I’d met this nice lady, B, at a BDSM event in London a few weeks before and we even played at the event once, where I spanked her hard until she was dripping juices down her thighs.

B is married, in an open marriage. And the day before Easter Sunday, she was having a party with several friends over and invited me as well. She did warn me that there will be hard drugs (I don’t do drugs), and anyway, I was there to enjoy a good old houseparty. Plus B said her friend L really liked me, so I figure if nothing I’ll at least get a phone number.

Hooo boy was I wrong.

L was flirting with me and another guy all night, dancing close, squeezing cock whenever she felt like it, as if teasing and testing me at the same time. I didn’t think much of it, and when L started making out with another guy, I went to one of the guest bedrooms to lie down — and met C.

C is voluptuous, amazing curves, bisexual, and seemed like a fun person, and here she was, also lying on the bed. We were chitchatting for a while before B burst into the room saying “Why aren’t you two fucking yet?”

In the next moment or two started one of the longest nights of my life yet…

L walked in, visibly upset and said the guy she was with already came and she needed some lovin’ to be able to cum. C dragged her onto the bed between us and started a heavy make-out session. L’s clothes came off next, followed by C’s, and right on my bed were two lovely women whom I’d just met that evening getting it on. I’m pretty sure my clothes came off in record time. L was desperate: “Will you fuck me?”

Out came my stash of condoms (never leave home without one… or 6, you never know) and I was in her wet pussy pumping into her as she still continued to make out with C.

B who was standing there the whole time decided she wanted to join in on the fun, took off her clothes and started massaging my balls as I was fucking her friend. I asked B to lie down and started fucking her missionary style, while L & C continued their love-making, using fingers and lips in a glorious 69 position.

Alternating between kissing and eating pussy and fucking three gorgeous women, I spent over 4 hours and by the end of it I couldn’t cum. I was so tired, I was sweaty, I’d just made C cum for like the gazillionth time…

An insane night, I don’t think I’ll be repeating it again in the near future. Feel free to ask questions.

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