First time with a cougar

This all happened before my wife and I started dating, about 10-12 years ago, I was just about to turn 22, and I was involved in a lot of chat rooms at the time, it was between that, video games with my friends, and racing at the tracks.

I started talking to one woman on the chats, getting to know her, surprisingly she actually kept talking to me cause online I’m a total perv and never really got lucky with most girls on there. She told me she was 30 and single, taking care of her mom and going back to school while working as a bar tender. I thought sounds pretty cool, and kept her as a friend for a while. Things did get sexual and I showed her photos of me, clothed and cock, and she never complained about it. We never got into cyber, she didn’t like that, but I finally got her to meet me one night after a race at the track.

I pick her up at the drug store down the street from her house so I cant see where she lives and we drive around, ending up at a beach park, moon is full, and walk towards the park bench to talk. We start talking about her life, how she never wanted to settle down, just got to the peak of her sexuality, and wanted to have fun, but never been with anyone younger, me being close to 10 years younger than her kinda worried her. Always thought young guys would be to weak. I told her I’ve tried to get with older women, but all the ones I met were not up to what I wanted, so I never went through with it, she was the closest I wanted to get, and I told her straight I would show her exactly what “young” could do.

We laughed for a bit, I got brave and stood her up from her chair and kissed her, grabbing her waist and bringing her close, I could tell she smoke, but at the time I couldn’t care, my raging cock was in control. I bit on her neck a little and started squeezing her ass, pushing her hard into my crotch so she knew what she did to me. I tuned her around, starting to bite her neck harder, squeezing her tits and letting her ass rub against my cock. Her moans letting out made me rage even more, squeezing her tits harder, my hand moving down to her crotch, feeling her pussy through her shorts. The moon was shining on us, and you could see us very clearly if we ended up fucking on that bench.

We noticed an outdoor stage near by, so we went there, and she laid on the edge of the stage, I literally ripped off her shorts and ate her out, licking her pussy wildly, licking her clit, and shoving my fingers deep in her, she couldn’t help but moan, not sure if she came though. She got me up, and unbuttoned my pants, my cock flipping out, and her sucking skills were amazing. I couldn’t handle, I didn’t want a blow job, I wanted to make her cum all over me.

I pushed her back down on the stage, grabbed her hips and plunged deep inside of her, my curved cock made her moan loudly, close to a scream, as it kept going harder and deeper into her. I lifted her tshirt, and sucked on her nipples every chance I got, but my focus was to make her cum on me. Going back to her hips, ramming her hard. My thumb moves down to her clit, she’s bucking like crazy as my cock gets harder and harder in her.

After a few more minutes of this, I flip her over, and fuck her from behind, ramming into her, she’s screaming into her shorts, and I love seeing her cougar ass bouncing of me. I grab her hair to make sure she knows what this young boy is doing to her pussy. She keeps moaning fuck me harder, please, god yes. She keeps asking me to cum, I tell her its not going to happen. I grab her hips and shove my cock deeper and deeper. One thing I didn’t tell her, I jacked off twice before coming to pick her up, makes me last longer.

We keep this up for over 45 minutes, she feels a little defeated not making me cum, and I made her cum multiple times. I tell her I’m use to it, havent really met a girl that could make me cum, but I love the idea of making girls cum more than anything. We walk back to my car, and I drop her off at my place, she was too tired to walk from the drug store. She tells me next time I will make you cum.

I tell her sounds like a plan.

Next time will be for another story.

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