At the time of this encounter I was younger just got my license. So that meant I got my first taste of being an adult. I drove this old 1979 Ford pick up truck. (which I love!) With that truck though I had to pay for gas, maintenence, any repairs, and rebuilding the thing because it needed some love. So what do I do get a job. In the town I live in there this really big water park that all the young kids in my area go to for employment. (for privacy I will not name this water park)….let me tell you it’s pretty big.

So here I am a 17 year old freshly trained lifeguard working everyday along side friends from school activities and what have you. Now I was pretty well known at school. I’m not saying that I was king of the school or what ever, but alot of people knew me. So everyday I had a buddy to rotate various postions through out the day in what ever section I was in. One day I go into work and I actually didn’t know anybody in this section. Well that is apart from one girl. Now enters Amanda (not her real name everything is changed.) Amanda has been one of my biggest crushes since I remember ever feeling something for girls in a tingly gooey feely way. Now Amanda is like “The Girl” she is 5’10” beautiful golden blonde hair that cascades perfectly without her even trying. Her skin was already a roasted tan color this far into the season so it only highlighted those bright green eyes that have the most adorable brown speck in her right eye. Amanda was part of these “elite cheerleaders” at school so she was like better then a cheerleader I guess. So she was like royalty. She would always workout and lift weights and run to keep her body fit and in shape. She had a proportionate chest compared to her body about a C almost a D, and this sweet spicy attitude temperment that just made her so interesting. At least to me.

So i walked into the section table and see her alone sitting at a picnic table in the back just scrolling through her phone. The section today had alot of younger kids like fifteen year olds. You know the kids that were still squirmy and just obnoxious and annoying those kind of kids. So I put my belongs into the locker and casually strolled over and sat on the opposite side of the picnic table she was sitting at. Now with me it’s not so much talking to girls the problem is more of the stating my intentions and actually making a move. So I cleared my throat and opened up my breakfast taco that I had picked up just before getting to work.
“I’m just not feeling today.” I said trying to start a conversation. Amanda looked up from her phone and made this disgusted look. She shook her head and began to speak. “Yeah, I’m still drunk from last night’s tequila shooters. Blueberry tequila is extremely dangerous. Tastes delicious and gets you wasted very easily.” I laugh and nod swallowing my food before responding. “Oh thanks for the warning. I’ll remember that next time me and the girls are out drinking.” I side that with a bit of a sarcastic tone and laughed just before taking another bite giving Amanda a quick glance. She laughs softly and makes eye contact for the first time. It felt like my bones had disappeared and my body would become a mushy pile of jelly in seconds. Amanda runs a hand through her golden ponytail which was through the hole on the back of her baseball cap and nods. “Oh you make jokes now, but when you call me drunk on Blueberry tequila I’ll be able to tell you told ya” She smirks and goes back to her phone crossing her legs underneath the table. I take a few more bites and finally she breaks the silence again.
“I’m sorry I know I see you around school and you’re in band, but I just can’t remember your name.” She presses the side of her left index finger against her upper lip and laughs nervously feeling bad about not knowing my name. I look at her with the most exaggerated hurt face and gasp slightly. “Wow Amanda that really hurts we’ve been going to the same school since the forth grade and you don’t know my name. I’m hurt quite honestly.” I played that one out being a bit melodramatic, but she seemed to like it. She covered her face with her phone and laughed. “I know I’m a horrible person.” She added and I just laughed at her reaction shrugging it off. “I’m Alex nice to finally meet you after you know practically growing up with each other.” I quickly wiped off my hands and reach out to shake her hand. Amanda cordially shook my hand and nodded “Nice to finally meet you Alex.” Her hand felt small in mine and cool to the touch. I can feel her well manicured hand flex slightly in my hand. The handshake lasted just a bit to long and our stares were just a bit to deep. That’s when the supervisor who had very ill timing interrupted the moment.
“Alright guys!”
Amanda pulled her hand away and turned to look at him. I cursed quietly and pouted before paying attention myself. During this announcement there was alot of lifeguard jargan and lingo that doesn’t really pretain to the story so I’ll fast forward.

Throughout the shift we rotated with each other quite often and started compiling a list of things we’d rather be doing then working each time we came to rotate we had something else to add which was about every hour. The day finally came to an end and it was time for a section meeting then signing out. I had finished my closing duties and found a seat by myself. Amanda Came and sat next to me with a tired exhale and looked up to the supervisor. Once the meeting was adjourned we both got up and signed out. We started walking towards the time clock and started taking again.
“So what are you doing tonight?” I asked walking along the green walk way that would lead us right to ops. Amanda shrugged and removed her rose colored glasses. The sun was starting to set so sunglasses were no longer needed. “Ehh I was supposed to go to a party with Stacy Koepp, but after this shift I’m just not feeling it.” I nodded and exhaled hiking the back pack higher on my shoulders. “Ahh so just straight home for you?” Amanda looked at be again and nodded pushing her bangs back over her head. “Once my parents come and get me yeah.” Amanda said looking at her phone briefly checking for new messages.

We clocked out and spoke a bit longer before I caught the next tram to the employee parking lot. The small tram had a ton of people on it. We had to take these VIP guests back to their resorts so we rode 10 minutes to their rooms then we rode back to the main office to drop off the the mangers and supervisors to the corporate office. All of that took a little over 45 minutes to finally bring me back to me truck at the employee parking lot. Every day I take the same route to avoid summer traffic which brings me right in from of the water park. I see a familiar figure sitting on a bench just waiting. It’s Amanda so I pulled into the next parking lot and turned around. Since it’s an old truck I have no AC so all of my windows were down already. I turn my torso and lean my left elbow on top of the wheel. My feet depressing the brake and the clutch so that I wouldn’t roll away. “Hey Darlin.” I call out. She pulls her self out of her daze and looks up at me. “It’s getting dark I’ll take you home if you’d like.” I was joking and I could tell she got it because she started laughing. Amanda shouldered her bag and approached the passengers side window. My truck was pretty big so only her head was visible through the widow. “Umm I think I’m good I don’t actually know. My phone is dead so there’s no telling where my parents are. Can I just use your phone?” I shook my head and grabbed my bag which was on the passengers side seat of my truck and pushed it through the sliding widow until it fell into my metal bed with a thud. Now that my bag want in the way anymore I wave Amanda in. “Get in. I’ll take you home. I’m not about to leave you here waiting in the dark.” She started a sentence in protest but finally nodded and got in. Maybe she knew that her parents weren’t coming I don’t know what she was thinking all I could think of was I have Amanda in my passegers seat.

We rode along casually talking while some random radio station played in the back ground. We were coming up to a Sonic when she blurted out. “Stop at sonic! We need sweets!” For those of that don’t know sonic is a drive in restaurant where you order food, ice cream, or what ever and they bring it to you. I didn’t argue with her so i pulled off into the Sonic drive in and parked my old truck in a available stall. Amanda unbuckled her seat belt and moved to the middle of the bench seat right next to me to start looking through the menu of different milkshakes and other goodies. In my mind I’ve got all kinds of alarms going off. Now I’ve had my fair share of experimenting with girls blow jobs and handies what ever. Anything past second I’ve never done. In other words my shovel has yet to get dirty. Having a girl like her this close to me was kind of shocking. I couldn’t stop looking at her exposed legs and snug uniform which hugged the curvature of her body nicely. Amanda looked at me clearly catching my gaze. Instead of making a big deal out of it or calling me out she just nodded towards the menu and simply asked “what are you getting?” Caught off guard I studdered and picked the first thing I saw. “An Oreo Cheesecake milkshake.” Amanda winced and nodded looking between me and the menu. “Oh hell yess I can definitely hop on that.” I laughed and looked the menu again. “And you?” I ask I could feel her retreat back to her side of the seat and start rummaging around her bag. “I’m….getting…..the coconut cream pie shake thing.” She pulled her wallet out and handed me a twenty dollar bill. “It’s on me….. oh and a large order of mozzarella sticks. With a ton of marina.” I look at her and laugh taking the twenty. Now my mom raised me better then to let a girl pay for your new meal, but I figured it’s not a date and it’s the least she can do.

It didn’t take them long to bring out order out to us. I handed the change back to Amanda and then her shake. While she put her wallet back in her bag I was in the drivers seat trying to suck some if the cold dense milkshake up the narrow straw. I got only a tiny bit out before Amanda stole my milkshake out from my hands. “What the heck!?” I exclaimed. She laughed leaned against the passengers side door. “Not yet turn the truck on and drive.” She said with a challenging look. It almost looked like she was holding my shake hostage which made me laugh. She must’ve been thinking the same thing because she held the shake out of the window and raised a challenging eye brow. “I’ll do it! I’m crazy man!” I finally nodded and agreed. “Fine fine just- just don’t kill my shake.” Amanda held both shakes between her thighs as she told me where to go. We finally arrived at it destination and she handed me back my shake. We took so many turns that I didn’t even know where we were anymore. “What is this place?” I ask as we pulled into a gravel parking lot that was tucked behind since trees right on the river. “It’s my secret place. Nobody ever is here and I can be who I want to be here.” Amanda explained as she handed me back my shake. I sucked on the straw again and this time it was much easier to slurp up the ice-cream. “See…. from sonic to here it’s the perfect distance to allow your shake to melt and you’re cheessticks to cool.” Amanda opened the box of cheese sticks and set them on the dash. “Have some.” She offered starting to drink her own shake. I took one and bit down on it a long strong if cheese pulling away. “So you’re allot different then I would’ve ever expected you to be.” She looked at me with a confused expression and tilted her head to the side. God this girl was so freaking cute. “Explain” she simply stated and kept sucking on the straw. I thought about that and struggled to find the words. “Like I don’t know. You’re not all prissy or high and mighty. You’re a whole other girl once you get passed the shell. Amanda smiled and ate a cheesstick. I didn’t know it then but what I had just told her something that meant alot to her. “Well thanks…” She said. Silence fell over the van only the sound of my radio still playing a random radio station to fill the void.

Finally Amanda moved closer and grabbed a cheesstick. “Close your eyes.” She demanded. I snorted slightly and leaned back against the drivers side door. “What are you going to do?” I asked skeptically. “Can you just shut up and do something crazy?” I sighed and leaned my elbows on my knees. “Now! Try this.” I couldn’t see anything but I could feel a straw pressing against my lips. I slipped it between my lips and began to suck expecting a Oreo like flavor. Instead I was comfronted with a strong coconut flavor I swallowed that and grunted a little. “This is your shake.” I could feel her nodding since her knees were right up against mine as we sat indian styled. “Good, now this. I could feel a cold thicker object laid against my lips. I opened my mouth more and bite down. It was a cheese sick covered in her shake. Immediately forced myself to swallow it and opened my eyes. She leaned back laughing and held her stomach. “You didn’t like it?” I shook my head and cleaned my lips with my tongue. “No, don’t tell me you do that!” She shook her head as her eyes shut again from her laughing. “No, your my guinea pig.” Amanda sat up laughing behind her lips and held up a finger. “Just one more. I promise this one is better.” I huffed and reluctantly closed my eyes again. The cab fell quiet again as I waited. Then I felt it. Something that i didn’t even expect. Amanda’s lips pressed against mine. I didn’t even have to think about this my body automatically melted into her sweet coconut flavored kisses. She pulled away a few seconds later and I opened my eyes. Amanda bit down on her bottom lip and I was speechless. “Umm- that was errr” I couldn’t even finish my thought before she pounced on me pushing me back against the door. She straddled me with ease and me kissed some more. I could feel her tongue plundge into my mouth and tease mine until it chased hers into her mouth. Amanda finally pulled away and looked down at me with twinkling eyes. “Do you have a condom?” She asked pulling the collar of my shirt down exposing some of my chest. Part of me cursed how could I not have a condom at all times? While the more sensitive and caring part of brain sighed in relief. “Err no I didn’t expect this. Like at all actually.” Amanda leaned down and kissed my neck which made my breathing hitch and my eyes close. “Do you think you can pull out? I can swallow if you would like.” Just hearing her say that made me cum a bit. “Umm I’m not sure. Don’t you want to think this out?” Amanda sat up and shook her head. “Stop fucking doubting yourself. You’ve got a sexy, horny girl on top of you wanting you to fuck her and you’re questioning it? This offer will not stand much longer. Make up your fucking mind.” That’s exactly what I needed to hear. I took the jump and nodded. I sat up holding the back of her head with my left hand while my right hand moved underneath her shirt slowly pulling it up. She knew what I wanted so she helped me out and took it off throwing the shirt to the floor board. Now she was only in her swim trucks and the standard issue one piece swim suit that had the water park’s logo between her breasts. Amanda made quick work of my shirt and threw it on top of hers on the ground.

I look at her chest seeing her erect nipples through the thin fabric of her swim suit. The front of my blue swim trunks were taught from my member stretching down the inside of my thigh. Amanda saw my eyes and slowly pulled her shoulder straps to the side. I just sat there and watched. She seemed to love my reaction because she smiled and continue to remove her suit until the suit fell around her sternum exposing her breasts. I lean in and bury my face between her supple breasts kissing gently. My lips trail away towards her left nipple and capturing her small pink areola disappearing into my mouth. I look up at her and see her head fall back as a small moan escaped her rose tinged lips. I kiss across to the other side and circle by tongue around her right nipple. I could feel Amanda’s hands move to the back of my head and held my mouth close to her tit. My hands worked the rest of her suit down until it was around her hips. She sat up on her knees and pushed her clothes down slowly uncovering more of her beautiful tan skin. Amanda leaned back and pulled her shorts off dropping her clothes to floorboard. I was sitting back just enjoying the show. That’s when she took notice of my shorts which where still snugly around my waist Amanda just had to do something about them. Seductively she hung a fingertip on my waistband and pulled down exposing the slight bush that surrounds the base of my cock. It was odd being with someone that was so confident in their body and Sexual abilities. “Stop being so up tight. Just sit there and don’t think. Just do.”as Amanda said this she pulled my swim trunks until my erection sprung out practically hitting her in the face. Amanda laughed and wrapped a single hand around the base of my cock. It wasn’t really like me to be so open with my nakedness. I was a bigger guy 6’2” almost 270lbs. I never found myself a sex symbol by any means but I know I had attractive features. I worked out regularly since I planned to join the military after high school. I let my hair grow out now because I knew once I joined the military it would be clean buzz cuts for me. So I had this thick black curly hair Despite me at the peak of my physical fitness I still had this thickness around my midsection. Amanda didn’t seem to notice or care.

Amanda looked up at me with hungry eyes and smiled just before kissing the head of my cock. I groan softly as her lipss take my cock into her mouth. She tucks a strand of hair behind her left ear and slowly begins to bob up and down. I grip the steering wheel with my left hand while gave me a blow job. She obviously wasn’t unfamiliar with a penis or just what exactly to do to bring to the edge of me cumming which she did rather quickly. Only a few minutes later she pulled her head up and laughed still stroking my shaft. “Wow you’re easy.” She said biting her lower lip taunting me slightly. I looked down at her hand on my dick and shrugged. “Well it’s been a while for me and you’re….well you know.” is all that I could come up with. Amanda laughed and moved into my lap the tip of my cock brushed against her clit slightly. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs. “Wait, let me move here. Give you more room to do whatever.” Currently I was sitting in the drivers seat facing the passegers seat. So in order to have more room and comfort I slowly moved into the passegers seat with her in my lap. There was no steering wheel or shifters to get in the way. Amanda looked down at me and nodded. “That’s better.” She agreed. “I’m a virgin!” I blurted out feeling the cold feet set in. “I’ve never done this before. I was waiting for the right girl.” I bit my tongue before I spilled anymore stupid virgin blabber. She nodded and leaned in to kiss the base of my neck her lips slowly migrating north until she was gently nibbling my ear lobe. “I know” she whispered. Was it that obvious? Is that something girls can just…. Before I could finish the thought I felt my cock slip inside her and her weight come down on top of it. I gasped and threw my head back hitting the glass window causing it to rattle slightly. “Oh…..fuck” was what I worked out finally once I could think again. She held my head in both her hands and laughed seeming to love my reaction. “Are you ok there?” I nodded and looked down at most of my cock inside of her. Amanda pulled me in and kissed me passionately as she began to go up and down. I could’ve blown my load right then and there but I wanted to keep going. So with every fiber of my being I fought the urge and kissed her back as she went up and down. I could feel Amanda’s hard nipples on my chest as she continued to ride me. Her arms were looped around my neck by now and she statred to whimpered into my mouth each time my cock slid inside her again rubbing against what I assumed was her “G spot” I rested my hands on her hips and tried to do what I’d seen in porn or R rated films. It seemed to work because as I pulled her hips back and forth while she went up and down she’d pull away from the kiss and moan louder. As if she knew what was going to happen she moved of from on top of me and statred blowing me again. I grabbed a hand full of Amanda’s hair and like a cork on a champagne bottle I felt the release. Chills traveled down my spine all the way down to my toes. I could feel my cock pulsing over and over into her warm mouth. Finally she pulled her mouth off and looked at me with a satisfying giggle. She toyed with my cock and swallowed my semen. “How was that?” She chirped as if she were happy that I had gotten off. I nodded and looked at her. “That was so much better then anything I’ve ever done.” I said covering my face with a nervous laugh.

She patted my thigh “I’m glad you let me do that.” Well we kind of took a while getting dressed again and joked around. She even gave me pointers and tips on what to do and not to do with a girl. We left her hidden river lookout and I began to driver her home. When we got there I lowered the music volume and casually leaned on the steering wheel “So, can I see you again? ” I asked as she picked up her back. Amanda shrugged and bit her lip. “I’m not sure do you want to?” I quickly nodded and she giggled and ran a line hand through her golden blonde hair which was wavy and kind of messy now. “Put your number in here.” Amanda gave me her phone unlocked. The picture in the background was her with a couple of her dance/Cheer friends. I quickly saved my number and handed it back. “I’m going on a vacation tomorrow. I’ll be gone for a while, but I should be back a couple of weeks before I have to start anything with dance. Maybe I’ll give you a call.” I nod and she leaves me with a kiss on the cheek. Driving home I replayed everything in my head he looks, the Flirting, the kissing and the mind blowing sex. I’m sure that it was like that for everybody though.

Like I said this is my first attempt at trying to recreate one of my encounters into words which is very difficult for me. I’m not the best with words. I did my best to proof read it and fix any typos, but I’m sure some slipped by. If you have any constructive criticism please tell me or message me. I’m so new to reddit so please give me tips.

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