My cousin (F25) from Cali recently drove in from Cali to visit and have a little 4 day vacation. I had already told my gf of her and my relationship. Good for me that she is an open mind to it and doesn’t see any threat.. well of course not she’s my cousin…

So she gets to my place in the late morning and my gf is at work. Celeste gets out of the car and stunning as usual.. we hug outside but waited till inside to go into the kiss we both had been waiting for for months. 7 months seems forever when you want someone. We have built an amazing relationship and can and do discuss anything and everything. Never judgement but of course advice etc.

We get inside and embrace…she smells amazing and always love her perfume. We kiss and our tongues go crazy. She’s an amazing kisser and definantly isn’t shy about giving long deep kisses. I’ve missed you she murmurs almost shaking with the building excitement and hunger that we share for each other. I have missed you too Celeste. About that time my phone recieves a text from my gf Lilly. ( Sucks being at work …a lil jealous now that she’s here . Are you going to fuck her before I get there?) I reply yes is that OK? OK have fun.

I don’t say anything to Celeste.. but we get a drink and sit down catching up. We kiss and tease for a couple of drinks.. then we end up in the bedroom. We start undressing each other and soon I’m kissing her all over and we end up aide by side giving each other oral sex.. I part the hair back from her entrance and start kicking her…Intoxicated with her musky juices. Celeste is using her hand jerking me off as she licks all around my cock and balls. Soon neither can take anymore and we start having sex.. I am holding her hands up above her head as she grinds into my thrusts. Perfect fit as usual.. Fuck me harder she says.. I fuck her harder and Celeste is moaning her approval.. oh god yes fuck that feels so fucking good baby! She then holds her legs back . Pound me deep she cries out. About that time I notice we have company. Lilly is at the door watching us. Neither of us heard the door I guess because we were really into it. We stop but Lilly says no …go ahead I’m sorry. She closes the door and we continued.. this however seemed to turn Celeste on and didn’t bother her. Fuck me hard baby. I pushed her legs back and began kissing her ankles and toes as I plowed into my cousin. Oh my God yes don’t fucking stop she cried out. Celeste moaned very loudly as we fucked each other silly for another 20 minutes. I finished her doggy style and had her whimpering to the hard deep pounding I gave her from behind. She orgasmed and soon after mine came too. I shot my was onto the small of her back. We laid there and held each other kissing then dressed and went to living room. Hiii Celeste said to Lilly. Hisaid Lilly. This was a great start to an amazing 2 days of sex with two open and bbeautiful women. But that will be forthcoming.

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