I know you’re reading this.

Remember when you pinned me down, biting down on my shoulder with a ferocity unmatched? Do you remember how I arched my back, biting back a scream as a jolt of pleasure went through my body? Do you remember thrusting, shallow, fast and then hard, deep?

Do you remember the way I moaned your name as you fucked me? My eyes were squeezed shut, thighs quivering as they lay spread open for you. Do you remember picking me up, bouncing me up and down on your cock as you watched us in the mirror? Are you thinking back to me on my hands and knees, eyes closed but mouth open, slamming against my ass, every thrust pushing deep into my soaking pussy?

I love the way you slap my ass, pulling me closer, thrusting deeper. I wish you’d left marks: fingerprints, handprints, something.

Do you remember how I taste? How it felt to have my thighs wrapped around your head? I remember looking up at you from the bed, crawling over to you and lapping at your cock. I like pushing the tip past my lips, feeling how hard you are with my tongue. I love the way you taste, your precome in my mouth.

I love how you grabbed at me, gripped at breasts, waist, hips, thighs. I want to feel you again, want to feel you pushing into my slick pussy, want to feel everything again.

I like pleasing, you know this, and you know I’m the best submissive little slut you’ve had. You know this, because of the way I came hard, fast, desperately clutching at you. I begged for your cock, begged to be fucked, asked to be fucked faster, harder.

I’ll happily play with myself, send you photos and videos, but truthfully, none of that compares to satisfaction I get when you’re on top of me. Or behind. Or below. I just like having your hard dick stuffed in me.

You got me to write my last post here, and God I’m soaking wet right now. I need to get off. I need fingers, tongue, your cock, something to help me come. I miss you, miss the way you fuck me.

If we ever cross each other’s paths again, I’ll go all out for you. I’ll wear thigh high stockings, a garter belt, a bustier and fuck me heels. I’ll wrap myself up like the best present you’re ever going to have. I’ll lie back, wait for you to come unwrap me, fuck me.

Your move.

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