I don’t know why but today I woke up particularly horny. When I woke up my fingers were already buried between my pussy lips and it felt natural and wonderful to rub my clit to orgasm before I even opened my eyes.

After a shower I still had the urge for fun but had to go to work. I decided I would wear a bullet vibrator in all day. [This](http://i.imgur.com/V3nuxQv.jpg) is me putting it in. Wearing a short dress without knickers was going to be fun too. I know with this dress I can flash my bare pussy when I bend over or are seated. This gets me quite hot on the train.

Unfortunately there wasn’t anybody suitable to flash this morning on the train, but the subtle vibrations was gently working my vagina almost to the edge and I could feel myself getting quite moist. When the train pulled into the station, luckily the end of the line, I got up to get off. I immediately felt the vibrator slip down inside me. I quickly clasped my legs together to stop it from falling straight out onto the floor and sat down again sharp.

I fumbled in my bag while the rest of the passengers shuffled off. When the coast was clean I shoved my hand up my dress and pushed it back deep inside me. A sneaky lick of my fingers before reaching for a tissue out of my bag to give myself a wipe.

The walk to the office was exciting. The thought it may drop out was getting me very turned on and the clenching to hold it in made the vibrations stronger. By the time I was at my desk I was fit to burst with orgasm but tried to keep calm and professional. I could however hear the vibe as of course by now the controlling end was emerging from my swollen pussy lips. Before the office filled with my colleagues, reached once more up my dress, turned it off and pulled it out. I bent under the desk to suck my grool off before slipping it in my bag. I then headed off to the toilet for a replacement.

I had also brought to work a pair of vibrating balls, similar to kegal balls but held spaced apart in silicone. These are much easier to hold in.

My morning was going ok but a few times I was nearing the edge when I should have been concentrating at work. By lunch time I could feel my swollen lips wet with juice and my clit felt like it could be used like a small dick. It was no good, I had to relieve myself of this sexual tension.

Making my way to the toilet I bumped into one of the security guards. He is about 40 and we have chatted and indeed flirted on numerous times together. We made quick small talk and he offered me to lunch. I tendered my excuses, desperate to scratch my itch, as it were. And then it struck me. I felt stupid asking him as I wouldn’t normally have causal sex with someone from work. I hadn’t even been drinking and I straight out asked him if he would help resolve a tricky matter in private. I think he had read between the line as a glint entered his eyes.

We went to the back office of the security station and I explained my predicament and asked if he would oblige. Even before agreeing he was unbuttoning his shirt. I pulled my dress over my head exposing my naked body except for my bra. As he dropped his trousers and pants his cock sprung up into position. I laid back on the sofa and his cock quickly found my gaping pussy.

I pushed him off. He looked puzzled. I reached down and removed my vibe and he smiled. He reached for his phone and had a pleading look in his eye.

“Only if you send me a copy” I replied and he took [this](http://i.imgur.com/ce2LKZl.jpg)

It was a quick rough fuck. No messing, just ravage fucking until I had reached full climax and his load was buried in me.

Now that is how to have lunch!

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