*I was up late one night, doing laundry or some mundane shit that I had been putting off. I picked up my phone and started browsing Gonewild on reddit. It was pretty late, like 2 or 3am on a weeknight. GW tends to move a little slow around that hour, but I was drawn to a new post, https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/3xgd4v/23_f_here_looking_for_an_older_experienced_man_to/?ref=share&ref_source=link. I always look at the little thumbnail before I even read the title, and this girl’s amazing ass really got my attention. I don’t usually message GW girls, because I hardly ever get a reply other than “Thank you”. But when my eyes shifted to the title, “Here looking for an older, experienced man to have some fun with”, my cyber sex nerves were quickly activated. What I wasn’t expecting though, was for the girl to be from my same state, and very much responsive to the title in her post. So what follows, is the story of our first meet up.. MY first reddit meet up with a GW girl…*

After a few messages on reddit, we moved our conversation over to kik. Not long after that, we started exchanging pics. This girl is cute! And.. she is super easy to talk with, a relatable vibe. I’m a little familiar with the area she is in, and occasional visit nearby. We quickly became friends, and spent the next couple of weeks chatting on kik and exchanging HOT pics and videos. I mean.. our conversations were bomb.. she seemed to know what I wanted or where I was going and the back and forth was very exciting and erotic. One of the first things I noticed from her pics, is that she has the prettiest pussy I have ever seen! I’m not talking about airbrushed expensive camera perfect lighting pussy.. I’m saying in raw, unedited bedroom cell pic form, this thing is beautiful. My mouth would start to water every time she sent me a picture of it, and as time went on and our conversations became more erotic and intense.. she would send me videos of her playing with it. I was captivated by it.. I had to have it, so we set a plan to meet, both agreeing that as soon as possible was the best time.

I booked us a room in San Francisco, which is sort of somewhere in the middle. I fucking scored on this room though. It was in a nice hotel right near Union Square, and the room was sexy, perfect for what we had planned our meet up to be like. The whole day I was super anxious and lagged on my departure. She was cool af about it though. She waited patiently at a coffee shop somewhere north of the Golden Gate, and told me to let her know when I was checked in. She wanted to give me time to shower and get dressed before she arrived. I had barely gotten dressed when she messaged me that she was in the lobby. I was freaking out.. this shit was about to happen for real! I mean.. I’ve had a few hook ups from reddit, and I’m not exactly a virgin at 44 years old 😉 but there was something with this girl that I knew was going to be epic. So I headed down to the lobby, still buttoning my shirt in the elevator. I saw her from the back, sitting in a chair. I leaned over her shoulder and said “hi”. Now there is something about that first moment when you lock eyes with someone, that is a make it or break it situation. There was no doubt or disappointment in her eyes at all. She stood up and we hugged, then headed to the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, I pulled her close and kissed her. We kissed all the way to the 11th floor, where our room was, and when the doors opened I was light headed. I knew we were going to have one kick ass, sexy night!

We had everything planned out to go a certain way. A couple of days before we met, she posted this to GW https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewild/comments/3yv1ev/im_meeting_a_man_from_gw_and_this_is_what_im/?ref=share&ref_source=link .. The plan was, she was driving 2.5 hours to meet me, wearing a butt plug. She was going to shower at the room, then I was going to remove her plug, and replace it with a toy, that I had brought (A wireless remote vibrator, the we vibe 4, that clamps the clitoris and the g-spot and has variable speeds and vibration patterns). We would then go to a bar and have some fun with me controlling her pussy. But when we got into the room, we both confessed that neither of us had been able to eat all day, and we were both starving. So I mixed her a drink, and headed out for some take out while she showered. I let her know about the robes the hotel had provided and said she should put one on after her shower, while she did her make up and stuff. I got a message from her a little while later that said “I feel like a princess in my hotel bathrobe :)”. This really made me smile. The girl is cute af and knowing that she was enjoying the simpler things of our night made me feel really good about being there with her. There was no “well I came all this way, so I might as well..” feeling to it at all. I got back to the room with a pizza, and we started eating. She was still in her robe. I was standing, leaning against a table and eating when she looked at me and said, “you’re even more good looking in person”. That was it.. I set down my pizza and pulled her close to me. I wasn’t going to wait any longer to indulge in this girl. We kissed for a long time before I turned her to to a chair that was nearby and sat her in it. I opened her robe and started kissing her breasts and licking her nipples. She has larger breasts, and they could handle a little nibbling and twisting. She arched her back in pleasure as I indulged myself in her titties. My hands made their way down to her pussy, and my mouth quickly followed. I pushed her leg back and over the arm of the chair, opening her up and sucking her pretty pussy lips into my mouth. She gasped and began to squirm as I tasted her and gently caressed my beard into her sweet pussy. I slid my fingers inside her while flicking my tongue over her clit. She started moaning and pushing her pussy toward my face. I started working my fingers up and toward her pelvis. stroking them back and forth against her swelling pussy meat. I pushed her leg back further by the inside of her thigh, and used pressure from my fingers to wiggle the plug that was in her ass. She moaned loudly and told me to keep doing that.. I knew she was close to orgasm.. so I sucked her clit into my mouth, pulsing it.. she moaned out that she was going to cum and I spoke into her pussy to do it, as I was sucking on her clit and lapping at her fuck hole. Her body tensed and shook, and I felt her pussy contract and expand. I kept sucking and moaning into her clit until her body began to relax again…

I stood her up from the chair and said, “Now it’s my turn”, and pushed her gently down to her knees while taking my cock out of my jeans. She immediately took it into her mouth, Looking up at me, and handling it the way I like. If I told her to “suck harder”, she would.. when I pushed it into her throat. she would sputter out the sides of her mouth, but keep going until I let released her for air, then she would use the strings of spit to stroke my cock with her hand while she caught her breath. It was a beautiful sight to see. After doing this for a while, she looked up at me and asked “do you want to fuck my tits?”.. Fuck yeah I did. I sat down in the chair that I ate her pussy in, and she crawled over to me, getting between my legs and wrapping her warm, soft tits around my cock. It nearly disappeared into them. She started bouncing them up and down while squeezing them together.. it felt so silky and amazing. She would tip her chin down and kiss the tip of my cock, wetting it, and fuck me with her tits more. We had planned so many naughty things to do on this night, but I knew right then that we weren’t even going to leave the room. I had to have her. HAD TO. I usually get off on restraining myself from taking the pussy, for as long as possible. But not this time. I stood her up again and told her it was time to take her plug out, to make room for me. We walked over to the king sized bed and she laid down on her back, knees bent, feet at the edge of the bed. I buried my face and fingers into her delicious pussy again. She asked me to play with the plug like I did before. I pushed gently, wiggled it slightly.. twisted it very gently, all while lapping at her clit and fingering her pussy with my two middle fingers. She told me to pull it out. I grabbed onto it and pulled slowly while she dug her heels into the bed. I moaned uncontrollably into her clit and she let out a squeal as it came free. Her asshole was super warm and open. I couldn’t resist putting my fingers inside of it while I continued to suck on her soaking wet pussy…

When I stood up and pushed my cock into her.. It was like pure bliss. My head was tingling and we both let out sounds of pleasure. Once I was all the way in, I started fucking her as hard as I could, without jabbing her uterus and ramming it into her throat lol. She was so wet and inviting that it really helped me control my thrusts. She was screaming in pleasure and I looked over, noticing the window and curtains wide open. There was a dim light on behind us and we were in full view for several of the adjacent apartments and hotels. I liked that 😉 .. How long we fucked and in which ways during this first session are a blur to us both. A couple of weeks of intense sexting and picture trading had us like we already knew each others bodies, but were now feeling it for real and it was like nothing either of us could have imagined. I’m pretty sure the neighbors were jealous from all the noise we were making. At some point I flipped her over and got her on her knees to fuck her from behind. She has the nicest ass and prettiest little butthole. She was whimpering and screaming so loud as I was drilling her from behind, that I felt obligated to try and quiet her. I leaned over her back and covered her mouth with my hand. She didn’t resist, and I slipped all of my fingers into her mouth, even pushing them into her throat. She kept screaming as she licked my fingers, making my cock swell and pulse inside her. I flipped her over on to her back again and re-entered her from above. I could barely hold back any more, so I asked her how she wanted me to cum. “All over my tits”, she replied. I pulled out and she arched her back.. I grabbed my cock and pumped it like a shotgun, one time.. my cum shot straight between her tits, hitting her in the face. My second spurt landed between her tits, and the next few pulses landed on her stomach, just below her tits. I leaned back on my heels, between her legs and slowly continued stroking my throbbing shaft, letting my knuckles drag gently between her pussy lips until we both caught our breath..

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