So quick backstory: One of my good friends from college I have known since highschool. She played soccer and I played lacrosse and we both had similar friend groups. We both ended up going to the same college for our respective sports. We got a lot closer during college, as we were the only two from our high school who came here. Hell we were even the same major and lived on the same floor our freshmen year. We would hang out in each others rooms and got more comfortable with each other. It got to the point in the middle of seasons that we got used to seeing eachother in sports bras/under armour when we would rush between practice and class that we started being fine being seen by each other in boxers/bras and thongs when we would get ready to go out.
We would share sex stories with each other and through those stories, mixed with seeing each other in close to the bare minimum clothing, that we got the idea of what we look like naked. But for some reason we never did anything with each other, we would flirt and teasingly make grabs at each other, but never did anything…until now

Real Story: So it was our senior year and I was living off campus. I decided to move in a few days earlier than everyone else just so I could get situated and pick my room and stuff. My friend was currently towards the end of her preseaon. I shoot her a text to say hi and that I am at school. She replies super excited and says she wants to see me sometime before school starts again. I tell her im free the next day after I move everything in, and she says if practice is done early she will try to come by.

So the next day rolls around and I get a text from my friend telling me that she needs to get away from her team quick (she loves her team, but being surrounded by them for a month straight in the hot august heat doing training all day would put anybody on a short fuse). So i tell her to come on over so we can catch up.

She comes over, we hug say hello, all the usual “omg how have you been? i missed you” crap. she apologizes for being covered in sweat and smelly since she just got out of practice. I tell her i dont mind and we sit down in my room. We catch up for a little while and she asks if she could use my shower to clean off. I give her a towel and she goes off.

Now at this point I did not realize that she did not have change of clothes with her, no extra bag or something in her car. So I am in my room watching tv as she showers. My back faces my door where I am watching so I do not see her walk in. She sits down next to me in bed, just in the towel glistening still from the shower. I take a long hard look at her and avert my gaze before it becomes blatantly obvious that I am turned on by her. We start talking again and I keep peeking over at her. The towel I gave her was barely keeping her 34D titts in, and because of that the towel was sitting short around her hips, showing alot of upper inner thigh.

She eventually catches me looking and just giggles, stands up and walks in front of me and the tv. And she drops towel.

For the first time in the 6 years that I have known her I have finally seen her naked. She had a toned body from all the work outs, long legs, a great ass, and huge titts that bring her all together.
She says “did you think you were not the only one getting turned on by this?” as she straddles me.

We start making out as my hands start going over every inch of her. She pulls my shirt off and I grab her by her ass and lift her up and sit her on my desk, spread her legs and eat her out. Hearing her moan was getting me so unbelievably turned on, i was feeling my dick get harder then it ever had before.
After a while she grabbed my head away, slid off my desk, and pushed me onto the bed. she tells me “now I want to finally see what you got going on down there.” as she pulls my fully erect dick out. I got a decent sized member so I was pretty happy to see that he was in full force as her eyes widened a bit before giving me a hand job as she started sucking my balls. She moved to titty fucking me as she started lick and sucking the tip before she got right into giving me some of the best head I have ever received. Her tongue was moving in circles around the head and down the shaft as she bobbed up and down masterfully. After not being able to take it any more I tell her I am gonna bust and she starts going faster and closer her lips tight and using her tongue more. I fire off my cum into her mouth that she slides off it in surprise that the following load went onto her face and titts.

She cleans my dick off and then crawls on top of me as she brushes her pussy lips over the tip of my dick and asks “youre not done are you?” teasingly since I told her I have pretty good endurance in that I can go right back at it right after cuming.

I smile and grab her hips as she positions her pussy right on my dick as i tell her “are you not done yet?” i push her down onto my dick and she lets out a small scream (being in pre season means she hadnt had sex in about a months time, and she was also in a bit of a dry spell). I start creating a solid pace, not too fast where i can fully slide in and out but fast enough that I could see her great titts bounce around. I grab her ass as i shake it in rhythm of my thrusts and she leans over and we make out again. I start picking up the pace as I feel my load building up. She arcs back and again hearing her moan and the “oh my gods” she let slip was enough for me to give up and fire off my load. I hold on for as long as i can and then tell her I am cuming, as I life her off me and fire a huge load over her face and titts.

We hopped into the shower together to clean off and we hung out naked for a while until her clothes were out of the wash when she had to go home. She gave me a kiss and said “lets not take forever to do this next time”

And boy was there plenty of next times. But those will be stories for later

TL;DR Best girl friend from high school goes to college with me. after 3 years of flirting she takes a shower at my house with no change of clothes, drops her towel in front of me. 6 years of pent up sexual desire fueled fucking

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