When we were first married, we lived in a one-bedroom ground floor apartment in a good-sized complex. We had been in the apartment for about six months before we got married, so we had a feel for what the complex was like. We were comfortable there.

One Saturday I came home at about 4:30 from my weekend job. It proved to be a very interesting homecoming.

I parked in a spot close to the breezeway and walked to the door. It was locked tight … a precaution I demanded on when I was working one of my two jobs and she was home alone. “I’m home!” I said to the coat closet. I knew my wife had been off that day, so it was a little odd when she didn’t come to greet me at the door. Oh well …

As I headed back towards the bedroom I heard her. Her breathing was slightly labored, and was punctuated by the occasional soft groan. This was getting more interesting.

I turned the corner and there she was … nude, lying diagonally across the bed so that her feet were pointing toward the window, masturbating. It was one of the first times I’d ever seen her masturbate, and I’d never seen her do it so brazenly in the middle of the day.

It was a great view.

“Need a hand with that?” I asked.

She didn’t slow down. “Not … yet …”

I smiled. “What’s the occasion? Didn’t I take care of you last night?”

She slowed a bit, enough so she could speak. “Go into the living room and look at the top floor of the building across the street.”

I did as she requested. In the small window of the bedroom of the top floor apartment I saw it: A pair of binoculars. They were pointed right at our apartment.

Right at my wife’s pussy, if my guess was right.

“I see it.” I said simply as I walked back to the entrance of the bedroom.

“I was cleaning house today when I first noticed it,” she said as she slowly caressed herself. In those days she did almost everything around the house either nude or in panties and a t-shirt. “At first I thought it was creepy, but then … I dunno … it started turning me on.”

“So you thought you’d give him a show.”

“Ohhhh god … exactly.”

Her pace began to quicken again.

“I’m getting sooo close …”

I watched her, as if in a trance.

“Ohhhhh my god. I’m going to need you to fuck me after I cum …”

I went back to re-lock the door as I began to strip out of my work clothes. As I returned to the bedroom door, which was out of line of sight to the binoculars, I finished removing my clothes and stood there, cock bobbing eagerly in the air in front of me.

“On the edge … oh god on the edge … oh god …”

“You can’t cum yet.”

“NO!” She cried. “I have to!”

“You can’t. If you don’t make yourself hold out, I won’t fuck you.”

She looked over at me. “Yes you will. Look at how hard you are! You can’t resist …”

“I will not. You can only cum when I tell you, or all the fucking you get will be by your own hands.”

“You bastard!” With that, her demeanor changed. Suddenly, without having the control to decide when to orgasm, she needed to cum twice as badly as she had before. She began to writhe across the bed in desire.

“Pleeeeeeease let me cum ……”

“Not yet.” I stood firm.

“Damn you! I’m going to cum anyway!” Her fingers began to dance over her pussy.

I reached for my pants and started dressing.

“Nooo! Show me your cock!”

“You can’t cum yet. I’ll show it to you if you do what I say.”

Two fingers slid into her pussy, and she began to grind obscenely on her hand. “God … oh god …”

I walked over to her, putting myself in view for the first time. “Come over here and suck me. Suck my cock.”

She flipped over onto her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows. Grabbing my cock with one hand, she tongued me eagerly. Excitedly. I put my hands to the sides of her head and began to fuck her mouth. She worked me expertly, alternating between suction and tonguing, until I felt a twinge deep inside. I withdrew my cock from her and moved away.

“No! Give it back!”

“Now … make yourself cum.”

“Fuck me while I cum. Please … I want you in me when I cum …”

She flipped over on her back pulled her knees up to her chest. I entered her slowly at first, letting her adjust to the change in size between her own fingers and my cock. Once I was inside her we started in earnest … long, deep penetrations. Her fingers went back to her clit, and in an instant she was back on edge.

Our eyes locked. “I’m going to cum if I don’t stop …”

“Cum for me. Cum on me. Cum around my cock.”

Her legs splayed apart as she gave herself over to the orgasm. Huge spasms shook her as she thrashed in front of the window. Her pussy grabbed my cock as she came.

Such an amazing sensation.

“Fuck me! Don’t let up! Fuck me! Cum in me! I want to feel you. I need to feel you cum in me!”

I shuddered uncontrollably as I emptied in to her. Over and over again. I thought it would never end.

I stayed hard and continued to fuck her slowly as we recovered. She looked up and me and smiled as she fucked me back. Sex was over, and now we were just enjoying being one.

Her eyes darted to the open window. “Now, I bet that’s a show he won’t forget anytime soon.”

As it turned out, “he” was a she. We met her, and became casual friends. Not lifelong soulmates by any stretch of the imagination, but more than ships that casually pass in life.

She was a voyeur.

We lived like that for another year and a half. Voyeur and exhibitionists, happily coexisting. When we were home, we were normally nude. Over the next couple of years our neighbor sometimes watched us from her apartment as we went about our lives, and watched us have sex quite often (we were newlyweds, after all). The three of us were never in the same room together for sex, though it was not uncommon for her to pop in to the apartment just to visit or watch TV. There was no real need for her to announce herself before she came by. It’s not like we were going to dash to the bedroom to get dressed before we let her in the door.

We moved out of the complex first. From time to time, I wonder what happened to her. I suppose we’ll never know.

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