I’ve just had one of the most fun weeks of my life including lots of sluttyness obviously and I am can’t wait to tell you about it! If you don’t remember who I am, or if you have never read a story of mine, I have brown hair, I am about 1.70m, have D cup boobs and a nice ass (at least, that is what most guys tell me :p). Laura is my best friend and after a [foursome](https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/67v5nm/i_had_sex_with_two_guys_and_a_friend/) we had with two guys, we became a bit more than that. She is a cute blonde with small tits, but a really nice ass.

(A bit of relationship stuff with Laura incoming so if you don’t care about that just skip the paragraph lol.) Laura and I have escalated our relationship to sort of being a couple in all but name. We hang out all the time, have sex often (sometimes with other guys/girls, other times just each other) and a lot of people are getting suspicious about us. Some of our friends have asked about us and we just tell them we are really good friends (although we did tell the truth to some of our best friends, who we can’t really lie to. They are really supportive thankfully, but tease us ALL THE TIME). We talked about it and we both decided it is better to keep it casual and not really begin a “real” relationship unless we both want to be 100% exclusive (besides threesomes together of course), but we both like to sleep around, so that will probably not happen soon.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with the story: Laura went to Stockholm for a week! This is the third time we go on vacation together, but this time we decided to try and fuck someone (preferably a Swede) every day. The best thing about vacations is being able to be extra slutty, because you don’t know anyone anyway, so people who judge don’t matter! Laura and I packed our most slutty clothes (and some normal ones, we did want to do other things other than fuck lol) and went on our way.


We had to fly at 7 in the morning, so we had to get up really early. In the plane I was seated between Laura and a guy who was about 40 I think. I thought he was alone on a business trip or something, because he was wearing a suit and seemed a bit stressed. We talked a bit while people were still boarding and before we took off. He was indeed on a business trip and a bit stressed because he had a big presentation for some important people from the company he worked for.

We took off and I tried to get some sleep, but it is always hard for me to sleep while in the air. Laura was next to me, snoring like a baby and the guy next to me was also still awake and was reading a book. I decided to have some fun with him because I couldn’t sleep anyway. I acted like I fell asleep on his shoulder to see how he would react. I expected him to push me off his shoulder or wake me up, but he didn’t, which was fine with me. After a few minutes I turned a bit so he could look into my shirt better (which he couldn’t resist) and I saw he had a hard on. I whispered into his ear: “enjoying the view?” I startled him a bit, but he replied with a smirk: “Yeah of course, how could I not?” I started rubbing his dick over his pants and asked him if he needed some stress relief. He replied that it would be really helpful, so I sneaked my hand into his pants. I gave him a really awkward handjob, because my hand movement was pretty restricted inside his pants and I had to stop a few times when a flight attendant passed. He felt up my tits a bit and after a while came inside his underwear. He took a new pair of underwear out of his baggage and went to the toilet to change. The rest of the flight was pretty boring and awkward, but luckily it didn’t take long before we arrived in Stockholm!

When we arrived at the apartment we both slept for a few hours and took a shower afterwards. The apartment was small, with only a bedroom (with only one double bed which wasn’t a problem for us), living room/kitchen and a bathroom, but it was really good for the price we paid for it and near the center of Stockholm. After our shower we went into the city and explored it for a bit. I won’t bore you with all the non sexual stuff, but we had a lot of fun.

After we had eaten in a nice little restaurant we decided to hit up a bar and look for our first real targets of the week. We decided on a cute little bar which wasn’t really busy, but had a good atmosphere. We barely had time to drink a beer before two guys approached us. They were both pretty cute and conversation flowed nicely, so we spend the rest of the evening with them. Later in the evening Laura and kinda split up with a guy each and started flirting more heavily. Laura ended up going home with one guy, while I took the other one to our apartment.

The sex was kinda average, but I enjoyed it. We started doggy, switched to missionary after a while and finally I rode him until we both came. After that we fell asleep cuddling.

The next morning I woke up because Laura entered the apartment, because the guy she went home with needed to do something early. We kicked out my guy and compared our nights. Laura’s guy was apparently really good, so I was kinda jealous. We started the day with a shower together where we ate each other out before getting some breakfast. We spent the rest of the day in the city again, shopping and just wandering around.

In the evening we hit up a bar again. We saw a group of three guys who were all pretty attractive, so we joined them and chatted them up a bit. Sadly two of them already had a girlfriend, so we only had one potential guy to fuck. You probably already know where this is going, but we took him to our apartment with us (his friends looked really jealous lol) and fucked him silly.

When we stumbled into the apartment (we were pretty drunk), we tore his clothes off and pushed him on the bed and gave him a show. Laura started by taking of my shirt and licking my tits (I wasn’t wearing a bra). I put my hands down her shorts and felt her up. The guy was slowly jerking himself off while watching us play until he was done being left out, so he pulled me towards him and kissed me. Laura then took his dick in her mouth and blew him while I was still making out with him. I took my shorts and underwear off and pulled Laura off his cock to ride him. Laura also took everything off and sat on his face, so we could kiss and fondle each others boobs. He was pretty good at eating girls out, so Laura came pretty quickly fell off his face. He took me and pushed me down to fuck me missionary until he came on my belly. Laura had recovered and wanted to fuck him as well and I hadn’t come yet, so she ate me out and pushed a finger in my ass while he fucked her doggy. After Laura made me cum with her tongue and fingers he came again, this time on Laura’s ass. We then took a shower together to wash his cum off, kicked him out after that and fell asleep in each others arms.

#Monday and Tuesday

Both of these days were pretty boring, at least the sex part. Laura and I both picked up a guy on Monday, and I picked up one on Tuesday while she did a girl that day. Once I went home with the guy and once I took him to our apartment with me, while Laura did the opposite. Both guys were pretty good in bed, but nothing to write home (or this sub) about.


On Wednesday we went to a small beach near Stockholm to swim and sunbathe. I wore my sluttiest bikini (a top which is too small so it shows a bit of underboob and generally covers very little and bottom piece which always showed a bit of camel toe when it was wet), while Laura wore a white bikini set which became a little see through when wet.

At the beach we attracted a lot of staring guys (and some girls) when we were sunbathing, but almost none dared to approach us. Luckily two hot guys found the balls to join us and strike up a conversation while trying their best to not stare too much at our bodies. We decided to take a swim with them and ran ahead of them to the water so they could take a good look at our asses. In the water we played around with them, propping our boobs and asses up to them and lightly touching their dick though their swimming trunks “on accident”. After a while we told them we were going back to sunbathing they told us they would join us soon after (when their boners were gone no doubt). This gave us some time to hatch a plan. We both wanted to fuck them but didn’t really feel like taking them back to our place or go to theirs, so we decided to just fuck them near here. Obviously we couldn’t just do it on the beach, we already got some nasty glares from moms while were fucking around in the water, but there was a small forest behind the beach where there would be a quiet place for sure. When the guys returned we asked them to take a walk with us and hinted at the fact that we were going to fuck them there, so they gladly came with us.

When we finally found a good place far enough away from the path so we wouldn’t get caught easily Laura and I took off our tops and started kissing and fondling each other, which got the guys hard in no time. We both leaned against the same tree trunk and the guys quickly got behind us to fuck us. Laura’s guy pulled her bottom down to her ankles while my guy just shoved them to the side before he entered me. This way they fucked us, pulling our hair a lot while Laura and I kissed and felt each others boobs from time to time. I asked my guy to switch to my ass after a while, which he gladly did and so we continued fucking until both guys had come, which didn’t take too long.

Laura and I put on our bikinis again and walked back, leaving the guys sitting there and we returned to our apartment with cum still dripping out of my ass and her pussy. People stared a lot at us on the way back, even though we both wore a shirt over our bikini, but we still looked like a pair of sluts with our wet shirts and cum dripping down our legs. I loved it, I loved the attention and loved knowing there would be zero consequences at all. It really sucks that we would never be able to do this at home.


Wednesday evening we just hung out at our apartment, so we didn’t fuck anyone else that day, but Thursday was quite the day. We went to the museum of photography that day, which was a lot of fun. Laura is really into photography so she convinced me to go. I thought I wouldn’t like it as much, but it turned out to be a lot of fun, there was a great exhibition about horses and I would really recommend it if you are in Stockholm! At the museum Laura and I wore pretty slutty clothing as well. We both wore short shorts which showed a bit of the bottom of our ass, I wore a white tank top which showed a lot of cleavage and Laura wore a cute black top which left her midriff exposed, she also didn’t wear a bra, so you could see her nipples through it and her tits bounce when she walked. This obviously attracted a lot of attention, but mostly just stares. Finally a guy approached me while I was alone (Laura and I both went through the museum at our own pace) and we started chatting. He was an aspiring photographer and he asked if he could take some pictures later for a project of his (yeah right). I didn’t really feel comfortable doing that, but kept chatting and flirting with him anyway for fun while walking through the museum. After a while were alone in a part of the exhibit that was kinda walled off from the rest so we had some privacy. He went in for a kiss (bold guy, that one) and I answered it. He started kneading my tits, but I heard someone approach so I quickly broke the kiss and acted like I was really interested in the pictures. When the woman that interrupted us was gone I whispered in his ear to follow me to the toilets for a treat, and we sneaked into the men’s bathroom, which we thought was empty. In reality it wasn’t, because some slut decided it was a good idea to blow a guy on the toilets there, you probably guessed who that was… Laura was startled when she saw us, but relaxed when she saw it was me. She still had some cum on her cheek which she missed, so I playfully licked it off her, kissed her on the mouth and pulled the appalled guy I had with me into a stall. Before he could ask why I was licking cum of random girls and kissing them I kissed him on the mouth and undid his belt. I dropped to my knees and started blowing him until he was rock hard. Then I sat on the closed toilet lid, pulled my pants down and my tits out of my top and told him to fuck me. He gladly did so, but he didn’t last very long, after only a few minutes he told me he had to come, so I told him to pull out and come in my mouth and I swallowed his cum. Luckily he was nice enough to return the favor and he ate me out until I had come as well and we sneaked out of the toilet after that.

I joined up with Laura and we compared our guys, as it turned out she only blew the guy, so her mission for today wasn’t over yet. In the evening she told me she craved some pussy, so we decided to hit up a gay bar tonight. We had a lot of fun that evening, we did a lot of shots there with a lot of different people, but in the end we decided on a woman who seemed to be there alone to pick up some girl, a perfect target to us. The woman was about 30 I think (which makes her the oldest woman I have had sex with), but still really hot and she obviously put a lot of effort in her appearance. We approached her after another girl had turned her down and started chatting her up. I think she picked up on our plan to fuck her that night, because she was really flirty and open about wanting sex. She told us she liked being dominant and flirt while in a bar, but that she was submissive in the bedroom and asked us if we could dominate her. I didn’t have any experience being a dom at all, and Laura only a little bit, but she told us not to worry and just treat her like we were guys and she was a little slut. Laura and I agreed that we could probably do that and we agreed to go to her place with her so we could use her toys (we didn’t bring a lot with us).

At her place we started immediately, the door wasn’t even fully closed before Laura and I started ripping off her clothes and kiss her. Laura ordered her to get her toys, which she pulled from under the bed, and then to eat her out. While the woman treated Laura, I went through her impressive collection. She owned an amazing amount of toys and I picked out a few: a butt plug with a fox tail, two smaller plugs, a strap on and some lube. The woman had her ass up in the air while eating out my friend, so she was an easy target. I licked her butt hole for a bit, then dropped some lube on it and the plug with the tail, which I slowly put inside her. Every time she stopped eating out Laura to moan I pushed her back on her pussy. I then put a plug in my own ass, put the strap on on and turned her around so I could fuck her missionary. I gave my last plug to Laura, which she slowly put inside herself and I started fucking the woman. After Laura had the plug in she sat in her face and she seemed to really enjoy our roughness and came pretty fast, but we weren’t done at all. We gave her some time to recover, but then I felt like it was my turn to get eaten out, so I gave the strap on to Laura and lay down in front of the woman’s face. She was amazing and ate me out like a champ while Laura was fucking her from behind, pulling her hair and the tail on her butt plug. I came pretty quickly and the woman came again as well. Laura hadn’t cum yet, so I took a Hitachi from the toys and started treating her, while we let the woman rest for a while. After Laura had also come we decided to treat the woman to one more orgasm. We both took a dildo and lubed them up well, we took the plug out of her ass and lay down on either side of her while she lay on her side. I fucked her pussy with my dildo while Laura fucked her ass with hers. I switched between kissing her mouth and tits, while Laura kissed her neck, back and ears, it was one of the hottest things I have ever done and she came really hard after not too long. She was obviously exhausted, so Laura and I treated each other to another orgasm with the Hitachi and then went to sleep, cuddling on either side of the woman.


Friday would be our last evening in Sweden, so we decided to go all out. We wanted to take three or four guys with us if possible because the most we had ever fucked together was two, but decided we would settle for one or two if more would be too hard. We wore extra slutty clothing that day: I wore a summer dress without a bra, which made sure my tits bounced really nicely and you could see my nipples if you looked at them from a meter or closer. Laura wore a white blouse without a bra which you could see through pretty easily and a small skirt along with it.

The first bar we went to was not as much fun as we had hoped as there were almost only men who were above forty. They really didn’t care bout getting caught staring at us, which is great at first but not great if you don’t want to fuck any of them, so we decided to move. We settled for a student bar nearby, which was pretty packed and seemed more like a club, and that was a great choice. The music was really good and there was a nice vibe. Of course there were still a lot of guys checking us out, but this time they were about our age and a lot more attractive, so that was much better! After we got some alcohol in us and felt a bit tipsy we decided it was time to hunt. There was a group of three guys who were regularly checking us out and who were all hot, so we walked up to them. Laura and I had decided to not commit to one guy, to make sure we could take them all home instead of only two, so we danced with all three of them, flirted with them and pushed our boobs up to all of them. We found out that they were all single (win!) and when it got late they asked if we wanted to join them in a quieter bar, which we agreed to. We followed them to a dark bar, which isn’t really my style, but it was with good company, so I was fine with it. Laura and I decided on the way there that we would just outright tell them we wanted to fuck them all. They didn’t believe it at first, but when Laura and I flashed them together they seemed to get that we were serious about it, so after downing our beers we went to our apartment.

Inside the apartment Laura and I started with our usual show again, but these guys didn’t fell like waiting, so they pulled us apart and started undressing us, which was fine by me. One guy ate me out, while another was treating my tits and the third was getting a blowjob from Laura (I am just going to call them One, Two and Three from now on to make reading easier). When One was hard he suddenly stopped eating me out and pushed his dick inside me, he was bigger than expected so that was quite a surprise. Two decided he also wanted a blowjob, so he pushed his dick in my mouth so I could treat him. Laura and Three had switched to doggy next to me and I felt her mouth on my tits, sucking my nipples. Two asked if he could switch with One and take my pussy, so I switched to face Laura and too Two’s dick in my pussy while we treated One together with out mouths. One came pretty quickly and sprayed our faced with cum which we licked off each other before swallowing it. Laura and Three switched to missionary and Two asked if he could fuck me in the ass, which I gave him the OK for. One had recovered in that time, so I blew him until he was hard again and he crept underneath me to fuck my pussy while Two fucked my ass. I heard Three was about to cum and he came over Laura’s belly. Laura turned around and started fingering herself while looking at me being fucked by two guys at once. Seeing that hot body covered in cum and fingering herself made me and Two cum and he blasted his cum in my ass. One pulled out of me to let me recover a bit and looked over at Laura, who had just climbed Three who was hard again. He wasn’t as forward as Two and didn’t have the balls to ask if he could use her ass, so Laura looked back at him and told him she had a hole that was still in need of dick, so he climbed behind her to take her ass. While they fucked Laura I was slowly fingering myself looking at her, until Two poked my cheek with his dick. I told him he could use Laura’s mouth, because I really wanted to see her take three guys at once, so he started poking Laura’s cheek, who took his dick in her mouth while moaning loudly because of the two dicks in her. It was so hot to look at, my best friend fucking three guys at once, that I came quickly again from fingering myself. Laura also came while the guys fucked her, but they kept going until they all came, first One pulled out of her ass and came around her butt hole. Then Three came inside her pussy and finally Two came on her face. She fell down on the bed completely exhausted and I kicked out the guys.

I fell down next to my cum covered friend. She looked so slutty with cum everywhere and her hair a mess and I hugged and kissed her. This way we fell asleep and only woke up late next day. We didn’t have much time left before our flight, so we just decided to clean up and get to the plane to go home. We were both exhausted from a week long of being a tourist and a slut, but it was an amazing week!

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