I recently became a member of a local gym and started playing in a weekly basketball group. Lots of older guys but fairly competitive. After a few weeks I had gotten to know most of the guys pretty well. Most were there just to get some cardio in every week. I was the same.

This past week I went at the usual time but there weren’t enough to play so myself and a stranger just spent the time practicing. When that was over we both headed to the showers to get ready for work. He is an older black guy, 48, tall and in really good shape considering his age. The real bonus is that he is a lawyer and is very well put together. Being my typical self I made sure to check to see what he was working with and I was pleasantly surprised at how clean he kept his manscaping.

We finished showering and headed to work. It wasn’t until after he had left and I was packing my bag that I saw he left me a note. Very simple, saying he had a good time and would like it if I text him sometime. I didn’t get a gay vibe out of him so I was cautiously optimistic. Most straight men wouldn’t leave a note. I text him within minutes of getting in my car.

We text about basic stuff for the most part. Then he hit me with a text that made me very excited. “Would there be any chance I could take you out for dinner some time?” I replied that I had been hoping he would ask and we set a time for that night.

He picked me up in his truck and we went to an Italian place in town. Dinner went well and we watched some baseball on tv. Then he asked if I wanted to go to his place which I of course said yes.

When we got there I sat on his couch and he went to change. When he returned he was wearing silly basketball shorts and a white tank top. He sat on the far side of the couch and we started watching the end of the game we had started at the restaurant. I took off my shoes and unbuttoned my shirt slightly so I could relax. My heart was pounding because I was so nervous and he could tell. He asked me if I was ok. I was honest with him and explained that I was nervous because I was into him and hoped he was in to me as well. He laughed and said that of course he was. That didn’t help me relax much but I did slide closer to him. He changed the channel to a random movie and slid closer to me as well. I set my hand on his thigh and he put his arm over my shoulders. It wasn’t long before I found that gorgeous cock through his shorts.

After the movie was becoming nothing but a distraction I looked at him in his eyes and he gave me a very long and passionate kiss. His cock was nice and heavy and growing longer and harder by the second. I pulled away and told him “daddy I need you inside me”. His cock lurched before I could finish my sentence and I knew now was the time.

I pulled his shorts down and pulled his shirt off so he was there in all of his glory. I got on my knees at the base of the couch and took him in my mouth as deep as I could, choking to fit in as much as I could. He tasted damn good. I started bobbing my head up and down while stroking his cock and he made sure to place his hand on my head so I went down as far as he needed me too. After a few minutes he pulled his cock away from me and led me to his bedroom. He positioned me on my knees near the end of the bed and pulled a nice long vibrator from a drawer. After lining it up he slid it slowly in my ass. Then he showed me the remote control. Started slow and progressed to aggressive. He pushed the vibrator deep into me and then lay down so I could keep sucking his cock. I went slow so he didn’t cum because I needed him to fuck me.

Several minutes of sucking his cock and balls he took the cock away. He removed the vibrator and threw it on the bed. Then he positioned himself so I could feel his cock slowly enter me. He teased me for a few minutes and then pushed his whole cock in balls deep. I would be lying if I didn’t say that it felt amazing. He grabbed my hips and started to slowly pump long and slow. I was begging for him to fuck me harder and he refused at first. He made sure my ass was able to take his whole cock with no issues. Once he was able to start faster his grip on my hips got tighter. Then he buried his cock and leaned over and bit my ear. The he whispered that he was gonna fuck me harder than I anyone had ever done before. Might be the most honest thing he said all day. For what seemed like forever he punished my asshole and rearranged my guts. Feeling his balls slam into me felt amazing. When my hips started to get tired he pushed me down prone and hovered over me, piledriving into my ass with every stroke. Hearing him breathe heavy while fucking me caused me to cum all over his bed. He didn’t seem to mind one bit.

As he got closer to cumming his words got more and more aggressive. It started with so you like my cock inside you and progressed to “take that ni@@a dick”. That line sent me over the edge again. He pumped my ass and then I felt him start to shake and I knew he was close. I told him that he owned my ass and I wanted him to fill it and I could feel his cock swell. Any man that has never felt another man cum inside them is missing on one of the greatest moments in sex. He came for at least 40 seconds. I could feel him squirt over and over and over coating my prostate with every thrust. Finally he fell over to my side and lay there catching his breath.

When he was done he asked if I would like a shower. I said yes and told him to recover quick so he could mark his territory by cumming on my face. We went in the shower and he washed me up first. Then I worked on cleaning him up, while noticing his cock never got soft. I gave it some healthy strokes and then washed the soap from it. When I got on my knees and put him in my mouth I pushed against the wall so he could balance better. He put his hands behind my head and fucked my mouth hard until he was ready to cum. I slapped his cock on my tongue a couple times and he came hard again. When he was done I throated him again and his knees got weak. Finally I got up and cleaned up my face.

I stayed the night with him but we didn’t have sex again. We are going out tomorrow night again and I’m hoping for more of the same.

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