There I was one Thursday evening trying to make plans for Friday by scrolling through tinder to see what I can find. I end up matching this gorgeous blue eyed, porcelain skin, brunette 20 year old woman that I just couldn’t ever imagine being on tinder, let alone talk to. We end up conversing for a little, and end up making plans for Friday night. We head out to dinner and had an amazing time. I asked her if she wanted to call it a night, or do something else, she asked if she could come over and watch a movie. Of course I said yes. We got about half way through the movie and I started making my moves. She accepted and one thing led to another and we ended up in my room. She was taking my clothes off so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to help her with hers.

When I realized that we were both naked, I had to take a second to take in this beauty in front of me. As soon as I got a good look at her, she fell to her knees and went to work. It was amazing, her hands were so soft but firm and diligent in every motion she made. Her lips were so rosy and plump looking amazing wrapped around my cock. Her eyes… Like galaxies sending me into orbit, bringing me back with every flick of her tongue on my sack. I didn’t want her to ever stop, but gave in to my urge to grab her and throw her small delicate body on my bed and start to eat her up. She was soaking wet and definitely appreciated me doing my job well. Her moans were full of compassion and meaning. She grabbed my head when I would hit the right spot and keep me there until she reached climax. When she had her fill of my tongue, she grabbed me by the chin and kissed me deeply. She pulled me up to her, grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. She paused for a minute. Looked into my eyes and bit her lip, as if to say “you’ve never had anything like this before daddy”. I smile back, kiss her softly, and nudge my rock hard cock into her tight wet pussy. It was amazing, so warm and inviting. Getting wetter and deeper with every stroke. I hear her panting, telling me she wants me to go harder, faster, deeper. I don’t want her to know that I’m about to erupt any second, so I pause and look at her. Trying not to move, and trying to delay some time. I’m sure she knew because she chuckled as she looked at me acceptingly. She played with the outlines of my tattoos, kissed my neck, and caressed my booty. After I gathered my thoughts, I continued to go harder and faster as she requested.

Right about here is where it got interesting for me. I’m pretty used to vanilla sex and the only “kink” I’ve been exposed to is a blowjob and some spanking here and there… Let’s say that Tinder girl opened my eyes and Pandora box to what I like to call punish fucking.

I go to flip her on her belly and fuck her from the back like that, (my absolute favorite position) she ends up asking me, “whose little slut am I?”
This caught me completely off guard, but peaked my interest in so many ways. I answered after about two seconds, “You’re my little whore.”
My mind was racing, “is this real!? What can I get away with!?”
I grabbed her hair, leaned in and told her, “this pussy is mine, no one else’s!” She replied, “yes daddy, whatever you say goes”
Of course I wanted to see what else she was into so I told her if I go too far, to just yell pineapple, she agreed and gave me the condition to be as rough and nasty as I wanted to. I was giddy at this point, I must have had the biggest smirk along with the biggest boner of my life. I commanded her to get on her knees as I face fucked her until her make up ran down her rosy cheeks. I bent her over the bed and grabbed her by the throat and rammed my dick into her tight little pussy. Her moans sounded so sexy, muffled by my hand holding her throat while I grabbed her perfect perky tits, pinching her nipples and smacking her ass. I threw her on the bed and positioned her on her side to where she was the little spoon and I was the big spoon. I had one hand on her throat, grasping it tightly while the other hand was on her mouth with two fingers down her throat. It was at this point that I couldn’t take it anymore and came inside her. she was dripping with grool, drool, and my cum. It was beautiful. She smiled at me, I asked if she wanted to take a shower or if she needed anything else? She said she would like to walk out wearing my “artwork” back home. I smiled back at her and told her to come over Sunday for the royal treatment and that this time I would be better prepared. She obliged and later sent me a picture of the beauty marks I left on her throat and other places. I’m now addicted to this, I can’t go back to vanilla. I love my sprinkles!!!!

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