As my birthday passed a few days ago I couldn’t help but remember a one of the best “gifts” I got from my neighbor when I was living in my first apartment.

Back when I had barely started college I had just gotten my very first apartment, it wasn’t anything fancy but it was enough for me to call it home. At the time there was a cute girl who live across from me and for sake of anonymity we will name Rey.

Rey actually was in a Self Defense class I was helping out with so it was shocking to see her walk out the apartment door across from mine. Anyways a little bit about Rey, she was short, and I mean really short. She was a petite thing at 4’11 and only weighing 95 lbs. Despite her size though she had a nice perky pair of A cup breasts, a tiny but tight ass and long straight light brown hair, she had a fairly light complexion and she was extremely cute. She always wore these nice little sun dresses and had her hair up in a pony tail so she looked like the sweet innocent church girl next door which was a massive change from the normal workout clothes she wore in the self defense.

After finding out she was my neighbor Rey and I would talk fairly often. Occasionally she’d ask if I could help her move something or change a lightbulb since she had a hard time reaching.
This had gone on for a few months and between seeing each other in class and at our apartment complex we got somewhat close.

On the day of my birthday my coworkers had gotten too much cake and somehow I ended up taking all the left overs home. Rey had just gotten home when she noticed I was struggling to get my keys out of my pockets.

She looked at me and asked,”Need some help?”

I blurted out yes as I stopped a piece of the cake from falling. Rey walked up and slid her hand into my pocket which caught me off guard since I meant to have her hold the cake.

I felt her hand go across my thigh through my pocket and I got a little turned on. Rey found my keys and opened my door. We talked and joked around a bit.

Rey asked what I had planned for my birthday and I said I hadn’t planned anything, but my coworkers wanted to take me to a strip club which I had declined since strip clubs weren’t my thing and well I was too broke to afford a lap dance.
Rey started laughing and then offered to give me one as a birthday present.

I wasn’t sure if she was joking or serious but as kind of a nervous reaction I chuckled and said sure.
Thinking she wasn’t going to go through with it I sat down at on my couch futon thing and began playing the song Pony.

Rey walked over and began grinding on me, at first it was funny then it started to get kinda hot. The song ended and she was still going, she grabbed my hands and moved them slowly over her body.

My hands felt gigantic compared to her small frame, as she took my right hand and slid it up her leg she left my hand between her legs where she began grinding against my finger tips. I could feel her panties getting wetter as she kept grinding.

Rey then got up and turned around lifting up her dress showing me the wet spot on her little white panties. She got back on me this time facing me as our eyes locked and before I knew it we had begun making out.

Our tongues wrapped around each other as she began grinding against the growing bulge in my pants. Both our bodies began getting hotter and hotter. Suddenly I felt Rey’s little hands reach and take my shirt off.

She began kissing down my neck along my chest, she began to go slower drawing out my anticipation for where her intended destination was before stopping just before my belt.

She looked at me almost shy and unsure of what she was doing at the moment. Then she looked at where here hands were then back at me and began blushing.

Suddenly she started saying she was sorry and she got carried away, but before she could get up I kissed her and we kept making out while her hands started undoing my belt. I stood up and let my pants fall to the floor, I dropped my boxers revealing my hard on as Rey wrapped both her hands around it.

Her fingers barely able to wrap around my dick made me harder as she started stroking me. She began blushing. Sheepishly she said,” I-I don’t have a whole lot of experience with…this kind of stuff..”

Feeling like I should take the lead from here I kicked off my pants and picked her up. I watched her take off her dress revealing her full body and tiny figure. I knew she had a nice ass but damn it was tight and round. She had a white little lacy bra that matched her underwear. I turned my futon into the bed position and told her to lay down.

Following my instructions I took it slow kissing her along her body down her little stomach. As I got to the little wet spot on her panties she began to twitch as I licked the spot slowly, even through her panties I could tell how sweet she tasted.

I slowly moved my finger up and down along the inside of her panties teasing her little wet slit before pulling them aside she tried to cover her pussy with her hand, I gently kissed her hand and licked around her fingers to reassure her while at the same time it gently made her play with herself.

Rey looked down at me and I made eye contact with her as she removed her hands and I began licking up some of her pussy juices. Her fingers began to work their way around my hair as her pleasure grew. Each lick her grip tightened, her legs gradually locking around my head and pressing me closer to her pussy.

I let my middle finger work it’s way into pussy and she practically lost it she was so tight I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my finger back. I stood up and began to remove her panties at first she tried to stop me but seeing how hard my cock was she released me and nodded.

I pulled off her panties and she sat up to guide my cock in, at first I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get it in but sure enough and with a little more stimulations my tip slowly penetrated her. Her head flew back as she let out a moan I focused on slowly pulling in and out each time going deeper it was the best and worst tease for both of us.

Rey looked at me as I prepared to fit the last of my cock inside her she looked down in amazement at how much was already inside her as I was pulling back, her pussy lips gripping my cock like she didn’t want me to pull out. I did one hard deep thrust and held it there as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she let out a loud moan.

I Picked her up by her waist and it felt like my fingers could practically touch. I stood up and began fucking her switching from thrusting with my hips to physically sliding her up and down my cock because of how small and light she was.

She enjoyed every second of it, I began to disregard my hesitation of potentially hurting her as she began to loosen up and so I started going harder and deeper she loved every second of it.

Next thing i knew she wrapped her arms around me digging her nails into my back a trail of her juices trickling down my cock to my balls I pulled my cock out as she let out the tiniest squeak and a small stream of juices followed out.

I put her down and decided to lay down on my futon to rest a bit. Rey sat beside me when suddenly I felt her hand around my cock. I look up at her as she was focused on my cock, she looked at me and begins trying to put my cock in her mouth.

Slowly sucking and licking it she goes deeper and deeper eventually deep throating my whole cock, I was amazed and shocked, as Rey’s head popped up gasping for air she smiled.

Wiping away some of the drool from her mouth she said,”Bet you didn’t know I didn’t have a gag reflex”

Before I could respond she went back to sucking my cock and deep throating me as much as she could. Her abilities weren’t the best mind you but god damn will I give her points for her determination.

She got on top of me and again one inch at a time she slid my cock into her as she loosened up a bit she began riding me harder and harder. Her tight pussy and the way she as riding, all I could make out of her talking was,”I feel it, I feel all of it!” She removed her bra and had me play with her tits as she rode bouncing up in down while I pinched her nipples rolling them between my finger tips.

Soon enough I was ready to burst, she wasn’t far off either her pace picked up and with one nice hard deep thrust we both climaxed. Her nails dug into my chest this time, and as I pulled out my cum came spilling out of her tiny little Pussy.

She spent the night with me while we both just stayed naked. The next day everyone noticed she was walking with a bit of a limp and she just played it off as over working herself when she went running.

Edit: corrected “tuts” and fixed some autocorrect issues.

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