Curiosity killed her manhood…. The story about the day I sucked my first dick, realized I was a girl, and came out as a transsexual. I dug this out of my diary for you guys. Enjoy!! <3 Growing up I was always sensitive about how feminine I was. I was in denial about how severe my femininity was. I couldn’t help it, I was just very sensitive, very intune with my emotions, very "limp wristed" with a gentle nature, receptive, and I liked girly things (as much as I tried really hard to like boy things). Hell, I even had a feminine frame with long hair, wide hips and an hourglass figure, and this was years before I started hormones, before I even knew I was trans, this was when I was a boy. I even got put in the girl’s group in gym class once or twice, and I sat with the girls during lunch in high school, because we were so much alike. But that was all in my head really, I was just as much a guy as the rest of the guys. But one day my brother made fun of me for the thousandth time, and I had enough. I told him I was just as manly as he was, but he just looked at me and laughed. He said he would go to the mall and pick an outfit, and if I could wear it and jog around city park without a single guy hitting on me then he’d never make fun of me again. I’m never one to turn down a challenge, especially if it would get him off my back, so I happily agreed. He promised not to give me any frilly pink clothing, but I had to admit I looked pretty damn good with the skin tight paper thin leggings, and the hair extensions he got me that made my hair even longer and thicker than it already was. It was a struggle to tape everything in place so I wouldn't have a bulge, but even I had to admit these pants made my ass look great, but I would never tell him that. With one quick jog I would never have to take his shit again. There was only one problem…. Right as I was headed out the door his older friend Rob walked in, standing between me and the door. At first he didn’t recognize me, he just thought I was some girl there to see my brother, but when he realized it was me he couldn’t stop laughing. I tried to ignore him and dodge past him so I could get this bet over with, but he stepped to the side and blocked the way. I explained to him why I needed through, but he just grabbed my arm and said he had other plans. He said other guys couldn’t determine if I was girly or not, only I could. Well, he does have a point there. I knew I wasn’t really girly, that it was all in my head, and I could resist it if I really wanted to. He said he could make my brother and everyone else stop (and he’s a huge muscular jock twice the size of my brother, so I believed him) but I’d have to earn it. He said he had a test that I would have to pass. If I could unzip his pants, look at his cock and resist the urge to suck it, then I was every bit as manly as I said I was. It was an easy decision. I wasn’t gay, and unzipping his pants would be way less work than jogging. My Hands trembled as I unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down. It was hard to believe my lifetime of ridicule was almost over, it all depended on this one simple little test. All I had to do was look at his cock, that’s it, as if I didn’t already know what one looked like. I pulled his jeans and boxers down and gasped. My mouth fell open in disbelief. His cock was HUGE! It wasn’t even hard, but the head reached halfway down his thigh. I looked up to see him smirking at my astonishment. I couldn’t help but stare and blink mindlessly at it. I exhaled, unaware that I had even held my breath, and just when I thought he was going to make fun of me I felt his cock stir and throb as my warm breath touched his skin. For a moment I nearly forgot why I was kneeling with a cock in front of me, but I regained composure. Why was I so mesmerized?! It took a bit of effort, but I managed to grab his jeans and started to zip them back up, but he grabbed my arm and stopped me. “It doesn’t count if it’s not hard. Dicks are hard during blowjobs.” he said. I almost objected, but what did it matter. I’d already proven I could do it, so I yanked his jeans down, ripped them off, tossed them aside, and wrapped my hand around his shaft. I could barely touch my middle finger to my thumb it was so thick! As soon as I grabbed it it came to life, pulsing in my hand. I could feel the blood coursing through his veins, and knelt on the floor mesmerized as I watched his cock climb into the air. I could feel it growing harder and warmer with every pulse in my hand. It was incredible. Unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I slowly slid my hand down his shaft, feeling him quiver with anticipation. Even with both hands wrapped firmly around his cock he had more leftover than I had altogether. I had no idea cocks could be so big. Why was mine so tiny compared to his? I rubbed my hands up and down the shaft of his perfect pillar, hard as steel, yet soft as my lips…. Oh my fucking god, I’m licking my lips!!!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with me?! My lips must have been dry. Just because it feels so sleek and powerful in my hands doesn’t mean I want it ON my lips, even if my lips are way more sensitive. I’m not gay or anything, this is just an extraordinary cock. It belongs in a museum or something. But I’m not gonna suck it. If I suck it then he and my brother will never stop making fun of me and my girly body. No, I’m not gonna suck it. I’m not even going to touch it to my lips, even if I was curious to know how it would feel. I’ll just bite my lip so I’m not tempted. There. Now I don’t have to worry about sucking on it. But… I guess there’s no real reason to put it away either. I mean, like I said, this thing belongs in a museum. It’s probably one of the biggest cocks in the whole world, and I have it here in my hands. Why put it away now? So many girls would kill to be where I am right now, kneeling before this huge cock. I bet every girl I’ve ever dated would have had this stuck in her throat by now. Now I know why all his ex’s turn into crazy stalkers after he breaks up with them. I bet they daydream this is the cock they’re sucking every time they’re giving head to someone else. I bet it’s great. I wonder what it would be like to fill my mouth with his cock, feel it pushing it’s way down my throat. I wonder if I’d gag or not. I bet I could take it. Not that I’m gay or anything, I’m just curious what it’s like for them. I mean, how many people ever get the chance to experience a cock like this after all? Even if they have a cock of their own… Even I can’t deny just how amazing this thing is. You know, maybe I should put my lips on it, just to see what it’s like. Not because I’m gay, but just because I should really know what it’s like for a girl. After all, if I know what it’s like for them, then I can please them better, and before I know it I’ll be rolling in pussy just like him, just like a REAL man, and I am a real man. I mean, I do have a cock like him, it’s just freakishly small in comparison. Besides, he said I couldn’t suck it. He didn’t say anything about giving it a little kiss, just to see. Remember, there’s nothing gay about this at all. I’m only doing this out of curiosity., and to pass Rob’s test. Okay, here goes!!! Well, this isn’t so bad. It’s even softer on my lips than I thought it would be, and it’s so warm too! Is he smirking?! No, definitely not a smirk. Woah, his cock is really throbbing now. He can’t be…. wait… is he actually enjoying this? After all the hot chicks he’s had suck him off I’m getting him excited? I guess I have been a bit of a cock tease. First I stroked him, now I’ve got his cock on my lips. I bet he thinks I’m gonna put it in my mouth next and suck it. But if I did that I’d lose the bet. Oh my god, that son of a bitch just grabbed me by the head and shoved his cock into my mouth!!!!! That asshole! That’s not fair! If he thinks this means I sucked his cock then he’s dead wrong. I’ll just tell him the bet’s off! Wait, why is he groaning? There’s no way he’d lose the chance to rub this in unless…. he…. he really wants me to suck his cock? He’s actually enjoying this?! I thought it was just a game to him, but he actually wants me to suck his cock. This tall, muscular man with a foot long cock who never leaves the bar without some hot blonde bimbo babe on his arm wants me to suck his cock? Why does that make me feel so…. good?! I mean, I’m not gay, but he does have a really great cock, so I guess if I want to know what it’s like then this is the time to find out. And he’s the one that thrust it into my mouth, so it’s not like I lost the bet, so he has to help me out. If he’s going to do me a favor, I guess it doesn’t hurt to give him one in return. Besides, it’s just so….. naughty. mmmmmmmffghh…. I should really work my tongue on his shaft to make it easier. That’s better. Nice and slippery now. mmmmm…. up… and down…. and up…. and down. this is really REALLY fun once you get a rhythm going. God, I’m having a blast, and it tastes so good! Of course I’ll never tell him that though. I do still have a chance at winning after all. I sure am glad I decided to take this challenge and not my brother’s. Jogging would have been just as much work, but then I’d never know what it’s like to coat a dick in my own saliva. I’d never appreciate all the work that goes into a blowjob. I’ve been at it for almost fifteen minutes now and I can barely get past half way. I have the taste of cock tingling on every taste bud. I closed my eyes and lost myself in complete bliss. When I opened my eyes I couldn’t help but stare into his eyes. I could tell he was really enjoying this. I couldn’t look away from him, knowing that I was the one making him feel so good. I gently put my hands on his naked thighs and stared even deeper into his eyes as my head bobbed up and down. The thought of him feeling good because of me was making me tingle from head to toe. Wait a minute….. that hint of salt… his little moans…. I must be tasting precum. ooooohhhh my god, is he about to blow a load in my mouth?! Why on earth am I so unbelievably excited right now?! He must really be into this if I can taste his precum. It’s a good thing my little cock is hidden from his view by his massive cock, or he’d see how rock hard I am and know that I’m enjoying it too. I think I get it. I think I finally understand why some girls love cock so much. I never realized how small and helpless I felt until I had a real man standing over me like this, with his powerful cock resting in my mouth. I love the way I can tongue his head and feel the shiver race through his body, escaping in a groan. Knowing that I caused that groan….. Oh my god what an amazing feeling. Just knowing that in this moment nothing matters to him more than me. Knowing that he feels every little flick of my tongue. We’re connected. I’ve really enjoyed this, more than anything I have ever done in my life, but I can’t let him know that, and I’ve learned everything I need to learn, so I guess I should stop…. before he does blow sperm in my mouth. oh my god I can feel his cock pulsing again! I’ve gotta get…. oh shit he’s got my hair! Oh no he’s….. OH! oh…. oh my god it’s like lava, it’s gushing everywhere. he's holding my blonde head in both of his strong hands, keeping it in place as he blows his goo in my throat. It’s in my eye, up my nose, running down my lip. oh, it’s in my mouth. It’s so salty, and even a tad bit…. bitter? Hmmmm…… it’s actually pretty good. oh my god I love it. I can’t help but play around with it with my tongue. I try so hard to keep myself from moaning but I can't help it, I'm on the verge of orgasm as his man goo fills my mouth. Why does it taste so good? Hey! Don’t shoot it all over the place!!! You’re wasting it! It’s not doing any good on my shoulder and all over the carpet. Here, my tongue should be a large enough target. Come on baby, cum on my tongue, aim for it….. let me taste some more. mmmmm…. that’s right, give me my reward. I worked hard for that! It belongs inside me. In hindsight, I probably could have convinced him that it didn’t count, since he’s the one that started it by shoving his cock in there. He’s the one that grabbed my head and forced me to suck it. He made me take his cum. And I was powerless to resist. That is… until I let go and immediately started jerking and milking his cock for every last drop. I was desperate to get every drop out of him. So desperate. Who knew cum was so amazing. Soooo…. I lost the bet. It turns out Rob and my brother were right, and I was girly. Okay, I’m totally a girl!!!! I’m not just girly, I am a downright filthy cockslut. No girl I have ever been with ever made me feel as amazing as I feel right now, in this moment, on the floor beneath him, looking up at him, taking his seed. But the thing is, I ended up winning after all. You see, I sucked Rob’s dick so good that he decided to make me his new girlfriend. He said no girl has ever sucked on him like that and actually loved it. so now I’ll never have to take crap from my brother again! He wouldn’t DARE make fun of his friend’s new girlfriend! Now that I know what it’s like to suck dick like a girl, I can’t wait to see what it’s like to be fucked by a dick too!!!! Oh god I can’t wait, it’s driving me bonkers! I’m sure my boyfriend will help with that. p.s. I ended up getting on hormone injections and transitioning. I got the body he craved and I wanted. The rest is history. This story was originally published here

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