Originally posted this to SSC, crossposting here as an act of community service and *maybe* a bit of attention-whoring. 😉 Apart from this note, the text is the same.

I’ve been following various tumblr blogs of hyper-aggressive doms and sluts and watching non-con, public use, and other degrading/humiliating porn for several years, and always assumed I liked this stuff because something was wrong with me. Somewhat by accident, I was able to reveal all my slutty kinks to my boyfriend (now my dom, more below) this week, so now I can be the three-hole slut I’ve always dreamed of! Sorry if my retelling is a little messy, I’m listening to some bimbo hypno stuff while writing this up.

So my bf and I live two hours away from each other. Sometimes I sext him, but we had a kinda-sexy text chain while I was at work on Tuesday, and I thought I could have a bit more fun. I told him I was turned on and it was his fault, so he had to decide what I’d do next – take care of myself in the bathroom immediately, or wait until I got home? He responded: “The latter. I like thinking about making you wait.” Well hell, now I’m wet. I decide to ask him for some parameters, and he tells me I have to touch myself throughout the day as long as it’s not going to get me in trouble, and I have to ask him for instructions once I get home.
I’m compelled to be good for him, so I rub my clit and grab my sensitive nipples before I go to lunch. When I get back, I make touching myself my personal mission – constantly rubbing my clit and pussy over my leggings, keeping my nipples hard, spreading my legs any time I’m sitting down. I wind up going a little overboard, so I have to put myself on a timer to at least have some productive time at work. By the end of the day, I’m losing my mind a bit, rubbing my clit against the edges of chairs, sucking my fingers after I touch myself, the whole deal. When I get home, he tells me to get naked, get myself close, call him, and ask permission to come. After I do, he tells me I have to tell him any time I feel aroused, and I’m not allowed to have orgasms without his permission.

The next day (Wednesday), I wake up with the memory of how slutty I was, and text him that I’m feeling horny again. He says “that’s great, but there’s a ban for you today. Keep contact minimal, and definitely no getting off.” So I make things worse for myself – I spend the day reading /r/fapdeciders and masterlovehurts, I wear yesterday’s dirty undies, I twist them so I can rut my clit against them (cheating), I spit down my dress and hope it touches my nipples. I get so unbelievably turned on I wind up begging him to reverse his decision, offering to always be naked in front of him, wakeup blowjobs, no underwear in public, my asshole for his use. Sir decides my offerings are worth two minutes to touch myself (only two???). I use it to strip in the bathroom, touch my pussy, and wipe up with my panties.

But oh my god, it makes me crazy, so much that I beg him over text to be able to get off. For his own reasons, he says fine, I can (and have to) get off in the bathroom at work while naked, but I am absolutely banned from coming until I see him next (two days from then). Squatting over the floor of my bathroom stall (sluts can’t masturbate on the toilet), I gush all over the tiles while whisper-begging for his faraway permission. I wipe my pussy with my panties, and lick my fingers clean.

Thursday, day 1 of the true ban (no touching/coming continued), already a little crazy, I periodically went into the bathroom to stuff my panties in my mouth while reading smut before putting them back on and twisting them again. I take off my bra halfway through the day and stuff it in a sweater. When I tell him I’m rutting too much to be creative for him, he imposes a two-minute touching limit once an hour. The first one I can touch my pussy, the rest I’m banned. So when it’s ass o’clock, I find a whiteboard marker with a flared cap and work it into my asshole. This impresses sir (he lets me touch my needy pussy for two more minutes!) because I anticipated his next orders, and it stays in me for about an hour. When I get home, I can’t stop reading smut and watching porn. I spend the evening naked, and I eat my dinner without utensils to degrade myself a little more.

Dawn of the final (Fri)day, sir gives me two minutes an hour to play with myself. The first can be my pussy, the rest have to be my ass. I mention that I’ve been trying to train down my gag reflex, and he demands that I gag before each session. It gives the day a wonderful, torturous rhythm – stripping in the bathroom, gagging so much I tear up and drool everywhere, fingering my asshole with soaked fingers while leaning over or squatting in front of the toilet, before going back to work with my body hot and my ass aching for more. (I kiss the toilet seat every time in thanks.) When I leave work to head to his apartment, he texts to say that when I get there, I have to strip in his kitchenette, stand with my hands behind my head, and wait for him to address me. Any question he asks, I have to answer by begging to suck his cock.

Fast-forward to me, naked in his kitchenette, with the door to his bedroom mostly closed. I can hear him playing a game in the other room, laughing at it occasionally, and I get so nervous. My whole body is shaking, so that when he finally opens the door, I can’t look at him. I mess up asking him the first time (“please can I shuck– um”), and when I manage to actually say it, he calls me a slut and starts unbuttoning his jeans. I get on my knees and finally get to suck his cock – he tries to stop me partway through, but I beg to keep going. Blowjobs aren’t really a thing that work for him yet, probably because I’m still working on getting rid of my gag reflex, but I manage to deepthroat him (and also anyone) for the first time ever because of all that gag practice. By the time he pulls me off to ruthlessly fuck me, I’ve managed to cover my entire face in drool and tears.

I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to degrade myself properly over the course of the weekend, but all the denial during the week meant I had no problems begging to suck his cock repeatedly, thanking him for making me his fucktoy, his plaything, his dumb slut, his cumdump. I stayed naked any time we were inside, left my panties at home any time we were out, came something like 11 times (lost count), moaned louder and more earnestly than I ever have before, thanked him for using me and all my holes, got punished, got reminded that I was an owned slut and no longer had control over my body. My pussy is extremely raw, my throat isn’t sore enough, and my asshole pulses occasionally. I could go into detail about the sex part of the weekend if there’s interest, but this is enough for now, and the bimbo hypno’s making it a bit hard to write. I know it’s not as advanced as what some of the sluts on SSC talk about, but consider me wildly happy to be on the path of becoming sir’s helpless fuckwhore, and an excited slut-in-training.

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