A few months after I “became a man”, I was home from college for Christmas Break. I was working for a property management company owned by a friend’s father, and assigned to a project at an old mill building that had been renovated in to condos. The management company had reached a deal with a local ISP to be the provider for the building, and now were running CAT-5 to all the condo units. (Late 90s)

I was in one unit, covered in dust and sweat, installing the box in the wall when the owner started asking about computers. She never had one at home, and figured she should get one since she has Internet.

Being a computer guy, I was happy to answer her questions. It soon became obvious she didn’t have a clue, and she finally asked if I would go to the store with her, to make sure she didn’t get scammed, and she would pay me for the help. No problem, I figured. We decided to meet Saturday at the local big box store.

I helped her get a good home computer, and we went back to the condo to set it up. Being late December, she had been bundled up all morning, but revealed she was wearing a skin tight sweater/body suit when we got to the condo. It was still a bit cold in the condo, and her hard nipples caught my attention.

She was 32 (wicked old to a 20-year-old), and worked in the marketing team of a local hospital. Single, and had been living here for 3 years. She kept leaning over me as I got the system set-up, and I couldn’t help but think she was oddly close, but I didn’t mind. She was probably 5’5″, a good fit body from daily gym trips, dark curly hair, and amazing dark eyes.

She hugged me when Yahoo! came up. She offered me a beer, which I happy accepted, and we talked some more. That beer turned in to 3, and we were on the couch.

She made some comment about how lucky my girlfriend is to have a smart, helpful guy around. I was too dumb to realize what she was doing, but just said I didn’t have a girlfriend. We kept talking, and she finally kissed me.

“You’re taking too long,” she said as that kiss turned to making out. My hands were all over her, grabbing her ass, and she started rubbing my crotch. I tried getting my hand in her pants, but the angle was weird, and her jeans were tight. She pulled away and undid my jeans, before getting on the floor in front of me.

My cock was rock hard, and she started giving me head, simply saying to warn her before I finished. Compared to the limited amount of oral I had received, this was amazing, and I couldn’t hold back. I warned her I was close, and she sped-up, and I filled her mouth with cum, which she quickly swallowed.

She stood-up, took my hand, and started walking me to the bedroom.

“Your turn to return the favor while we wait to get hard again.”

We made out some more as we undressed, and I dove between her legs. In college, all the girls were shaved, but she had a little fuzz perfectly groomed. I ate her pussy like I had seen in porn, but she quickly started teaching me what to do.

Slow down. Apply pressure. Use a finger. Build up speed. Focus on the clit, not the hole. She had a hand on the back of my head, pushing me in, or pulling me up. This was the longest I had ever given oral, only having done it quickly to get to sex. I was pressing my tongue on her clit, and she started bucking her hips, and getting impossibly wet. In retrospect, it was only 10 or 15 minutes.

“Oh, yes. Fuck yes.” Her hips were off the bed. “Come here.”

I crawled up the bed to her, until she grabbed my face with two hands and kissed me.

“Mmmm… I can taste myself. You’re rough, but you learn quick. How’s everything down there?” She reached to find my cock hard again.

“I love young guys. Ready to go in a heart beat.”

She rolled me on my back and lowered herself on to me. Until now, I had only ever worn a condom, as no college girl would dare go bareback. The first experience of sliding into a warm, wet pussy was amazing. I tried asking about a condom, and she just said she was on birth control.

She rocked back and forth, and I tried to sit-up to suck on her tits, but she just pushed me back down. She picked up speed, and would start bouncing, but mostly grinding. Compared to my experience of trying to switch positions every 30 seconds, this was new. After a few minutes, I felt her go rigid, and her vaginal muscles clamped on me. She relaxed and rolled off, and I followed her.

In missionary, I slid in easily, and started pounding furiously. She almost shot across the bed, still being sensitive from her orgasm. Again, she instructed me to go slow, use pressure, and enjoy the moment. We kissed, and I ran my hands through her hair. She explained that she had cum, and that I needed to be gentle for a bit. I was shocked she had climaxed, as there was no screaming or moaning.

She taught me how to lift her hips using a pillow. I had her legs over my shoulders, and watched her almost lazily rub her clit. She would take one of my hands and suck on my thumb.

I was in heaven, and did everything she said. Sex was so much different than the 10 minute, furious porn-imitations I had done so far.

As I got close to cumming, she could tell.

“Don’t cum in my me. Pull out.” I did as I was told, and she had me roll on my back, and she started jerking me off. With her wetness covering my dick, her hand slid easily, and she went fast, making sure I got there. She aimed straight up, every muscle in my tensed, and I exploded. One shot. Two shots. Three shots. Straight up, on my stomach, on my thighs.

The fourth was a small spurt that dribbled on her hand, but she didn’t stop stroking me. The whole “keep going” thing was new to me, having always just shot into a condom and slowly pulling out.

I didn’t know what happened to me. My eyes couldn’t focus, and everything was a combination of pure pleasure and the pins & needles of a sleeping limb. She laughed when I couldn’t speak, and we laid on the bed.

“See? That’s why you’re gentle after you make a woman cum. We can go again, but need a second to recover.”

I was home for two more weeks, and we had several more sessions. She taught me to last longer, how to read a women’s body language in bed, and (most importantly) how to properly eat pussy.

When I came back home for summer, she had a boyfriend. But, I always think about her when a woman compliments me on my oral skills.

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