Another love letter to my wife that I thought you might like to read.


Oh you rock my world, my love. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t properly make love to you last night. I now understand that I was too rough with you last time, and that I also have to be more gentle when my dick swells so fat and hard. I know how small and tight your pussy is, and I’ll try to take better care of it in the future.

But it was wonderful to spend a night touching each other, stroking and teasing our naughtiest of parts. It felt so good to bring my mouth down between your legs and breathe in your sex, to rub your pussy and massage your clit through your moist labia, to mash my hungry tongue against your clitoral hood, and slowly bring you to ecstasy.

It was so touching, how you pleaded and begged me to fuck you anyway, while you held my rigid shaft so tightly, enticing me with your firm grip on my tightening balls. “Please fuck me. I need you now. I need it. I don’t care if it hurts. Fuck my pussy”. You showed me how much you craved to be stuffed with my cock, but I resisted temptation for you my love, and allowed your tender cunny a much needed break from my manhood.

I grabbed the large vibrator instead, from the charger on your nightstand. The toy that never fails to bring you to climax. I squirted out some lubricant from a bottle onto my hand, and lubed up the vibe like I’d stroke my own cock before sex. But sorry, no insertion tonight. Outside play only.

You immediately gasped as I chose to hit your clit at full power, the vibe rumbling deep into the nerves of your sex. Although the vibe echoed from our bedroom walls, it eventually became hard to hear over the sound of your lovely voice, your moans of pleasure becoming my whole world.

I knew the vibe wouldn’t be enough for you though. Your clitoris was on fire, creating orgasm after orgasm, but you deserved something truly special. Something to bring you release from the passion that consumed you. All of that play had made your pussy wonderfully wet, so I lowered my index finger to your hungry hole, but never went inside. No penetration tonight. I instead used your natural juices to slick my finger, and slowly circle it around the entrance to heaven. Slow passionate circles, over and over, teasing the mouth of your yummy cunny, just as I sometimes tease you with the meaty knob of my prick, to arouse you before I shove it deep inside of you. The lazy circles had you bucking and crying out, drowning out my own words of encouragement, the dirty things I whispered into your ear as you came, phrases that would make you ordinarily blush in embarrassment. Your dripping pussy drenched my hand in fluids. Once your were spent, I stopped the vibe and greedily licked every drop from my fingers. The taste of your pussy juice is like a drug to me.

But you are my girl, and an opportunity to please me never escapes you. After you gathered your thoughts, you went right for my boxers, slowly pulling them down further to my knees, looking admiringly at the phallus before you. I quickly pulled the boxers off, backed up to the headboard, and spread my arms out and behind, looking like a man on a cross, offered as a sacrifice to your never ending hunger. I knew what you wanted, and my veiny cock was hot and waiting. Lying down in front of my kneeling legs, you took my cock into your mouth, slowly circling your tongue around the corona. You popped just the head between your lips, sucking on it and savoring that slippery bead of salty precum. But there was no rubbing my precum with your thumb on the swollen head tonight. You wanted to drink it all down, loving the taste of me. You finally releasing my knob from between your lips with a satisfying pop. Oh that lustful determined look in your eyes. You worked my balls like a pro, gathering my passions into your grip as you made that first long stroke with your loving mouth. You went deep deep down on my pulsating shaft, and then I felt it. I experienced that soft smooth skin which signals that I’ve hit your throat. So much cock for your greedy mouth, taking all of my 7 plus inches with apparent ease.

You were wonderful, enticing me to watch your beautiful face as it bobbed up and down on my stiff prick, flagrantly showing off your cock sucking skills. You knew you had me close. The head bobbing started with renewed vigor, but that was not enough for you. I felt the firm grip of your hand as you tightly grabbed my ass, pulling my hips forward, sinking my hardon even further down into your throat, over and over, pulling my hips to your head, forcing me to fuck your face. Oh god, you’re a good little cock sucker. You knew that I was not going to last another second, as my cock started to pulse in your mouth. I felt my whole body stiffen, trying desperately not to come yet, so I could fuck your throat just a little bit longer.

But when you demand my cum, there is no denying you. I flooded your mouth with rope after rope of my hot load. I could see you trying desperately not to choke, eyes watering and nose running, taking every last spurt from the head of my cock, refusing to let a single drop go to waste. After you finished swallowing my love, I fell down on all fours, gasping for air, spasms of orgasm convulsing my body, over and over. Still giving me your full attention, you came back to me and took me into your mouth once again, trying to suck me back to the real world, but my body refused reason. The orgasm continued to rock me, after you’d taken your mouth away a second time. All I could do is kneel and groan, squeezing my aching balls with one hand, and firmly stroking my hardon with the other. The contractions went from the head of my dick, down the shaft, through my balls, and then to the true base of my cock inside of my body, just down below my balls. I could feel the pleasure deep into my pelvic floor, the absolute seat of my soul.

After a time, I managed to look up and around, still not understanding what exactly had happened to me. Our eyes met, and you gave me that truly superior smile. All you said was, “I rock”. You do rock, honey. You rock my world indeed.

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