes twice), and went to sleep.

We made plans to see each other the following week, but prior to our date her mom wrote me on facebook, and teased me about being so passive with Nikki. She said she had heard I was such a ladies’ man, was it all just rumor? I told her that I was just trying to be respectful, and again she reminded me that Nikki was a grown woman and was free to do whatever she wanted. It started to sound to me like I had her blessing to fuck her daughter. Fast forward, the next date happens and though it is going pretty well, I can tell other than fitness/nutrition we don’t have a ton of common interests-which makes me more reluctant to fuck her because I have a strong feeling that though she is one of the sexiest girls I have been out with, I didn’t quite see long term potential.

So, again, I try to keep my cool a bit-but she was wearing this little form fitting red dress, and I could tell she had no panties on. We got back to her place and we settled onto her couch with a bottle of wine. I was really upfront with her about my concerns about compatibility; she didn’t really have an answer other than to sit on my lap, straddling me, and telling me that she wanted me. It was a total role reversal for me, I am always the aggressor, and here was this 22 year old taking the bull by the horns. We were making out awhile, and I took the straps off of her dress and her tits came out, they didn’t fall at all without the support of her dress. I took one in my mouth and kissed it all over, and gently bit her nipple which she seemed to love. She undid my belt and as she was fishing my cock out, I was telling her this probably wasn’t a good idea. I was determined not to fuck her, as much as i was dying to. So, I picker her up, laid her on the sofa and started to lick her from her inner thighs teasing around her pussy. She jumped up to take her dress off, and I felt my resolve weaken. Nikki was completely naked before me, perfectly tanned, and simply the best body i have ever seen. *There are exceptions, but generally speaking the younger the woman, usually not as good in bed as the older ones as they are more reserved, not as comfortable with their bodies, and sometimes don’t know how or uncomfortable saying what gets them off*. Nikki was THE EXCEPTION.

As I was licking her pussy, she asked me to put a finger in her ass; I complied. Then she asked me to suck her clit. So now I am licking/sucking her clit, fingering her ass, and rubbing her g spot with my other finger. I am all up in that tight little pussy! She started to moan and I could feel the ever so slight twitching of her pussy, I *assumed* like many women she would want me to stop for a second, because many women are too sensitive when they cum. She screamed not to stop and she would cum again. I swear i think she came four times before she took mercy on my poor mouth, not to mention I think I was developing carpel tunnel from fingering her asshole and rubbing her g spot. I also wrongly *assumed* that her pussy had been through enough, and she would somehow let me out of there without fucking her.

She told me it was my turn as she took my pants off. I told her that she could jerk me off or blow me but that sex was off the table (like doing everything but fucking her would make this whole thing better when we inevitably “broke up”). So, she started straddling me but backed away to stroke my dick. This girl was insatiable, as she is slowly stroking my dick with one hand, she is starting to rub her clit with her other hand. She made eye contact the whole time (beautiful green eyes) while rubbing me a little faster (I knew I would pop soon, way too much foreplay), and now she was rubbing herself a little faster while stroking my cock, every now and then “accidentally” rubbing it at the entrance of her pussy.

She said she just wanted to rub the tip on her clit (we all know this game), this went on for about a minute (my resolve to not fuck her was gone), and with that she just slipped me inside of her. I warned her right away that i wasn’t going to last long, and she should let me get on top so i can pullout. Nikki started bouncing up and down on my cock and alternately grinding on me, and no shame but I was going to cum in record time. I told her she had to get off that i had to cum, that just seemed to turn her on more, she was grinding herself on me even harder; and weakly I made a half hearted attempt to pullout and she just pushed down with both of her hands to my shoulders and told me, “fill me up, cum, baby”. I came so much, and so hard. Did you ever cum so hard that it hurt; well I did. Honestly, I immediately regretted fucking her, cumming inside of her; Nikki was great but I just didn’t want things to get messy. Speaking of messy, when I came back from the bathroom there was Nikki laying on the couch, still lightly playing with her pussy. She was honestly insatiable. It was quite the sight; she was rubbing the cum I had just deposited all over-it was like a live porn. All I kept thinking was, this is not how 22 year olds were when i was 22!

She pulled me back down to the couch by my dick. What could I do;) We started to kiss, she slid down to lick my cock to get me hard again. I was surprised at how aggressive she was; she rubbed my cock all over her tits, and guided me back inside of her. Listen, I am no fan of someone else’s sloppy seconds, but sticking my cock back inside of a pussy that i just filled full of cum is one of my all time favorite things. I was on top this time, and I was sure i would last much longer, and I would have but…there are a few things that can automatically make me cum, and she started to do a few of them. 1. She started talking dirty and 2. She was rubbing all around my cock and her pussy while I was pounding away. In a few short minutes I couldn’t hold back anymore, and in my head had justified that I already had cum inside of her once-why not again. Not the smartest decision, but as soon as she came so did I. Deep in her pussy. Pussy that I found out wasn’t on any form of birth control. Her pussy was like a vice grip, and I was addicted to it.

There is plenty more to Nikki and I’s time together. We fucked often, she was never on birth control (she had her cycle timed which was beyond irresponsible of us both; but I think the pregnancy risk was something that turned us both on immensely. I came inside either her pussy, mouth, or ass every time. If anyone has any questions, as usual, I will answer.

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