Before I started dating Sir, I was pretty inexperienced at sex, and I had never ever been interested in butt stuff. Even at the start of our (then vanilla) relationship, it wasn’t something I wanted to do.

When he suggested it the first time, I was open to try it. We did it a couple of times over a few weeks, and I could cope with it, but I didn’t really love it. So we didn’t do it for a long time.

A year or so later, after we had gotten established into our new BDSM dynamic, I wanted to please my Master. And a good Pet doesn’t object when Sir wants to fuck my ass.

So we started out by training with butt plugs. Sir bought me a few different sizes to work up to. And I was obedient. I put them in almost every day, other than when Sir was kind enough to give my ass a break.

Then one day I was ready. Lying together in spooning position with Sir’s cock nice and lubed up, he slowly pushed himself into my ass. He gasped with pleasure. My ass was so tight. He is the only one to have ever fucked it.

I’m biting my lip and he is rubbing my clit so that I’m nice and distracted and relaxed. He gently pushes in further and fucks me harder. By this point I was moaning in pleasure. As much as it hurt, it felt so good to have his thick cock up my ass. He kept fucking me and I clenched my fists on the bed sheets.

“Sir, can we please take a break from this?”

My ass had had enough. And Sir was very sweet to me. He slowly pulled out of me and held me close.

“I’m proud of you, Pet. You did so well.”

I can’t help but smile. I love to please my Master and i know I did so well.

Over the last few months we have gotten better and better at anal. My ass can take a hard fucking without lube. Sometimes Master justs bends me over the table, sticks his cock in my pussy to get it wet before he fucks and cums in my ass. I am quite the little anal slut for him now.

I never thought I would learn to love anal so much. Sir makes me feel a lot of things I’ve never felt before. I love you xx

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