The thickest, most wonderful Ginger cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting on has left Alaska today- and I’ll probably never see it again. I need a grief counselor. He texted me for a goodbye bang-bang and my keys were in the ignition to my vehicle before I’d even finished sending the reply. He told me to let him know when I got to the hotel, he wants to eat me in the elevator again. I throw my lacy black thing into my purse and head out dressed half-assed like I’m going to the music event later tonight. We’ll see, am I right? I have this hit of ALD-52 in my purse to test drive for my Trip Advisor, and I bought a ticket to the music thing… I should go… BUT THAT DICK, THOUGH. Why not both? The thought did cross my mind to drop my hit before getting taken to pound town -because as I remember from Ghost, sex on LSD can be one hell of a ride- and even considered not telling my partner I had taken anything. Not because he wouldn’t be able to tell, but because I have a terrible sense of humor and it would be a funny thing to tell my friends about later. I am the worst kind of human being for moments like that. I’m sorry, everybody else! Anyway, I abstained from dropping until after our slam sesh so it’s irrelevant. I show up, he lets me in the backdoor (foreshadowing our role reversal later, wink wink!) and leads me to the elevator. True to his word the moment the doors start to close behind him he’s on his knees, Stetson on the floor, pushing my skirt up and tearing my panties to the side. His mouth connects to my business and I’m wrapping a leg over his shoulder bringing him in closer. Not wasting any time he shoves fingers inside me and finds that magic spot that connects straight to my idiot face. I’m already wet because I’ve been wanting him all week, just the drive to the hotel was enough to flood my storm cellar. He makes my cum, hard, in moments. We get up to the right floor somehow (who pushed the floor button, and when!?) and he places the fingers that were just inside me, massaging that mystical gpot button, into my mouth. I love the way I taste.

Ding, doors open, we stumble out to his room and the door was left ajar in his haste to come service me. Once inside we can barely keep our hands off each other, but I need to slow down. I tell him I brought something, please away from me. He slips into the bedroom and shuts the doors, I strip naked, put on the lacy thing, and open the doors to him having already removed his pants. He’s a fan, to say the least. Quickly he crosses the room to me to grab me up, I’m caught up with how he’s kissing me and groping at me wantonly, until he turns me around to face the open windows of the bedroom. We’d mentioned the last time we were in his room that it was kind of a thrill to keep the curtains back. Thrill for us, obviously, not for the people watching in stunned horror as the trainwreck of a fat girl getting railed by a giant dicked Ginger unfolds in front of them. You can’t look away, but don’t look directly at us, it’s like staring down a jiggly holocaust. So he pulls the back of my lacy dress up as he drops to his knees, and pushes me over. He’s pushing his tongue deep inside my box and my ass, rubbing my gspot with his fingers, and I’m trying not to fall over. My calves are flexing and I’m watching upside down between my own legs how he’s crouched behind me eating me so beautifully. Slapping ass and gripping it tightly, pulling me open wide so he can perform a cavity search. He’s rock hard and I’m staring at his bulge like I should be taking snap shots in my head to describe later to all my gay friends. You just can’t unsee how magnificent it is. I’m watching, and cumming, and bent over in front of very big open windows. He maneuvers his underwear off while still shoving his tongue so deeply into me my knees go weak, then pops up shoves his manhood inside me with one great thrust- I almost collapsed. Oof. Stretch me you big dick sumbitch, ruin other men for me for the rest of the month. I can’t even masturbate a day after him, because it takes a few days to fully recover. Swollen and raw, when he’s finished working my vagina it needs to be taken on a spa date and treated like a lady. The moment he’s inside me, pushed to the hilt, he lets out a moan.

I’m braced against the windowsill as best I can be while he’s pumping into me. Hurts so, so good. I’ll pay for this night, I can already tell. I’m going to wear the ache with personal pride; this happened, it was real, and it was incredible. Make me bowlegged for a week so I never forget. Pounding into me, asking if I like it, I’m just muttering curse words at the floor trying not to lock my knees for too long. He lets up and pushes me on the bed. Oh, oh yes. Get rough with me soldier man, throw me around. TAKE IT. Take it hard. He flips me over, grabs my legs and abruptly yanks my body down closer to him- climbs on top of me pushing my legs apart and shoves himself back into me with force. Oh god. I’m going to soak your bed if you don’t watch it, mister. Deeply kissing me, my arms wrapped around his neck, I’m appreciating every inch of his body as my legs begin find their way to hold him to me. I love his body. He starts barking dirty talk at me and though clearly it’s not his usual thing, it takes me over the edge hard and vast. He’s yelling me to cum on this big dick, and I’m screaming yes as I do. Somewhere in this he’ll sit up, hold my legs up, and tilt my pelvis in such a way I’m pretty sure his cock was hitting my diaphragm. He’s about 7 inches, but at the right angle 7 feels closer to 17. You have nothing to prove, sir! You don’t need to hit the back, just fuck the sides up! Taking a break on his legs he gets on his back and pulls me on top, and puts his Stetson on me. I’m still wearing my black lacy thing. Loves it. God that’s hot, we both agree. I can’t keep his hat on while I’m swiveling my hips and riding him hard. Push me over and fuck me hard! Done. He’s yelling at me some more to keep cumming, and calling me a good girl (hello, Cold War trigger!) so I go tumbling off the edge into screaming orgasm land and he falls right off the edge with me- belting out the loudest orgasm to date. Hey, neighbors, I apologize for nothing.

While he’s still inside me, covered in sweat, body clinging tightly to mine, he whispers out something to the effect of “God damn… can I just take you with me?” which clearly he meant in jest, but I’m shameless so I told him he could keep me in his closet back home. I don’t need much, nobody has to know I’m there, I can survive on Gatorade and orgasms. I’ve been training all year for this. Now is where he happily tells me this is a great last fuck. He kisses me sweetly, passionately, and  rolls off me. We cuddle up and talk about nothing. I desperately want to go round for round all night long, but that’s not in the cards. Please don’t leave me, I’m ruined. You can’t spoil me with this good good and then just take it away from me! Things get hot and heavy again after a little bit and he gets back on top of me. It’s passionate. It’s hard. I’m loud as fuck. We never segued out of missionary this time- he’s just plowing my cabbage patch with the determination of a Great Depression survivor making it through the dust bowl. Don’t ever stop! Another orgasm on his part, he may be spent for the evening. That’s unfortunate, because I have plans… mainly, I was too lazy and forgot to take the lube out of my purse from our last encounter at the hotel. So, you know. Butt stuff. Something, something, something… mostly, snuggling and giggling. I tell him about the music event I’m going to later. He asks me what kind of music, I tell him techno because I don’t know how else to summarize it. You know, that untz untz untz, baby! He does some pelvic thrusts and I lose my shit for a moment. Why can’t this one live here? I’d keep him very busy.

Our last roll in the sheets is starting to happen and this time he’s not playing games. He keeps me on my belly, pushed down flat against the bed with my legs together. Oh, I know what’s up. I’m slick from cum and saliva already, he tries to push his giant Ginger cock into my ass but we need to grab the lube first. He hops up fast and practically sprints to my purse- somebody is excited. Handing it to me I retrieve the bottle, and we tumble back into the messy bed. Lubed up he maneuvers inside me and it becomes very uncomfortable, very quickly. His girth is too much, he needs to wait. Whispering into my ear to tell me if it becomes too much, he carefully adds pressure. With every millimeter of gain we take a break. My breathing is rapid and I’m bleating like a seal ow ow ow, but I don’t tell him to stop. Just be gentle, just be slow, just be patient. He gets all the way inside me and I’m trying to not bitch out and tell him to just abort the mission. BREATHE, WE GOT THIS. Things start to pick up and I’m making animal noises… somewhere between a cow giving birth and a goat being slaughtered. Don’t worry, anal halaal if my head is covered. I can’t tell if he’s trying to smother my ugly sounds, or bury his shame. You can’t unlick my butthole, so whatever. He’s getting close, his stroke is slowing. I like when he slows down, I can feel his legs shaking. He’s about to blow so our rhythm picks up a bit, and he misses. I can’t take anymore, don’t put it back in. He gets off me and leads me to the bathroom where he turns on the shower (gonna go ahead and assume things didn’t work out so well back there when he missed that last stroke, but I’m glossing over it because he didn’t make it a big deal and I don’t particularly care. Anal is, for lack of a better pun, a crapshoot without the right amount of preparation.) Once I’m in the shower and cleaning up, he joins me. This is where I really swoon hard- he washed me. He fucking washed me. Like, took the soap and lathered my body gently, all while kissing and stroking me sweetly. God damn it, you wonderful man. After the scrubbin’ he assists me out of the shower and dries me off, like a gentleman! Gently, methodically. This is intimate.

Out of the bathroom I’m standing in front of a full length set of mirrors bemoaning my skin for looking so rough right now. He tells me he doesn’t even notice it. Cute, he must fuck lepers regularly. I thank him for the pampering after all that great sex, he tells me he appreciates being able gift it to me- he’s a romantic type. Be still my heart! Can I just mention that though I’m not a Carol Brady type, I still like to be treated like I pass for a lady sometimes? Maybe a fat Morticia Addams. Kiss me up my arm and let’s take a stroll through the family cemetery. Moving on. He’s behind me, I’m naked in a towel, and he’s kissing on my neck. Hands reaching around me, groping my pierced tits, he clearly wants to finish what was started. Pushing me over he takes me from behind, I’m literally grabbing my ankles and trying not to fall over. I’m assuming he was watching himself in the mirrors. He cums more quickly than any time before that, but I’m sure he was edged pretty hard from the anal mishap. Done, son. 3 orgasms sounds like a good way to end our tryst. Not a bad business fling, if I do say so myself. We get dressed, he has to head out to get smokes as he only has one left- I need to go dancing, as best I can without being able to feel my legs. He confesses it makes him happy to think of me on the dance floor after how he just wrecked me. We head out the door and once again the elevator ride is mostly my pussy in his mouth, head thrown back staring at myself in the mirrored ceiling. I give zero fucks if security was watching me get mine… all mine… tonight was for me. We get outside and smoke his last cigarette together. I beg for him to send me a dick pic so I have proof his magical appendage is real and not just the best dream I’ve had in months. He agrees, sheepishly. I tell him Valentine’s Day is coming and if he felt so inclined he could clone his dick and send it to me. I’d take it everywhere. That’s not a joke, I would keep it in my fucking car and literally transport it everywhere with me. That’s my copilot now. I’m gonna keep working this angle until he does it.

If you’d like to read more of my true encounters, my blog is called All The Dicks and I keep a collection of them there. This story has hyperlinks as well as a picture, I’ll include the link to it. Thank you for reading!

Farewell Fuck with The Thickness

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