Another true story. I was 21, it was summer, and I was out shopping with my boyfriend. I was feeling pretty good. A year after giving birth I had a daughter, a steady and lovely boyfriend, and I was back at uni and back on my course.

Being in a relationship had given me the incentive to get myself to the gym. When we met I still had lots of extra post-partum fat still hanging around, and though he never seemed to mind, I wanted my body back the way it was. After a few months at the gym and running around London’s parks, I really felt I was there. I was slim, toned and fit – and I decided to buy some sexy new clothes to celebrate.

We went to a few stores, my bf was patient rather than really interested but he took part and gave opinions while I tried things on.

In M&S I picked up 4 or 5 new bras. After pregnancy, breastfeeding and all the changes to my boobs I wanted to treat myself to some lovely new ones in a proper size.

I went to the fitting room to try them on. ‘Do you want me to come and help?’ asked the bf. Such a gentleman!

M&S fitting rooms on Oxford Street are a row of wooden sided cubicles with curtain doors, and mirrors on the back wall. The wooden dividers between the cubicles don’t go all the way to the floor or all the way to the ceiling – they are around 8 foot high and about 6 inches off the floor.

We both went into one and pulled the curtain across. There were people using the rooms on either side, I could see clothes on the floor and hear the rustling of clothes being tried on.

I slipped out of the dress I was wearing and hung it up, revealing mismatched bra and pants. I took off the bra and tried on the first new one. It looked good, and the bf agreed.

The second one was a matching set, bra and pants. I took off my own pants and put the new ones on, then the bra. They were black, sheer – the cups of the bra showed my nipples through the material. I stood and looked at myself, the bf behind me, his hands on my hips.

‘Those look amazing,’ he said. I have to admit, I know it sounds vain, but I was thinking that I did look pretty good. After months of changes in my body, it was so nice to look at myself and really like what I saw.

My boyfriend’s hands were warm. He moved them up my sides and ran his fingers gently over the top of the bra, stroking my nipples. I breathed in sharply, his touch sent a tingly rush of arousal through my body. His lips against my ear, he whispered ‘I want to see how it looks when your nipples are hard.’ There was no need for him to ask, he’d made them hard already, pushing clearly out against the sheer material, as he ran his fingers over the top.

He was close behind me, fully dressed but pressed against my body and I could feel his erection hard against my nearly-naked bum. I pushed back into it, but he stepped back and moved his hands gently up my spine, reaching the clasp of the new bra and unclipping it, before sliding round underneath to touch my breasts.

In the space of just a few seconds I’d gone from thinking about shopping to extreme sexual arousal. The feel of his fingertips against my naked breasts was too much to bear, and I pushed his hand down, into the new pants – still bearing their price tag and label!

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Pushed against my naked back, his cock pressed hard into the curve of my arse, he slid his hand into the pants and curled his fingers into my pussy, making me give another sharp intake of breath.

‘Shhh,’ he said gently, right in my ear, as his fingers stroked wetness from my vagina up and over my clit, which immediately meant he had to go ‘shhh,’ again!

With supreme self control, I managed only the slightest of moans as he started rubbing my clit, with one finger then two, pulling wetness up from my pussy and rubbing it with two fingers over and across my clit. I pressed back against him, feeling the hotness of his body, the hardness of his cock.

His left hand was on my left breast, stroking the nipple; his right was in my pants, rhythmically stroking my clit now as I started to get close to orgasm. Knowing I had to be quiet, I grabbed the hand from my breast and pushed it against my mouth, forcing the flat of his hand hard against my mouth to stifle the sound as I came.

Despite his hand and mine pushing against my mouth, I still made a tortured and very audible moan as his fingers made me come, rocking my arse hard against the bulge in his trousers, my head arched back over his shoulder.

He kept his hand in my pants, flicking a finger gently against my clit between contractions, like I’d taught him to do to prolong my orgasm. Finally done, I lifted his hand from my mouth and breathed deeply, my heart still racing, my breath itself making the telltake sound of a woman in post-orgasmic bliss.

He pulled his hand out of my pants, and stroked his wet fingers over my nipples, something else I’d taught him to do. I moaned softly as I watched the red flush drain from my chest, and my breathing slowly returned to normal. ‘God you’re hot,’ he whispered.

I took of the new pants, they were soaking wet, the whole crotch covered in my cum. ‘Oops,’ I giggled. Clearly I couldn’t hand them back, but I wanted them anyway. I took the price tag off, and figured I would tell the cashier I had decide to wear the pants!

I picked up another bra to try on. My bf lent forward to kiss me. ‘Can we go somewhere…’ he whispered. He gestured to the bulge which was still sticking out of his shorts. ‘Oh sure,’ I said ‘let’s get these paid for and get back to your place.’

Fortunately we had other shopping bags he could hold in front of his crotch as we went back to his room for round two!

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