In the weeks after our wonderful [experience](, Julie and I spent time together whenever and wherever we could — walking together in the crisp autumn air as late summer became fall, sharing meals at the university cafeteria, hanging out in various campus lounges, and of course, exploring each other’s bodies whenever we could steal time alone in our dorm rooms — which usually occurred whenever our roommates went out for an evening.

One night, though, Julie went out with girlfriends from our floor. I played NHL 94 on my roommate’s Sega Genesis and waited for her to come home.

A few hour later, come home she did — straight to my door. She knocked, and I opened the door…and nearly fell over at the sight of her. She stood in front of me wearing one of those ubiquitous “little black dresses” that it seems every college coed has in her wardrobe just for hitting the bars. Only, in addition to clinging her every curve and flattering her figure, Julie’s had a twist. It had a zipper that ran from the top of the dress to the bottom, with a ring pull at the top. And by top, I mean the bottom of the plunge it took into the valley between her breasts. It was the kind of dress that seemed to have one purpose — to foment fantasies in men centered around pulling that zipper down.

At least, that’s what was running through my head during the seconds after opening the door.

Julie leaped into my arms and kissed me hard on the lips. I smelled and tastes alcohol on her lips. She was a bit tipsy, and very happy to see me. We kissed, and then she grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. “I want you,” she said. “My roommate’s here,” I said. “So is mine,” she pouted.

Then her face brightened. “You know, I have this fantasy,” she said, and then but her lower lip. “I have always wanted to have sex on a desk.”

I stood for a moment, envisioning Julie laid out naked on a desk, me banging away at her.

It was a vision I could get behind 😉

Then it hit me…Professor Brenner’s office. Professor Brenner was one of those professors they have at every university — the one who is super popular with the kids, not so much with the administration, because he devotes more time to teaching than publishing, and because unlike 75% of the faculty, he has a magnetic personality. Professor Brenner kept an office in a nearby student government building, because the students would feel more comfortable meeting with him there than in a school admin building. The student government offices were always unlocked, and always deserted late at night when the student Government kids were out with friends or studying. And, rumor had it that Brenner never locked his door.

I grabbed Julie’s hand. “C’mon,” I directed. “I know where we can go.”

The student government building was only a few yards from the dorm, so it wasn’t long before we were skulking into the building. We crept down a hallway to Professor Brenner’s office. For a moment, I stood stock-still in front of the door for a moment, straining to listen for any noise in the office or the building. Nothing. I grasped the handle on the door and turned. It turned! I opened the door fully, pulled Julie inside, and closed and locked the door behind us.

I turned on a lamp in the corner of the room and looked around. Dominating the room was a large, wooden desk. It looked freshly cleared off. It would do nicely.

I turned to Julie, gathered her into my arms, and kissed her. She looked at me with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. “Is this ok? We won’t get caught?” I looked straight into her eyes. “No one comes here on a weekend night. Not even the security guards.” I didn’t actually know that, but it sounded good, and it made me feel confident to say it.

I kissed her hard on the mouth. She melted into me, then kissed me back, soft, and then hard, and then harder.

I pushed her back toward the desk, then grabbed the zipper pull. Before she could say a word, I yanked the zipper down. The dress hung in halves, revealing a black lace bra and panties beneath. I picked Julie up and threw her on the desk, and pulled the dress off of her shoulders. I looked her in the eye, kissed her hard on the mouth, and then kissed my way down her neck to her shoulder. Then I kissed my way back up to her ear and growled, “I’m going to tear your panties off, and I’m going to fuck you on this desk.”

She moaned, and laid back. I grabbed her panties and ripped them off violently, then dropped my own pants to the floor. She opened her legs to give me access. She was wet, swollen, and open. I moved forward, sliding into her. Unexpectedly, I slid all the way into her in one thrust. She moaned again. I loved the sounds of sex with her. Her moans and cries were incredibly sexy. The sounds of me moving in her wetness were awesome. The sounds of her breathing drove me wild.

I began to thrust powerfully in and out of her, slowly with strength. The vision of her was amazing — legs hanging off the desk, body across the desk, dress splayed out on either side of her body, her head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open, me pumping in and out of her…it was almost more than I could take.

As I pumped into her, I let my hands roam over her body, sliding my fingers under her bra to squeeze her breasts and nipples. Her moans increased in pitch and frequency as my fingers found her most sensitive spots. Then I grabbed her legs and held them up on either side of me, and pumped harder and faster, harder and faster, harder and faster. She began to thrash side to side as I pounded her. “Look at me,” I commanded. “Come for me, Julie,” I said. “Come for me right now.”

She looked at me, her eyes widened, and I saw a look come over her face that meant only one thing. She began to shake, and scream, and I felt my come rising inside me. I pounded hard into Julie, letting go of everything as I came. I lost track of how many times I pulsed into her, but it felt amazing.

When done, I looked down at her. “That was incredible, babe,” she said between panting breaths. “Yeah,” I replied, “I’ve never done anything like this. I am just glad security hasn’t shown up yet!”

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