Fair warning to anyone reading this post, it’s a long, but i really wanted to do the story justice by writing it how i remember it in its entirety.

When i was a kid my parents had this couple they grew very close with. They would go on trips with them, have dinner parties and celebrate holdays with them, like many do. The other couple had a daughter named Lindsey, who was at the same age as me, so my parents often brought me along to play with her and vice versa. I thought Lindsey was beautiful from the first time i saw her, there is no other way to describe her.
Growing up she was the cute girl you always had a small crush on. She was the first girl i kissed in her yeard, hers were the first boobs i ever touched on a family trip together when she convinced me to sneak out at night with her. You get the picture. During high school we grew a bit distant. None of us attended the family parties anymore, and we didnt really hang with the same people. She was a cheerleader and i didn’t really fit in with her crowd.

Then last summer when i was home visiting my family, i just happened to run into her at the store. As i mentioned she was always beautiful but this last year she had really gotten into shape as well. She had long, blond, curly hair which perfectly wrapped in her face, and her cute little nose which was surrounded by freckles. She has always been sort of petite, but this last year i noticed her thigs had gained more muscles, and you guessed it, her ass had gotten bigger.
She seemed really happy to see me and said she had hoped to run into me some day to see how i was doing. We chatted for a bit and agreed to have lunch at her place the day after. Her parents were gone all summer, so she lived alone in their house… I went there the day after not really hoping for anything, as i mentioned i always used to have a crush on her but we had not been friends for a long while. So i went over there and we had lunch and talked about how she was doing still living home and how i was doing in college. We just stayed there and talked for nearly an hour untill i happened to mention the new Star Wars movie and how i hoped it would be better than what The Hobbit was for The Lord of the Rings movies. She just mentioned as a sidenote, oh ive never seen those. I froze, you have never seen The Lord of the Rings? Being a huge Lotr fan i saw this as outrageous, the fact that anyone sane person had not seen these movies. No i haven’t, she replied. Are they really that good? To not make this story too long i convinced her that they are, and that she had to see them. I told her i have a copy at my parents house and that we could watch them together.

So, the next day we start watching The Fellowship of the Ring at her place. When we first start watching we are sitting in opposite sides of her parents couch, i dont really think about it except for maybe a, thats too bad.
So we watch the movie and she loves it, and she demands to see The Two Towers the next day.
I go back to her house and almost ghasp when i see her, she was wearing a white top and a small red shorts which sat perfectly on her tight round ass. During the battle of Helm’s Deep she gets really scared and asks me if she can sit in my arms. Of course i say yes and sho we cuddle up together. Right after the movie is done we start watching The Return of the King, still sitting tight together. Without cinda noticing it i start to stroke my hand up and down her her hand. She tells me she likes it so i start doing it up and down her arm, all the way up to her shoulder and all the way down to her fingertips.

Halfway trough the movie my fingers slip down to her hip and i start stroking her there. She the suddenly asks if its okay that we lay down and i can spoon her, i say yeah sure why not. We lay down and i put my hand on her hip again. She grinds her ass a bit back towards my crotch so that we are fully connected. Suddenly i become aware of her ass, i can feel her buttocks pressed against me, how big they are, how round and sexy, I get this urge to touch them so i gently, very slowly let my hand fall a bit down from her hip, so just a couple of my fingers are on her ass, she doesnt react. I let my hand fall a bit further down, now my entire hand was on her ass, still no reaction. Does she really not notice, i thought to myself, is she that into the movie? Or does she like it and doesnt know how to react. I decide to get even bolder. I firmly squize her ass with my hand, still no reaction. I stroke the palm of my hand up and down her ass and she does nothing, i almost can’t believe it.
Then i start noticing her breath, it’s really heavy. I move my hand down to between her tighs and start to caress the back of her upper thigh, she breathes even deeper. I decide to move my crotch closer to her ass so she can feel how turned on i am too. My dick is so hard it can be felt well trough my pants, i push it against her ass and i notice her entire body stiffen. Her ass feels so good against my dick, i can feel the warmth flowing from her pussy only inches away from me. Without thinking i move my hand up to her hip again, i slide it under her t-shirt and begin to caress the side of her stomach. I move my hand a bit further up so i can feel her chest rising and falling. She is breathing very heavily and so am i.

My hand moves a bit further up her body, it goes all the way to her brah. I start playing with the side of her bra, still no reaction. Just her lying there close next to me breathing very heavily. With one move i open her bra and i notice her flinch. She grabs the remote controll, hits the pause button with horrible accuracy and tosses the remote away. Then she turns around, seats herself in my lap and with both hands pull off her white t-shirt. She removes her bra which is already hanging from her arm, without noticing it i am sitting up. She looks at me and says; i cant take this anymore. Then she kisses me. She kisses me furiously as she grabs the back of my head with one hand. I kiss her back ass her tounge slides into my mouth and flirtingly touches my tounge. I put both my hands under her under her ass and lifted her up, she jumped as i stod up and placed her legs around me. She started kissing me on the neck as i carried her to her beedroom.
When we got there i threw her on the bed and locked the door. When i turned around again she was sitting there on her knees topless. This was the first time i really saw her boobs, they were amazing. She must have been a C-cup, her boobs were perfectly round but meanwhile a bit perky, with her small, pink nipples staring at me at the ends. I walked over to her while looking her in the eyes. I could read how turned she was just as she could read me. She began opening my pants and pulled them down, she began kissing my dick from the outside of my boxers, which drew me crazy. She looked up at me while biting her lips, the she pulled of my boxers. She looked at my dick for about half a second before putting it into her mouth. She started sucking me off fast and i was loving it. She forced my dick all the way back into her throat before taking it out. She licked the tip while looking me in the eyes, then she started to lick the sides of my dick, she moved her tounge up and down the entire ting before moving back to the tip. Then she lifted it and tauntingly licked my tounge, she didnt look up before she took both my balls into her mouth. She sucked on them for a while simoltaniosly jerking me off. I didnt even posess the ability to think at this point i was so turned on. My mind was just gone, all that was is Lindsey licking my balls while masturbating me. It felt so amazingly good, it was almost like taking an ice shower when i came to myself as she stopped. She looked up at me and said; i want you to fuck me.

She layed down on her back with me on top of her, i quickly took off her small shorts and my good, she wasen’t wearing any underwear. I kissed her as i entered her, she let out an unintentional moan and rolled her head back. She was so wet i slid right in without even guiding my penis to her pussy. I moved my body in a flowing motion against hers as we fucked, to penetrate her fully and feel her against me. Soon she started moving with me and our bodies synched up. We moved together as one, our bodies steaming from the intense fucking. Her loud moans were only abrupted by the occasional oh God, and yes! I adapted a slower pace so i could kiss her breasts while i was penetrating her. She started moaning even more loudly and moved her hand down to her clit. I sat up on my knees so i could see her entire body. I grabbed her ancles and held them up at my shoulders, then i moved my hands to her thighs and lifted her pussy up to my dick.

I fucked her as i saw her grow closer and closer to an orgasm, her hand moving without pause up and down her clit. I realized she was almost coming so i stopped and pulled out of her to tease her. She opened her eyes and looked up at me with a look of mixed confusion and agony. I grabbed her hips with my hands, pulled her up and turned her around. Then i pushed her down on all fours and grabbed her ass with both my hands. She arched her back so her asshole and pussy stood straight in front of me. I used my hands to pull her towards me as i once again started fucking her. Lindsey’s hand went up to her crotch where she started touching herself again. I slapped her ass and started fucking her even harder.
I noticed her moans getting louder and louder as she approached climax. Just as she was about to come i grabbed her hear and pulled her head back, making her arch her back. Her entire body shock as she came with a loud yell. I felt her pussy tighten around my dick and her body growing powerless as her orgams neared its end. I let go of her hair and used both of my hands to hold her hips up. I fucked her as hard and as fast as i could manage. I could not go on like this for long i quickly realized. I asked her where she wanted me to come. When she answered her breasts i nearly came right away. I started pounding her with a feriousity i did not know where came from. My left hand at this point just grabbing her left asscheck to get closer to her asshole. I moved my hand closer and pressed the tip of my thumb into her ass. I then felt my orgasm coming and told her to turn around. It did not take more than three strokes until i started spurting cum all over her tits. When i was done i just fell down with my back on the bed. She lay on top of me and starting caressing my chest. Well, she said. That was a fun movie.

Hope you liked the story, if there are any questions or comments i will be happy to hear them.

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