So yesterday my boyfriend and I got home late and very tired and were just lazily getting ready for bed in between conversation and laughter.
He was sitting on the carpet and I was standing around taking off my jeans and tshirt with the plan to put on some pjs and get into bed.
And, as most things, that didn’t go as planned.
We hadn’t had sex in like 2 weeks cause I had a UTI. And I was really fiending for it.
I was naked and laid back on the bed and lifted my legs up into the air and presented my ass and pussy to him.
He took no time in getting up and immediately started kissing my ass and licking my hole.
Circling his tongue around my ass.
My eyes instantaneously rolled into the back of my head and I started moaning.
I didn’t even know that’s what I wanted until he started, but it was perfect.
He flicked his tongue up and down for a while, building up the tension in my body.
I traced my fingers down from my chest to my clit. Stared touching myself there as he shoved his tongue in and out of my asshole.
He was going hard. Lapping up and tongue fucking my little hole until I came so hard and bucked on his face.

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