Alright so boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. We’re still learning things about each other sexually and just recently he ate my pussy for the first time, and I sucked his dick for the first time too. so onto what just happened not even ten minutes ago.

I started my period today and of course I was horny as ever. I’ve been really into wanting to suck his dick so I told him to go take a shower and I would suck his dick tonight. Straight out of the shower to the bed we made out a little then I went to sucking on that thick pink dick of his. Tried to deep throat very slowly a few times but focused more on the head since I know that’s a key point for dudes. After 10-15 minutes he said I should jack him off. Grabbed some lube and went to town, watching his beautiful face smile with pleasure. Then we agreed it would be better for him to stand up so he stood up, I took my shirt off and jacked him off while he grabbed my tits and smiled at me from above. When I wasn’t doing so well (cause I haven’t jacked off too many men in my life) he showed me he like to be gripped tight so I gripped tight until he came all over my chest, hands and glasses covered face.

It was fun (;

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