Last summer my husband and I parked our camper at a park about 30 minutes from home for several weeks. We could take the boat down after work during the week and hang out and then head back home easily and on weekend when we didn’t have other plans we could easily stay without having to pack or make a long drive.

One Saturday we were staying at the park for the night. It was hot out and I had walked into the water and started talking to a guy. He was younger than me and decent looking from what I could see as we were both waist deep in the water. My husband was a few feet away as we talked, he lived near us and was at the park for the day for a family picnic. He was 30 years old and single. My husband came up under the water and pulled my bikini bottoms down and I told him to stop, this was a family place. As if on cue the guy I was talking with says “You do know this is a nude beach, you are not allowed to have bottoms on.” He said is so matter of fact I paused and replied “Are you serious? I had no idea.” He and my husband both started laughing talking about me being blonde. He and my husband got along great and spent most the afternoon talking back at our camper where we could stay in the shade and enjoy a cold beer.

Later that evening after we had all taken showers from the lake and had eaten dinner David came back over to our camper. My husband poured us all a drink and we sat inside talking. I was wearing a silver pair of thong underwear under a pink beach throw but did not think anything was hanging out or visible. My husband and I were both sitting on the couch and David was in a chair. I really liked him and he had a great sense of humor. I was not sure if anything would happen that night or not but was relaxed and enjoying the company and conversation.

My husband looked at David and then to my surprise out of the blue asked “David, can I ask you a favor?” David replied “sure, what is it, you need another drink?” My husband replied “No, I’m fine but my wife loves to be kissed deeply and passionately and I was wondering if you would give her a big kiss.” David looked at us both for a moment and then coolly replied “I would love to man, as long as you are ok with it and I don’t piss you off.” My husband told him to give me his best and I stood up and David approached me. He made direct eye contact with me and then reached and touched my waist with his hands. He moved in slowly pulling me into himself around my waist until our lips met. His lips were firm but relaxed and he slowly started kissing me as I let my mouth fall open inviting him in. David was an excellent kisser and I closed my eyes as our tongues met and I felt his hands on my ass over my beach dress. David was kissing me deeply and taking control as he held me and I could feel my juices begin to boil and my pulse quicken. Our embrace last for about two full minutes and we finally parted. David held me close for a minute and then said “Thank you” as he gave me a peck on the lips and released his hold on me. I stepped over to my husband and gave him a quick kiss and then sat down beside him. My husband reached under my beach dress and slid his finger over my pussy letting his finger easily slip inside me to see how wet the kiss had made me. He then looked at David and said “wow, you really got her going” as they both laughed and continued talking.

I got up and made a fresh round of drinks and then walked back over and sat next to my husband. He reached down and pulled my dress up in the front just beneath my tits and then moved my underwear over putting my pussy on display to David. He said “Come over here and take a look at what you did to her.” And David got up and the two of them sat there talking about my pussy. My husband always knows when I am turned on and when I want to be with a guy and if I don’t make the move he usually sets it up for me. Tonight he knew what I wanted and was setting the stage for me.

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The guys both toyed with my pussy for a while and then worked together to take my dress off over my shoulders to allow my tits to come into display. Shortly after my panties were off me and lying on the camper floor next to my dress as I lay back and told David to kiss me again.

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This time he leaned in and approached me close and started lightly licking behind my left ear, this drives me crazy and I felt goose bumps raise all over my body from the sensation as I could tell my pussy was getting wetter. He moved his mouth down and kissed my neck and then licked up my chin and gave me a huge kiss on the mouth. He then moved down and started kissing my neck again as I felt his hand rub my tits and then rub the way down to my stomach. I had my legs over my husband’s lap and I spread my legs open to give easy access to my pussy as I felt David’s hand continue its way downward. I was so aroused by this time my nipples were hard as diamonds.

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It did not take him long to find my pussy and get his finger inside me. He paused long enough to look up and tell my husband “damn she’s wet” and go back to kissing me.

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I was really enjoying the kissing but by this time I was ready to take his cock, up to this point I had not seen it and was curious for what I was up for tonight. I started trying to pull David’s shirt off and he stripped himself in almost one motion going from fully dressed to standing in front of me naked with his cock in my face wanting to be sucked in less than a few seconds. David has a nice cock, slightly larger than my husband. I stood up and pushed David back to the couch and then crawled up on top of him mounting his cock. By this point I was really hot and wet and could not wait another minute as my husband stood taking pics with his phone watching the scene unfold in front of him.

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My pussy felt tight around David’s cock as I eased down on top of him and started fucking him, he was moaning and groaning and did not take long until he was cumming and his legs were shaking like he was in the midst of a seizure. I stayed on top of him and rode him until he went fully limp and I had to get off the top of him.

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I decided in the next few moments that David was a keeper and would hopefully become a regular. He and my husband seemed to really hit it off and my husband seemed to be very comfortable with him which was a huge plus but after he finished and got his breath back he knew I had not reached an orgasm yet and instead of lying back he rolled me off the top of him and then started licking my pussy that he had just filled with cum. Most me will not do this, they will pull out of a girl and stick there cock in her mouth and think that is fine but won’t go down on a girl after an orgasm.

David ate my pussy until I had an intense orgasm that rocked my entire body to the core as his mouth kept contact with my pussy.

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David has been a friend with who we both enjoy hanging out and doing things with whenever we can manage time to get together. He has also been a regular hookup who we have sex with several times a month over the past few years.

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