About two weeks ago my cousin and I were at at party with friends. We had a really fun time and both of us ended up drinking a little too much. I honestly don’t remember what happened, all I know is that one of my friends dropped us off at home when the party was over. The next morning I woke up on the couch and my cousin was in my room and so she got up and left home, nothing out of the ordinary. But a couple days later she texted me asking if I was home saying that she needed to show me something and that is was an emergency. So she came over and she looked freaked out and said she needed to show me a video. I said OK and she pulled out her phone and showed me a video that was recorded the night of the party. She was laying on her stomach in my bed and was recording with her phone while I ate her ass. Every now and then she let out a moan or rubbed my head while I licked her butt. The video was about 5 min long but I don’t remember any of it. It was extremely awkward and we talked about and agreed that it was nothing to worry about since none of us remember it happening. Things have gotten better since then but there are still awkward moments. The other day she came over and I couldn’t get the video out of my head and she caught me looking at her butt and she said “you hungry?” I just said “what?” And she chuckled and told me she was kidding and winked at me. I also catch her staring at me sometimes, what do I do

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