One afternoon, shortly after the birth of our kid, my wife had a friend over to see the baby. They were having a glass of wine in the kitchen while I was doing some work outside. The window was open, but the conversation caught my attention.

“Have you had sex yet?”

“No, I have to wait one more week. I feel so bad for PIERCINGS. The other day he walked into the room as I was finishing breast feeding, and it’s been so long since we had sex, that he started to get hard from just seeing my tit hanging out.”

I started to remember this day, and couldn’t believe she was telling the story to her friend. Listening in on it was hot, and I started to get hard myself, standing outside the window.

“A little later, while the baby was napping, I pulled him into the bedroom and took my shirt off. My nipples are still so fucking sensitive that he couldn’t touch them, which seemed to turn him on more. When I pulled his shorts down, he was rock hard. I just started jerking him, while talking to him about it. At the end, I let him cum all over my tits. It was pretty damn hot.”

Later that day, after I showered, I told her that I heard her telling her friend about it, and she let me re-enact the whole story.

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