Yesterday I went to an Easter Parade, I wore a cute little skirt that showed a little of my ass and no panties. I spent all day making sure I would bend over slowly and jump around excitedly whenever I won a game if I thought a man was watching me, teasing has always made me happy. There were a whole bunch of people lined up along the street along metal fence dividers, the crowds were so thick that once I got to the front of the metal dividers to see the street better (because I’m small hehe) I was quickly closed in and isolated from my friends. I thought nothing of it since it was just an Easter Parade and I couldn’t turn around to leave without running into people, it was so crowded that we were basically body to body. Since I was leading a little against and over the metal divider my skirt rode up to expose a majority or my ass.

The parade started like normal and I was watching the dancers when I suddenly began feeling something brushing up against my bare ass. I thought that maybe someone was shifting position or trying to get out so I paid no mind and kept watching the parade go by, but I kept feeling it happen until I finally felt a light touch on my pussy. The thought that someone was trying to feel me up so boldly started to make me horny so I began to shake my ass from side to side as much as I could in pleasure. Taking this as an invitation, whoever was feeling around began to finger me more vigorously. I reached my hand back and rubbed his dick on top of his pants. He started to finger me even harder and I began to cum. He kept fingering me the rest of the parade while I struggled not to moan or make any indication that I was being played with. The parade ended and as I turned around ready to return the favor all I could see were men walking away from me, I wonder if he was afraid to get caught, but I really wanted his dick inside of me.

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