This is the true story of one of the hottest and naughtiest things I ever did, and also the story of how my eldest daughter was conceived.

It’s a long shot but, if you are the guy in this story – if this happened to you – please PM me! Everyone else, please enjoy this as a hopefully hot story and feel free to share your naughty stories in return!

It was a Friday night, and I was 19. I was a first year undergraduate in London, and loving it – new friends, new experiences. I was having plenty of sex, I was fairly promiscuous – but in general I’d been careful about protection.

This particular Friday me and four friends went out late, to a central London club. We’d dressed up, I was wearing a green dress which showed off my figure, and matching black bra and pants – which I put on thinking somebody might see them! So I guess we were on the pull. I was 19, blonde and slim – I don’t have the biggest boobs but I looked pretty hot and I knew I’d have the attention of guys, which was exactly what I wanted.

The club was big, dark, many rooms and extremely noisy. We got in, got some drinks and danced as a group for a while. A couple of the girls quickly started dancing with guys but to start with I just concentrated on dancing. When we ran out of drink I went to the bar to get another round.

There was a guy at the bar, standing next to me. He gestured to the barman to serve me first even though he’d been there before me. I turned to gesture thanks – even at the bar it was too loud to talk without shouting. He was beautiful. About my age and height, dressed smart but still casual, with deep black skin and a gorgeous smile. I smiled and let my eyes wander over his body, I couldn’t help it. His eyes lingered on my tits before coming back to my face – and we held each others gaze for long enough to convey a clear mutual message of ‘yes’!

I leaned in towards him to say hello in his ear, as our cheeks got close I took his hand. I just said ‘I have to take these to my friends’ (the drinks had arrived). ‘I’ll be here,’ he shouted back in my ear.

I took the bottles back to my friends then went back. He had moved to one side, delivering drinks to his own group who were drinking at the bar. I took his hand and we moved away from the bar, up one side of the room into a dark area, very close to a speaker stack. It was deafeningly loud. I lent on a metal railing, facing out into the room, he faced me, his hands in mine, and we kissed.

He was an amazing kisser, perfect combination of tongue and gentle lips. I had my hands on his bum but he was a gentleman, kept his hands to my hips and back. But I wanted him to touch me, and I didn’t want to wait until I got home!

Behind the railing I was leaning against was a dark space. I turned to look into it and saw it was actually a seating area, nearly pitch dark, a couple of feet lower than the dance floor we were standing on. It had a couple of low tables and small soft couches – there was nobody else down there that I could see.

I led him by the hand, along the rail and down a couple of steps, then back along to the seats. There were 3-4 little sofas, all empty, and deep black in the darkness. We sat on one of them, our backs to the dance floor a couple of feet above, and carried on making out.

I put my hand inside his shirt and at last he started touching me, running his hands over my boobs over my dress as we kissed. I was so turned on now, I knew I was going to take it further, and right there in that club! I needed him to touch me.

I felt his cock through his trousers, traced the outline of his hardon with my hands then undid his button. His hand was on my leg, just above my knee – I used my elbow to push it up under my skirt as I undid his fly, and he responded – sliding up my inner thigh, where he hesitated. We were still right behind the speaker and it was so loud, I had to put my lips right on his ear to say ‘yes!!’

He touched me through my pants, and I wrapped my hand around his cock. It was hard and hot and felt amazing. I stroked it gently and he tried to hook his fingers under my pants but the angle was akward, with us both sitting down. Quickly I lifted my bum and hooked my pants down, pushing them past my knees to fall on the floor.

I went back to kissing him, my hand on his cock, and now he had easy access to finger me. And oh my god it felt good. He was gentle but knew exactly how to touch me. We touched each other there in the dark, kissing deeply, unable to each each other’s moans but I could feel his hot breath quick on my face.

I was getting close to orgasm, at the point where I desperately want something inside me. I put my mouth near his ear, to ask him to put fingers inside me – but before I could speak he shouted in my ear ‘I want to fuck you.’

What happened next was almost automatic, my body somehow just taking control – except of course I knew exactly what I was doing. I knew it was incredibly risky, and I knew I didn’t care. I climbed on top of him, facing him on the seat, my leg swung over his, and using one hand quickly guided him inside me.

And oh my god that feeling of penetration. The pleasure was unbelievable. I lent forward to push him deep inside me and rocked back and forth. His face was level with my tits; I think it was me that pushed my dress down, it might have been him. But I remember the feeling of his lips hot against my nipples. I knew my breasts were exposed, and I looked up to see if anyone could see. There was a girl against the railing and as I looked she glanced down behind her, then turned and looked again as she saw us. I didn’t care.
I held his face and lent forward so I could kiss him, still rocking back and forth, I was right on the brink of orgasm. He held my bum and pushed himself even deeper, and I felt his hands grip tightly as he came inside me. I came just a second after him and I remember his hot, short breaths on my tits as the end of his orgasm overlapped with the start of mine. I can’t describe how good it felt.

We clung together for a few seconds, still breathing heavily, then I lifted myself off his cock. His cum ran down my leg as I moved away. I looked up, the same girl was still watching. Embarrassed now, I pulled my bra and top back up. I hitched my skirt back down and rescued my pants, but didn’t put them on. My legs and pussy were soaked with my cum and his.

He did his trousers back up. He reached for me hand and shouted in my ear – ‘thank you’! I shouted back that I had go and clean myself up.

I went to the ladies, cleaned up with tissue and put my pants back on. When I went back he was gone, and his group of friends were gone from the bar. I wasn’t too worried, I went back to my own group of friends and danced for the rest of the night. A couple of the girls pulled, but I didn’t see the guy or his friends again. I went back to hall with my other two friends, giggingly telling them on the bus what had happened.

I went the following Tuesday to the sexual health clinic, where I confessed all and had every test, over the course of a few days. They all came back nagative except one; I was pregnant.

I had sex with a lot of guys that month and condoms do sometimes leak, but that was the only black guy. My daughter is mixed race. I knew the second she was both that the guy in the club was the father.

I have no way to find him, to be honest I’m not sure I would have recognised him if he’d walked past me on the street the very next day. We said barely 5 words to each other. But wherever and whoever he is, now has a beautiful, charming, 8 year old daughter. Weird as it would be, I’d love her to meet her dad.
So if that was you, if by some massive coincidence you shagged a blonde girl in a dark corner of a club in 2009, then do PM me. Deliberately not mentioning the name of the club or the date, though I know both, so if anyone does contact me I can check the facts.
If I do somehow find dad I promise I won’t be heavy, I don’t want anything and you don’t even have to meet if you don’t want. It would just be cool to say hello!

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