[Some brief introductory information: E and I are in our early 20s. I’m a bigger girl with a 40G chest and hips that are perfect for holding during doggie. He’s thin with a *perfect* 5-6 in, thick veiny cock. We went away to a hotel for our one year anniversary this past weekend, where the following took place.]

After we climb out of the hot tub, I go into the bathroom to get ready. I put on your favorite pink lacy teddy and my new black lace underwear. I let my hair out of its ubiquitous ponytail and shake it out around my shoulders. Swiping on a bit of mascara, I walk back out into the hotel room where you’re lounging on the bed.

Shyly, I walk toward the bed. “Hey, babe,” I say, softly. You look up from the TV and I see your eyes bug out of your head.

“Whatcha doin’?” you ask. I smile and sashay over to the bed.

“Just thought you might want to see my new underwear,” I say, twirling to give you the full view. You run a hand over my ass and disappear to the bathroom. While you’re gone, I lie down on my stomach and make sure my panties are in full view.

You climb on top of me as soon as you return. I can already feel your hard cock pressing into my ass. I grind against you and listen to you moan as you kiss and nibble on my neck and ears. You pull my hair and rub my ass with your hand. Finally you flip me over so I can see your face.

You are consumed with lust. You rip my panties off and pull my tits out of their prison, immediately attacking one with your mouth. As I moan, you start rubbing just above my clit with the heel of your hand.

“I want you to lick me,” I manage to get out. You pull back, surprised – this isn’t normally my thing. “Please,” I whimper.

You grab my ankles and drag me to the edge of the bed, kneeling on the floor in front of me. I reach down to spread my pussy lips for you and you start flicking your tongue all around my clit.

*Holy fuck.* Why don’t I have you do this more often? I’m writhing around under your tongue as you start lapping right over my clit. And, for the first time tonight, I am undone.

“Let me taste myself,” I say, as you crawl back onto the bed. You press your tongue deeply into my mouth. The taste of my juices turn me on even more. I wrap a hand around your cock and find that it is rock hard. I break our kiss.

“I want that in my mouth,” I say.
“Maybe we could take care of each other at the same time?” you ask.

I know you’ve always wanted to 69, and I can see your cock standing up straighter as I hover over you. I feel you licking me, but my attention is all on you. I swallow you whole, lick you up and down, swirl my tongue around the tip, pump you with my hand, moan against you – totally losing myself in devouring your cock. You pull me off and I’m confused.

“You’re going to make me cum,” you say. “And I still want to fuck you.”

Needing no more convincing than that, I lay prone on my stomach with my legs spread apart. I know how you like to fuck me from behind, but this particular position is new to us. And fuck, it’s good. Your cock feels enormous as you hit me in all the right places. Before I know it, you’re dragging me to the edge of the bed.

And then I notice the mirror on the wall next to the bed. I’ve never been able to watch you fuck me from behind, and it is turning me on like crazy. My legs are hanging off the bed, my ass is in the air, your hand is in my hair and you are standing on the ground, pistoning in and out of me.

You flip me over and I hold my legs in the air while you continue your movements. This position never fails to get me off. I’ve forgotten we’re in a hotel. I’m moaning and writhing and you’re hitting my g-spot and I can hardly see.

And then you stop.

I whimper as you crawl back onto the bed.

“Turn back over,” you say. “Get on your knees for me.”

I get back on my knees and watch you in the mirror again. You spread my cheeks apart and trace my asshole with your finger. I shudder from your touch and buck toward you, wishing I had packed lube. I’m just horny enough that I’d let you fuck my ass.

Finally, finally you slam back into me. I can hear how soaked I am with every thrust of your hips. I’m bucking back onto you, meeting every thrust, trying to drive you deeper. I’m screaming, I’ve forgotten where we are. You shove my face into a pillow and knot your fingers through my hair and I cum immediately.

I can feel the walls of my pussy tightening around your cock. You start to cum and I can feel myself milking you. Your groans and moans are so fucking sexy. You keep fucking me as I cum one more time – or maybe I never stopped? My toes are curled and my nipples are rock hard and I’m shaking and seeing white spots. There’s a huge wet spot forming under us where you made me squirt.

Finally you collapse on top of me. We’re a mess of sweat and cum and your hands are still in my hair and neither of us can breathe. We roll over and I lay my head on your chest, listening to your beating heart.

“Wow,” you pant. I just nod.

[Epilogue: The next morning on my way back from breakfast, I hear a man complaining at the front desk. “It was MIDNIGHT,” he’s saying. “My kids were sleeping, we were trying to sleep. Those noises are not appropriate.” I slip back into our room just as he comes up the stairs. Through a crack in the door, I watch him enter the room next to ours. Whoops.]

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