Sometimes marriages get in a rut. You’re just out of sync. Your other life obligations get in the way of remembering to be in love with the person.

But sometimes ruts are even more. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been in a rut so long you don’t remember what life was like outside of it. And then you suddenly realize how far apart you are. And then you start talking about being tired with each other and then there you are, staring down the barrel of “do we really want to keep doing this”.

That was us. You just get so bogged down in other life adventures that you just see the marriage as nothing more than just a familiarity with someone that you’re used to. And damn that shit is scary.

I’m a very physical lover. I require physical affection, both from my significant other, but more importantly, the ability to GIVE affection back. My wife on the other hand is a very emotional lover. She gives affection willingly, but she needs to feel her emotional needs are being met and appreciates the partnership of marriage. It’s a dynamic that works really well when you’re in sync but can be catastrophic when you aren’t. And we weren’t in sync anymore.

Our physical love life had turned meh. Sex felt out of obligation and even then, it wasn’t that great. Little foreplay. Little afterplay. It was just sex to have sex. Sometimes it could be really good, but I wouldn’t say it was hot or passionate.

But–we realized we had a problem and decided we needed to fix it if we wanted to sustain this marriage past our ten years.

Anyways, marriage counseling yada yada we finally hashed out a lot of these needs and since this isn’t r/relationships, we can just get down to the down and dirty.

To give you an idea, my wife is thin and fit, taller than the typical woman with legs that stretch for miles. She has small, but perky tits, and an ass to die for. She lifts so she has a lot of definition and tone through her arms, shoulders, abs and legs. I’m slender, clean shaven, average height, with athletic legs (I bike a lot). Like to stay in shape but not nearly the gym rat she is. We’re both in our early 30s.

That said, after so long of just being out of sync, our physical approach was still tentative. In the bedroom, I would say I’m the more dynamic one. I love foreplay, I love multiple positions, pushing limits, etc. And it’s not that she isn’t, but it’s like she didn’t understand how important these things were to me–not just to satiate my horndog tendencies, but that it was an important part of SHOWING love.

So recently we’re visiting family. Kids are basically being cared for by the grandparents so we don’t mind hitting the drink for the afternoon. And it was a blast. We spent the entire day just WITH each other. Finally getting to act like we were in love with each other again. Goofing around in the pool, teasing, my wife showing me an extra glimpse of her ass as she walks away–stuff like that.

The day ended for everyone around 10 so we decide to get to bed too. I honestly didn’t go into the evening expecting to get it on. We’re in my parents’ house, across the hall from our kids, I wasn’t anticipating this.

We’re laying in bed talking and just having a good time laughing and joking about stuff that had happened that day, and then all of the sudden she turns serious–and at first I think it’s the beer talking but she’s serious. “I want us to work. I want us to be us. To not be afraid of telling each other what we need from each other.” And then she kisses me. And if this is sounding too much like a romcom I almost couldn’t believe this is happening myself. She’s actually still in her bikini from the afternoon, and I’m wearing some ratty shorts and a t-shirt. The kissing is becoming pretty aggressive and she whispers in my ear “I’ll let you do anything you want to me”. Say no more.

My hand does down the front of her bikini bottoms and I put my hand on her, by this point, wetter than I had expected, pussy. She’s moaning in my ear and she is totally taking what I’m giving.

Now, in the past, this is the part where I just pull off her bottoms and eat her out, but let me expand on something about my wife–her ass is perfect. I mean, bards would write tales of her ass and I have a pass to apparently do whatever I want, so might as well do what I want tonight.

I flip her over on her stomach and pull her bottoms off her and bury my face into her ass. So I can be honest, I have a thing for my wife’s asshole. It’s a nice looking asshole. We don’t really do anal–we experimented a few times in the past, she found it more painful than enjoyable and I don’t really get off on pain. That’s fine, she has two other great orifices to enjoy. But she knows I like it and doesn’t have a problem sending me pictures on occasion that showcase that perfect ass and the hole.

At this point, my nose is basically in her ass and my mouth and tongue are licking and kissing her pussy. She’s lifting up her hips off the bed and pushing back on me and seemingly enjoying this very much. My wife gets off from oral sex probably easier than anything else so I know I’m in my zone. But tonight–tonight is different, so as I lick from her clit up to her vagina, I decide to keep going…and lick her puckered asshole. Again, we’ve been together for quite a while and I’ve never done this to her. But instead of recoiling, she moans loudly and pushes her ass more into my face. Her aforementioned butt, with firm but plump cheeks is surrounding my face as I flick her hole with my tongue, before going back down to her clit. I keep alternating between her pussy and her increasingly wet asshole before I can feel her leg twitching (a sure sign she’s about to cum). By this point, she’s doggy style and I decide to maneuver under her to where my face is now directly under her clit. A few more minutes of focused action and her legs are vibrating with an orgasm and she tells me “I need you inside me–right now”.

Old us would have probably just maneuver into missionary and that’s fine, but tonight was different.

I move up the bed and my wife, sensing I have no plans to turn her over, instinctually moves up and positions herself over my cock and slowly lowers herself down. It was here that we learned the bed we’re borrowing for this night is rather squeaky, I put my arms above my head to press the rails against the wall, but my wife moves my hands onto her hips, and reaching above me, pushes the rails into the wall while riding my dick like she has never before. “You like when I fuck you?” she says to me. And this nearly sends me over the edge. She continues with “Oh my gooood” every few thrusts as she pushes herself all the way down my shaft. It feels so good to feel her all the way down and making contact with the base of my dick. By this point my hands are gripping her ass, assisting her in bouncing.

I’m definitely the more dominant one in the room typically, but hearing my wife say this to me like I’m her total submissive was incredible. All of the sudden, without prompting, my wife hops off and puts her hand and mouth on my dick and is giving me an amazing blowjob. She’s working me hard and talking dirty to me and it’s like I have unleashed this beast that I didn’t previously know.

I need to be inside her, I need to cum in her. I sit up and slap her ass, which she reads as get on all fours and let me fuck the hell out of you. I enter her from behind, grabbing her hips and thrusting into her. With her moaning loudly into the pillow and holding the rails, at this point, after the dick riding and blowjob, I’m not going to last long, after maybe 10-15 thrusts I’m busting inside her, feeling my dick pulse with each spurt. Her pussy tight around my dick, taking in all the cum I just pumped inside her.

We fall onto the bed together, exhausted. And this makes me LOL, but the first thing she says is “Okay, did I just dream this, or did you lick my asshole?”

“Guilty”, I say in response.

“What made you decide to do that?”

“Just something that felt right at the time.”

“Okay….well, I liked it”

After a few minutes, I’m pretty content on going to sleep when she asks “You’re not done with me are you?”

Say what? She wants more?

“I don’t know I was thinking maybe you could go down on me again”

Sign me up.

This time, I let her lay on her back and work the magic that has worked hundreds of times in the past. Her legs are spread and she’s running her hands through my hair. I’m getting a good working on her clit and I can start to feel her legs twitch, all of the sudden, she pulls her legs up towards her chest, exposing her ass. “Will you lick me again?” she says through her breaths.

Done. I start to lick her ass again while using my fingers to stimulate her clit, then carefully inserting two of my fingers into her vagina.. Her breathing becomes more labored and all of the sudden she’s pulling me into her. Holy shit, I’m making her cum again in a way she’s never done before.

Expecting her to be done, she pushed me on my back and this time, starts to face away from me. Next thing I know, she lowering herself down on me again in reverse cowgirl. I have a beautiful view of her ass sitting down on my hard dick. She’s rocking back and forth when her hand reaches for my balls and starts massaging them as she rides me for the second time that night. I reach up and grab her perky, rock hard nipples. By this point, she’s grinding down into my dick and she looks behind her to say “I want you to cum baby, where do you want to cum?”

“I wanna cum in your mouth”.

I’m not entirely sure why I felt like that but at the moment, blowing my second load of the night into my wife’s mouth sounded like the hottest fucking thing. It’s one thing to cum inside your girl’s vagina, but we’ve also conceived a couple children that way. Cumming in a girl’s mouth is just so–I don’t know, but there’s no evolutionary baggage attached to it and having her swallow me sounded like the fucking best thing.

She returns to my dick, her ass in the air. She’s alternating between moving her mouth down on me and jerking me. I can feel my load building. Then, she puts it all together, bobbing her head up and down my dick while grabbing my dick and stroking it. “I’m going to cum in your mouth” I say to her. “Mmhmmm” is her response, my throbbing dick preventing her from providing any more feedback. I feel the initial spurt and she stops working my dick to take in my cum. I can see her mouth and throat working to swallow it all. After I’m done, she goes up and down about three more time before I gently push her head off.



I think it’s safe to sound we found our groove again.

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