I met horse girl in the fall of 2011. She was dating the drummer in my friend’s band, and started hanging around regularly at my friend’s place (de facto party house for my squad at the time). Anyways, we were pretty drunk and talking and she dropped that he and her had broken up. I don’t think I had ever given her much thought, but I was drunk and horny that night and it was halloween so she was dressed pretty skimpy.

Horse girl was just a tad under 5’4” and weighed probably around 100 lbs (petite through and through). She was half Korean and half German, so she looked very exotic, and despite being so tiny framed, had a little roundness to her butt and wore a B-cup bra. She had a pixie cut that night, and had her midriff showing off her dermals flanking her pubic region. Only thing that bothered me was her strange smile (she smiled even when angry or other things, so maybe it was just her tiny mouth or like the way her teeth meet), but I don’t think I noticed that until we had broken up.

Anyways, she clearly had it out for me that night because she dropped the no BF thing on me and then kept finding me throughout the night. Eventually I got pretty drunk, stoned, and after a run out to cause some mischief, we ended up making out on the couch in front of the people that were still up at 4am. After that night we made plans to go on a proper date, and I took her out and romanced her, took her to a fancy dinner, saw a movie that went over both of our heads (tree of life) and then went back to my place. I tried to get into her pants, but she was smart and held out, which drove me nuts.

The next weekend I went out of town (about 2 hours to next big city) for a friend’s bachelor party. Now, since I was a late addition, there was no room in the hotel for me to sleep, so I kept in mind leaving that night so I tried to tone it down on drinking (at the time this meant beer-only and no hard liquor–which worked pretty well). So, after talking my buddy up, giving him my best life advice, and getting into a high five contest with a drunken stranger that nearly got us kicked out for fighting, I hit the road. Though I hadn’t been there, horse girls place was on the way back, so I started texting her. She said she had been sick, but my drunken ass swerved right around the subject.

I drove fast once I was out of the city and GPS’ed directions to her place. When I got there it was probably around 3-4, and she answered the door in a silk robe and held back her little Schnauzer as I walked in. She had a roommate, so we had to quickly go to her room once I got in. She grabbed me some water, and we talked for a moment about how much she’d improved (still ended up getting sick after this). Her room only bore subtle hints that she was a horse girl, but honestly if I could go back, I don’t think I would have run, because I was about to find out how horse girls are the freakiest.

Now, this girl was masterful at pacing because I’m nearly certain that the sun was rising by the time we were finishing up. We started to just make out, working our tongues down each other’s necks and near each other’s ear. I got up and pulled her up with me, nearly lifting her off the ground (sooooo light) so I could peel her robe off. Down it fell revealing her matching maroon underwear. I threw her to the bed and was all over her with my mouth, eventually working off her bra so I could nibble on her perky breasts which were perfectly round. I go down on her for a bit until she twitches and pulls my hair until I come up to her face and she kisses me hard as she undoes my pants no-look. I push my pants down and she reaches in for my cock under my boxers and pulls it out and stares. After a couple seconds she starts sliding her hand along it and looks up at me and says almost hypnotically:
“It’s soooo girthy…. I’ve never seen one this thick”

Now, at this point in my life, I had never really considered myself of great size (8”x6.5” btw), and this was my first indication really–in retrospect previous encounters were almost too awkward/primal for words, but one ex did make me go really slow when working it in which should have tipped me off. Hearing her say this to me turned me on quite a bit, so I grabber her skull, gripped a clump of her short hair, and pushed her head over the tip and let her start doing her thing. She was very good at sucking dick, which she had clearly done before plenty. I ended up laying down a few minutes later, and after she let me know that she was clean and had an IUD (don’t know why I just blindly trusted her) positioned her body right over me and prepared for insertion.

Now, I had been ridden before, but this girl rode horses, so all of the muscles used in cowgirl were toned and capable of suspending her for hours. She fucked me senseless, eventually asking me to smack her ass as hard as I could. Now, this girl knew exactly what it took to get her off: hard, fast, complex strokes over and over. I lasted a good while thanks to the booze and the tiredness, and ended up cumming in her after about 20 minutes of cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She had 1 additional orgasm while doing cowgirl and was close when I came–and I came hard grunting like a cavemen and squeezing her ass like I needed answers. She wouldn’t let me out once I finished though, and after a few moments I couldn’t stand it and threw her to the bed (I’m way too sensitive afterwards). Now, the only unpleasant part was the IUD. Since she was letting me get pretty deep (not all the way, but pretty fucking deep) so I began to feel the string from the IUD poking my penis…. She had it trimmed on her next Gyno visit, but it still was an issue in certain positions and on days when I was more swollen than usual.

In the morning she made me eggs and I went on my way home with a big old grin on my face the whole time.

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