Well it starts with the title really, I was recently single from a 3 years relationship for a few months and my bestie was dealing with her recent breakup of a relationship of 4 years and a few months engagement, we were both hurting together.

I decided girls night was in order and we needed tequila.
Me and M were very open with each other, always talking about our sex lives and just everyday issues…there were no secrets. But being with another girl honestly never came up.
That night we were taking shot after shot and she was really getting drunk for the first time, not tipsy but *drunk* and I loved it, we were dancing and taking snapchats to send to these guys and someone told us to snap them a shot of each other doing tequila shot on each others bodies.
Next thing I know were both in our bras and snuggling shot glasses in our cleavage just having the best time.

And then came the kissing snap, ya know, when drunk besties kiss and giggle and that’s that. We sent the snap and just continued to do more shots. We were really feeling free that night. At this point we were dancing around and getting really hot…we were drunk and acting like idiots, of course we were going to get hot. After stripping down to just yoga pants and tank tops we decided to go up to her room where we were going to sleep for the night but we were determined to finish this Patron bottle!

Me and M were on her bed just taking swigs out of the bottle because fuck the shot glasses at this point when we got another kissing request. I laughed and said “forget it, he’s an ass” and she was like “nah let’s do it”
So we were kissing…again.
But this time it didn’t stop!

We were full on making out at this point, not even recording for snapchat, and then’s when it started to get *really hot*.

Since we were already on her bed we both laid down, I was on top of her kissing her all over. I knew I was always curious about being with a girl but never thought it would happen especially because I was dating my boyfriend for so long and he was never into that kinda stuff.
But here I was, already itching to get naked with my best friend.
And she was loving it, moaning in my ear and pushing her nipples into my mouth.
Oh yeah…at some point we were just down to our panties?
I was kissing her neck and giving her little bites when she laughed and said let’s get into the shower.

We both stood up, stumbled our way into her bathroom and turned then shower on hot. We were barely inside before we were attacking each other again waiting for the water to get hot. I found myself kissing her stomach and going lower and lower until I was face to face with her smooth smooth pussy. I nuzzled my nose into her slit and looked up at her to see what she wanted me to do.
This bitch grabs my face and shoves it into her crotch.
This was my first time eating a girl out..I didn’t know what to do…I was so nervous but I just thought to myself
**What would I want done?**
I apprehensively flicked my tongue out and I feel it brush up on her clit, I felt her shudder above me, so I did it again. This time letting it flick back and forth a bit before I slowly started sucking on her clit. I heard her moan and wrap her hand in my hair urging me to go on.
This is how it went down…I would lick and flick and suck a little bit and stop, reach up and grab her gorgeous titty a bit and give that a little squeeze and then go again but I would go faster and faster each time.
I heard her moaning my name and felt her hips grind towards my face each time I’d start again. Instead of grabbing her titty this time though I brought my thumb up and slowly starting rubbing her clit while licking and sucking. I felt her knees start to tremble a bit so I stopped…
“Shall we go back to your bed?” I asked and she crouched down to me and kissed me so fucking hard
“I want to taste you so bad” She said in return…

It’s the little details I have trouble remembering…like how we left the shower and ended up back on her bed…who knocked her lamp over in her room and broke the shit out of it lol…how my panties ended up on her windowsill but fuck it.

We’re back on her bed and I’m slowly pouring more tequila into her mouth and kissing her tasting it in mine, she was practically moaning from my lips on hers…I go back to her stomach and ask if she wants more…I’m met with a hand on my head pushing my farther down.

I start slowly licking her again but this time slide a finger in her tight little pussy, she was so wet already and tasted so good. Her hips start rocking back and forth on my hand as I’m fingering her and sucking on her clit at the same time and I can hear her moaning m name over and over saying she’s going to cum. I let her.
I feel her thighs wrap around my face and shes biting her lips saying “Oh fuck” over and over, I don’t stop. I’m sliding my fingers in and out in and out and flicking my tongue all over and I finally feel her relax.
I clean her up a bit and sit up smiling, “Was that okay?” I ask and she just laughs and tells me to flip over that it’s my turn

I’m on my back and I’m feeling he kiss my neck and I’m in a daze. This is so hot and I can’t believe it was happening with my best friend. She reached my hips and it tickled and squirmed away…”Don’t you fucking move” she said and I was shocked! I didn’t know she was so bossy in bed but I loved it…
Feeling a guy eat you out is great, awesome, I love it…but feeling a girls tongue slide into you after getting so hot and bothered not to mention drunk off your ass? Bliss. Pure fucking bliss.
My hips turned towards her mouth instantly and I felt her kiss my soaking wet lips and I couldn’t help but moan. Just like me with her, she started out very slow and gradually build up speed. I was moaning louder than ever, I needed her fingers inside of me, and I practically begged her to finger fuck me. She looked up at me and came up for kisses, starting at my mouth and ending at my pierced nipples.
“I need to know how bad you want it baby” she said to me and began to suck and nibble on my nipples with her gorgeous mouth and began to rub my clit with one free hand. I was losing my mind. It felt so fucking good and I was soooo close to cumming but I needed more. I begged her to scissor me, I needed to feel her wetness on mine and her throbbing clit on mine.

Now shes angled on top of me and our legs are locked together. I’m still on my back so shes pinching my nipple and giggling “this should be fun” in a hushed tone.
I start rocking my hips back and forth and shes responding so well. Were in sync with what we both want and it feels so good. She knows I’m close to cumming and I know she wants to cum again so she starts to rock back and forth faster. My fingers are digging into her hips as I pull her as close to me a possible and I feel my body tense up and then release. I bit my lip so hard there was an indent the rest of the night. I came so hard and all because of my best friend. And it wouldn’t end because she still wanted to cum. I found myself able to sit up while shes riding my clit and I start to suck on her nipples. She gasps out loud because I’m sure she fucking loved it and starts to rock faster and faster, I know she’s close and its so hot. So hot that I start to feel myself get ready to cum again, this time she starts sucking on my nipples and then we were kissing and moaning into each others mouths and cumming together.

Eventually were back on the bed, laying next to each other, breathing so hard and both just laughing. I roll over to her and kiss her gently and then we both just pass the fuck out.

When we woke in the morning we were wrapped up into each other still naked and both *very rested*. We went and got breakfast and kept looking at each other with just like a secret knowing the whole day.

Nothing has happened since, we talk about it a few times but we’re both dating other people now. She’s still my best friend and who knows what might happen again one day?

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