After my coworker bailed on us, my friend William and I went to dinner as planned. He and I were both in the city for work that week. Being from the same small town, we had been friends since we were in our early twenties. The catch is we have always known we were distant cousins, so we stayed “just friends” because of that. It worked out to be a fun friendship because he wouldn’t filter his stories of his latest hook ups and I confided in him about my own personal endeavors. I got the honest male opinion and he the female. Win/win.

That night we had dinner and a good bit of wine. We talked for hours. At the end of the evening he was driving me back to my hotel and I knew he still had a 40 minute drive ahead of him back to his apartment in the city. I offered or insisted he stay with me because he drank too much to drive that far. It wasn’t safe. He finally agreed and I can honestly say there were no intentions present on either side at this point.

I had a king size bed and I’m thinking “it’ll be fine, that’s plenty of room to keep it friendly.” We each took turns showering and got into bed. That’s when the tension started creeping in.. We talked a little and then he told me to put my head on his shoulder and he’d play with my hair to help me fall asleep. I complied and as I laid there on his chest, I could hear and feel his pulse. His heart was pounding as if he had just run a marathon. So at this point I’m positive we are both fully aware of the sexual tension building and it seemed to get greater with every passing beat. I nervously giggled and mentioned his racing heart. We both laughed at the acknowledgment of what was happening. But the laughter faded as he started caressing my arm, the side of my stomach, down to my hips, and eventually lifting up my night gown.

My heart was now in that marathon. So many thoughts running through my mind in a matter of minutes, seconds. “We can’t do this” “He’s your cousin.. sort of” “What in the fuck are you doing?” “This is crazy…this is insane…it feels so good….so exciting….fuck it!” I’m now fully aware that I am about to fuck him. This is happening!

The level of nervousness is hard to describe. I know we both felt it. It was almost like we were virgins again. Like teenagers not knowing what to do next or how it will feel. It’s like we knew we were being bad and doing something taboo or forbidden. The level of excitement was all consuming.

He pulled the strap down off my shoulder and started kissing my neck down to my breasts, sucking on my nipples, sending electric waves throughout my body. Then he came up to my face and kissed me for the first time. I remember thinking this would be the telling test. It was great. Passionate, sexy, perfect. Not strange at all. He started touching my inner thighs leading up to my already wet pussy. I was ready. I was so ready. I took my hand and reached out to touch him and it was the absolute hardest cock I ever felt in my life. This turned me on even more to feel his eagerness and desire for me.

We strip each other of our clothes and he goes down on me. I remember still in my mind asking myself if I was really about to do this? There was no stopping. I’d gone to the dark side and I was loving it. He came up and kissed me and I could taste myself on him. My eagerness on his lips. He started rubbing the head on my wetness and it started to slide in slowly. He commented on my tight pussy and how amazing it felt. I could feel how hard and big he was, filling every inch of me. We start moving finding our rhythm, our hands traveling. Kissing each other deeply, amazed at the intensity. He starts moving faster and with every thrust he’s hitting the right spot. I was so turned on. The fullness was amazing. Finally I couldn’t hold back the wave of my orgasm as it washed over me and he immediately finds his own.

After catching my breath, I got up to go to the bathroom. As I’m washing my hands he comes up behind me and I can feel that he is still as hard as ever, ready for round two. We were both standing there naked with mirrors in front and back of us. From behind he pushed me up against the counter and started grabbing my tits and kissing my neck. I watched while he groped at my bare body, enjoying the view. His hand traveled down to find me wet again. He then bent me over the counter and entered me once more. This time he was really fucking me. He held on to my hips and pulled me to him, my body pushing back on his cock. It was almost too much to take, but it was a good kind of pain. The pain that came with such intense pleasure. I continued to watch as my breasts bounced up and down, looking at him looking at me, all of it. I held on to that counter unsure of the strength I had in my legs as the feeling inside me started building again. He reached around and started rubbing my clit and my body responded. I came again, harder this time, crying out, trembling, falling apart in his grasp.
We made our way back to the bed. Catching our breath again and laying there basking in the afterglow. He told me to put my head back on his shoulder and I did, but this time his heart beat was much slower. We laid in silence soaking in the magnitude of what just happened. Finally, I turned to him and said “Did I just fuck my cousin?”

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