Most of you would probably consider me an old fart because I’m nearly 50. As a old coach I had once said “I may be old but I still get morning wood” so there’s that. This story is from the early 90’s when I was a young hunk of a man who didn’t know how good he had it, and didn’t take advantage of his assets as much as he should have.

I’ll try to describe myself as I was for the ladies. Young looking white guy with medium length wavy brown hair decent chin and large but not crazy large nose, a relatively ordinary face all in all but nice blue eyes for you to stare into… At the time I was riding my bicycle 25 miles from my house downtown to my job in the suburbs so I was told I had a world class ass. Bike riding wasn’t and still isn’t that cool so I’d say I was could be considered somewhat in the geek spectrum. I’d played division 1 baseball in college and I lifted weights so my upper body was decent as well but I was no adonis. I was fairly evenly proportioned so from a distance I didn’t look tall but I was 6’1”.

This story begins at my first job out of college, and living with my father in an old house that he was remodeling. I helped with the house in my spare time. I’d always wanted to be a professional baseball player but I tore the anterior cruciate ligament in my knee my senior year so what little chance I had was blown. I thought I wanted to go into sales but didn’t have the confidence to pull it off. I took a entry level job at a major software company where I hoped to move into sales.

I had a girlfiend in college but broke up with me soon after a trip to the beach with her family. She was a great girl who was also an athlete. We had some differences that probably wouldn’t have worked out. She was a tall natural blond with good legs and a great personality. She didn’t have the same libido as me, I remember many nights of begging for it. I’ll always remember the last time we had sex in the waves with her parent’s on the beach, but that’s a different story.

I was too shy to approach in bars women and didn’t have many friends in town so by the time summer rolled around again it had been a year since I’d been with a girl. I wish I could say I was focusing on work but that would be a lie. I didn’t really notice Sara when she first started working the front desk. She was small and I avoided the front office like the plague. I think it was my co-worker Don who pointed her out.

“Have you seen the cute new receptionist?”

I hadn’t, I made a point of walking by. It was hard to judge her looks because she was facing me as I came in the door and I didn’t want to stare. I could tell she was a small girl with short light brown hair. Her clothes were not flattering, I later found out she’d borrowed them from her mother. Like I said I was shy so I didn’t get a good look, I didn’t stop to chat her up.

At lunch she was the topic of conversation between Russ and Don. They were both married so I took it with a grain of salt. Also some guys just go nuts for petite girls, I could see the attraction but didn’t discriminate one way or the other.

During that week I’d passed by a few times to see what all the fuss was about but pretty much passed it off as married guys fantasizing about the young receptionist. Still, I passed through the reception area every now and then to check her out. I saw her bending over the water fountain and noticed a biggish derrière behind that cheap flannel suit skirt. We all went out to lunch on Fridays and I think Don invited her and introduced me to her. She had a nice smile and big brown eyes which were kind of sexy. We talked a little. She was taking night classes and was only working at the reception desk until she got another position. I’m not sure how it came up but somehow the subject came around to swimming holes. She’d grown up in California so maybe she was talking about missing the beach and I said the thing to do here was to go to the swimming hole. Being from the east coast I found idea of a California beach girl intriguing. She was still wearing her moms suit so I couldn’t really tell what she would look like in a swimsuit. I still wasn’t sure about her because I was wary of getting in a relationship at work and she really looked frumpy. But I said we should go swimming some time. She seemed interested. She was playing the I’m new in town card and I was eating it up.

The next day was the last Friday of the month and our company always had a little party after work with a keg of beer. I had to finish up a little late and found Russ and Don at a table with Sara and Kate. I caught up quickly and soon had finished enough beers that I had lost some inhibitions. Russ and Kate left early so it was just me Don and Sara. She was still dressed like a young Mrs Doubtfire so I wasn’t all that interested until I noticed how small her hands were, I don’t know why but I found it sexy. I won’t lie, I was probably imagining her gripping my cock. She seemed interested and I’d been the only one to grip it in far too long.

At 7:30 the keg was finished. I still wanted to continue drinking. Don had to go home. Sara said she was meeting a friend downtown bar, and I should meet them there. Luckily I’d driven to work so I wouldn’t have to ride home. I hadn’t been going out much so I was happy to be getting out. I went home and changed into jeans and a nice shirt, and rode my bike to the bar. Can you see now why I didn’t get laid for a year, how was that going to work out?

At the bar I met up with Sara and her friend who was a cute Indian girl that was obsessed with some guy that was late. Sara was looking cute in the dark bar, she really was a little thing. It didn’t surprise me when she told me she was a cheerleader in high school. She had on a bright red double breasted jacket with big shoulder pads and big brass buttons. It was super cute she looked like a little bell hop, in a good way. In a way that made me want to fuck her brains out. We had a few drinks and I listened to her talk about growing up in California.

I don’t remember how it started but we started sucking face. It was wonderful. Right in the bar. I don’t remember anyone telling us to get a room but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. Her friend kept coming by and she’d shoo her away. We didn’t do any groping which was just as well because I think I would have blasted sperm all over the bar. We’d stop for a minute and then start snogging again, they had to kick us out at closing time. It was ridiculous. We agreed to meet the next day at noon to go to the swimming hole.

The next morning I woke up with a hang over but it wasn’t too bad because we really hadn’t had time to drink much after we started kissing. She was living with her parents way out the the suburbs in kind of a redneck area. I remember thinking this probably wouldn’t work out. I wasn’t really a snob there’s a difference in people from the city and from the suburbs my ex was from the burbs and that was one of our issues. I had a hard time finding the place. This was before mobile phones or GPS. I must have stopped at 3 gas stations getting directions. Finally I called her from a strip mall and got directions from there.

I remember driving through the slightly run down neighborhood looking at all the 1960’s ranch houses thinking we’re just too different. Then I saw her in her tight little wife beater and my perspective changed completely. Boobs! Good lord she had a rack! I think my heart stopped. I’m not sure if she had legs at all, I just remember checking out that set. Sure, I’d admired tits before but this was life changing. Where the fuck was she hiding them!

We were already late so I didn’t meet the parents. Thank god, because I was sporting serious wood. I think we were both a little embarrassed about the way we behaved the previous night and we both talked about how drunk we were. I think I may have even talked myself out of thinking she was a sure thing.

The swimming hole was on a creek that fed into a large river. We walked down a path that followed the creek and eventually went down to the swimming hole. As we walked down I remember seeing some guys checking her tits out. It turned out that the creek was very low and the swimming hole wasn’t really deep enough to have much fun in. Luckily I had a backup plan. There was a pond about half a mile away on private property. It was through the woods and over a big hill. It had been a long time since I’d been there but I eventually found a way through the chain link fence.

We’d gotten pretty hot on the walk so I was relived to see the pond and only a few people swimming. It really surprised me when she said she hadn’t brought a swim suit. I was wearing shorts that I could swim in. I assumed that she had worn a swim suit under her clothes. I’m not sure what she was thinking maybe that we’d just check it out and she’d come back another time. I don’t know. But it was hot and she said she’d just swim in her bra and panties, but she wanted me to look the other way until she got in. I gotta tell you I was mighty disappointed.

I looked the other way as I heard her getting in the water then she told me I could get it. I don’t think she realized how deep it was. I was able to stand up on a rock but she had to tread water. Eventually she asked if it was ok if she could hold onto me. There’s something about being with a girl in the water that really turns me on. We were making out in no time. She wrapped her little legs around my waist and slid down until she found my cock and started grinding. More people came into the pond. She said she was meeting her friends downtown tonight and she needed to get back. I told her she should stop by my house before they went out and have a drink or two at my place before they went out.

I made made it back by 5:00 and took a shower and cleaned up my room and tried to straiten out the house as best as I could. The kitchen floor and counter were made out of plywood and the living room was being used as a shop. I was beginning to really like her so I wanted her to meet my dad. He was a cool guy but kind of a scruffy hippie type. I knew she’d dig him.

She was there at 7:00 and we had a drink with my father and then I offered to show her the house. I saved my bedroom for last. It was a small room with a double bed and an a dresser and no room for a chair. We sat on the bed. I touched her hand as she sat down. I can’t remember what she was wearing, but I remember she was hiding her tits again and I wanted to remedy that. She moved her hand to my thigh. I remember that. Just my thigh but it was electric. I kissed her again, and again. Then I finally shifted so that I was leaning over her and she was laying back on the bed. I moved my hand up her blouse. I think it was a loose silk patterned blouse with shoulder pads. I didn’t want to go strait for her boobs but couldn’t resist. They were not gigantic in my hands I have large hands and she was a very small girl, they were a full handful. We continued to kiss as I fondled her. I was struggling with her blouse. She said “lets get undressed” I probably didn’t play it that cool but it didn’t matter. I got up and removed my clothes. I’ll always remember what she said when I was naked. “I knew you’d have a big dick” This was a tone setter. Most people have a big dick on the internet so I don’t really want to go into too much detail. I think I’m probably above average. She was the first girl to tell me. I know it shouldn’t matter but it does, at least for me. I don’t think I could have been harder. She asked me to turn off the lights before she removed her bra. I don’t know why she didn’t want me to see her body. It was amazing to me.

The thin white curtains let in some light and I can tell you she had nothing to be ashamed of. Before she got under the sheets I got a good look. It’s burned in my mind like a photograph. Her tits were full with no sag. She had fairly large nipples and very faint areola. She was not model thin but had a woman’s figure with a small waist and full hips. She had the best pussy I’ve ever seen, and no, I’m not talking about her cat. This was still the age of the full bush. I have a friend that still swears by the tackle box. She didn’t have a tackle box. It was truly like a little kitten, well maybe not a kitten but it looked soft like a kitten. I don’t know whether she trimmed it or what but it was a revelation. The hair was light brown like her head but is was very fine like baby hair and straight not curly like most pubes are. It was not wide like a huge slice of pie if it was a pie slice it was a small ladylike slice. But it was not like a pie slice. When you cut a slice of pie it’s either pie or absence of pie, this pussy had a smooth transition between her thigh and a thicker patch of hair that was the culmination of all those little hairs. I should have told her that. Maybe she would have let me turn on the lights. Oh, why didn’t I tell her that.

I pulled a condom out of my dresser and put it on. We didn’t have much time and I was young and foolish. I’m not sure if she wasn’t completely ready or maybe it was the condom. If there is one thing I’d pass on to my young self it’s “get some lube dude”. Once I was in she started making little noises. I think she was worried about my dad’s being downstairs. It was really sweet. I’ve had tight pussies and I’ve had loose pussies and most in-between. This wasn’t the tightest but it was damn nice. I want to tell you it was the best pussy I ever fucked and I hammered her until she couldn’t take any more. Wouldn’t that be crude? It was damn nice.

She came back later that night.

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