The first day of Psychology class was distracting to say the least. She was tall for a female, right at chest height on me, built lithe and well muscled but with pale skin. Her dark red hair fell just past her shoulders, and as I would learn, she was fond of sundresses and a skirt and blouse attire. She wore no make-up, nor did she require it. Her nails were long enough to scratch, but short enough to be practical. Personality wise she was eclectic and charming.

From the start I caught her attention and made sure to make an impression. Our interest in people and dark, somewhat cynical humor tended to clash in the best of ways. And from the start we were both subtly flirty, yet bold enough to say so in front of the class, challenging someone to notice. Over the class we grew closer, often times debating between the two of us while half the class sought to follow our rambling discussion, the other half took the opportunity to pursue other interests ranging from napping to exploring their classmates oral anatomy in pseudo-stealth.

About a month into the class I started to notice a strained edge to my professor, her charm a thin veil I realized was a wall. Offering her the same listening ear she said was available to any one in the class that came to her, she agreed to talk for a while one day after class. I knew she didn’t have another class til the end of the day, so we sat in her office while she talked to me. After learning about all her stress and lack of free-time, I started putting extra effort into making her smile. Come our next paper due, I slipped in a couple pages of literotica I had written for her, letting her know when I turned it in it was meant just for her, so she didn’t let her aid grade it. It became a regular thing, often with personal emails asking for a little more, bribing with teasing pictures, as my stories explored her fantasies.

A month after class, I met her at the psychology conference being held at another college. We ended up spending a good deal of the time there in each others company. Upon seeing me in a suit, she greeted me with a hug, telling me I looked, in her words, “Damn fine”. With a grin and a wink I took her hand. She seemed curious and followed my lead. I took us into an office off the main event, closing the door behind me. She wasn’t wearing a bra, as her nipples pressing through the blouse attested to, growing a little firmer as I closed us in. Her breathing was a little shallow and fast, her eyes locked on mine as I pulled her to me, kissing her. She recovered from shock well, the kiss back deep and passionate as our hands explored each other.

Taking her by the back of the neck in one hand, I pulled her away, kissing and nibbling my way down her throat, my hand running up her thigh, finding her pantyless lips and teasing her. She moaned, before quickly cutting herself off as I leaned her back, pushing her against the desk. Releasing her neck, I picked her up, raising her skirt, and setting her on the desk. As her hands went in my hair, I knelt before her, first with my tongue then including my fingers as I brought her to the edge. As she started to moan, her legs squeezing around my shoulders, my free hand reached up and took her throat, squeezing until her orgasm wracked her body silently.

As her juices continued to run, I stood up, stripping both of us. Picking her up, I held her in my arms as I sunk into her, her moan cut short as she sunk her teeth into my shoulder. With her riding me even as I raised and lowered her, we got rougher and rougher until the room echoed with the sound of her rough riding, her teeth sinking even deeper into my shoulder when the next orgasm wracked her body.

After 2 more rounds, her juices that I didn’t catch in my mouth covering us both, she knelt before me, finishing me herself. After we cleaned up and redressed to each others approval, we decided to meet soon so we could explore a few more kinky play ideas.

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