It was a little after midnight when my phone vibrated next to my head. I knew it could only be him at that time of night so when I picked it up and saw “unlock the door I’m coming over” I was ripped out of my sleepy haze because I knew I had to be ready.When he’s that abrupt, he’s only got one thing on his mind and it usually involves my juicy ass, pretty pussy or big tits. I rolled out of bed and turned on the shower to get it nice and hot. I peeled my undies and Cami off and stepped into the hot spray after I unlocked the door. I had just finished my hair and had started to lather up my loofa when I heard the shower door open. It was him, gloriously naked stepping into the shower with me with this look on his face I like to call his sexy smerk. I turned to face him as he advanced on me and said “hi”. He didn’t say a word just grabbed my face with one hand, my waist with his other and kissed me. Hard. Biting my lips to make me let him in my mouth and tightening his grip to establish his dominants. I felt his amazingly hard cock pressing on my belly between us as he was alternating kissing me and biting me. He released his grip and all I could think to say, well beg really, was “fuck me please Sir” and I wrapped my arms around his neck signaling him to pick me up. We both took a step back and when my back hit the shower wall he grabbed my ass and lifted as I wrpaped my legs around his waist. The head of his throbbing cock was teasing my sensitive clit back and forth, over and over until I was a moaning mess in his ear begging him to fuck me like we both needed him to. With a bite and suck on the top of my tits he slammed his cock into my aching pussy and continued at a relentless pace not letting me acclimate to him. Between the biting, sucking and general painfully sweet sensations of his thrusts and fingers digging into my legs and ass to hold me up, I was already about to cum. He knew it too and to set me over the edge he looked up at me and said “show me how my good girl cums for me” and holy fuck I did. Pussy clenching so tight like it didn’t want to let him go made him follow close behind. His voice, when he calls me his good girl, the way he fills me up and especially the way he manhandles me…..being his pet definitely has its perks 😉

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