Little bit about us first. I am M25 5’8 average build she is 24 a sexy 5’9 slender 34 D and a nice ass (ex Playboy model). Been together for nearly 7 years and living at her parents house due to a recent move back home

I was out of town on a business trip and was very much missing her, I decided to stop by our favorite sex store to pick up a few goodies for tonight, butt plug, lube and some pleasure tape. Now anal is something we never do unless she is really drunk and its something I have been trying to ease her into. Always trying to get a finger near her cute butt hole.

The whole drive home (3 hrs) I was thinking about what I would do to her. I already had this whole Dom/Sub situation playing in my head. At one point I was asking her to send me some nudes but she refused. I got home and decided we should go have a dinner and movie date. I showed her the goodies I got and tried to talk her into wearing the butt plug all night but she was worried about wearing it all night since we are knew to anal and promised to wear it tonight once we got home.


Dinner and Movie date failed due to trying to watch a Star Wars showing at 6pm on a Friday night. So we get a quick bite and decide to buy movies to watch once we get home. Got home and immediately take her upstairs to get ready for movies and chill. I push her up against the wall in the hallway just before our room and start kissing her. We have a heavy make out session and she starts grabbing for my cock that is obviously bulging out of my pants. I slap her hand and say no you cant touch that yet. She giggles and tries again to grab my cock while I am kissing her, this time I had my hand behind her head and I grab her hair and pull it and say “You refused to give me what I wanted earlier. Why should I let you grab my cock?”.

She gets the point and immediately knows she will be punished tonight. I shove her against the wall again and kiss her for a minute then tell her to get on her knees. Immediately she is on her knees and looks up at me with those doe eyes. I tell her to open wide and I shove my dick in her mouth and begin to fuck her mouth. She starts gagging and I push myself farther into her mouth. I stopped and told her to go downstairs to the movie room where we would then start cuddling in her parents theater room watching movies and drinking mixed drinks. I couldn’t keep my hands off her and kept making out with her. The anticipation for tonight was building and I couldn’t wait.

The movie couldn’t end fast enough then we take a quick shower to get cleaned up and I pump up the heater so she isn’t to cold. She was visibly nervous and anxious about the anal play but I made sure she knew I was going to be taking care of her tonight and established a safe word incase the anal play was to much. I tell her to lay on the bed naked, light a candle, then start rubbing lotion on her naked body starting at her legs and gently rubbing up her legs around her tight pussy and up to her amazing breasts. At this point she is relaxed and I grab her hands and tie them together at the wrists. I tell her to get on all fours and show me her ass.

I grab the flogger and start rubbing it across her ass watching her twerk and wiggle around to the touch of the flogger, then I start whipping her with it. With each hit she bucks. Her ass starts getting pink. I start whipping her with it first on the right cheek. She bucks. Then the left. Over and over again. She bucks again then I see how visible her pussy and asshole are and ready for me they are. I start rubbing the flogger between her cheeks and see her visibly getting wet.

Next I grab her vibrator and place it on top of her clit and pussy. She immediately starts bucking in pure pleasure. I tell her to hold it there for a second with her hands. I grand the tape again and tie the vibrator to her leg and put the setting to low. Now she is squirming and really enjoying this so I decided to have her lay on her back so her head is off the bed. I then begin to shove my cock down her throat again. Choking and gagging and bucking to the vibrator I loved the entire view I was getting and nearly came from this alone.

After I’m done having my way with her mouth I tell her to get up again on all fours, I get the lube ready and start massing her ass with my finger. She is visibly enjoying this and I asked if she like me massaging her ass, She says yes and I add more lube and start pushing my finger in. She lets out a small cry and I just reassure her she is being a good little slut and she nearly has my whole finger in there. Once my finger is in I let her know her know how much of a slut she is for letting me in there. She loves hearing how much of a slut she is.

Then I pull my finger out and lube up the small butt plug I bought for her earlier. I put the tip in and she shoves her head into a pillow. I gently ease the butt plug into her tight ass and I grab her by the hair and pick up her head. Give her a kiss and tell her how slutty she is. I once again fuck her mouth while the butt plug was in but she kept pushing it out so I decided its time to fuck her pussy. I roll her over on her side and just enter her from the side of the bed. The vibrator is still on her leg hitting her clit perfectly and I hit the setting to the highest. Starting slowly and giving her some good pumps then she starts yelling she is going to cum. I tell her she cant come without asking for permission and begin choking her ( she loves this!!!). Now she is trying to ask if she can cum while being choked and I am violently pounding her soaking pussy. I finally tell her yes she can come and I just feel her pussy holding on to my cock and she gets soaking wet and she is in ecstasy.

Now she is squirming on the bed and I pull her legs off so she is laying on her stomach and easy access for me. I grab the vibrating anal beads, lube them up, and give her the goal of 2 beads since its her first time with them. I shove the first on in her ass and she moans. Then the second and she yelps but I let he know she is being a great slut and im going to fuck her again now. I enter from behind. Shove my cock in her pussy and immediately met by vibrating anal beads from her ass and a vibrator on her clit and her pussy is just a vibrating heaven. She loves when she is bent over the bed because it is playing to her favorite fantasy of just being raped and manhandled by someone. She goes limp and I am just pounding her from behind and pulling her hair. Not to long goes by when I pull out and cum on the small of her back. It is by far one of the best orgasms I have ever had. We both are just exhausted and we clean up and go to bed.

The next day we talk about the whole night, what we loved and didn’t like and now its going to become a weekly event in some way.

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